Lines of Sight

Lines of Sight He ll wear the suit and name the government told him to But only because he has no choice Russ Callahan may not be Seattle s worst private investigator but he s likely its poorest Since he blew the w

  • Title: Lines of Sight
  • Author: Wolf Specter Clara Coyle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He ll wear the suit and name the government told him to But only because he has no choice Russ Callahan may not be Seattle s worst private investigator, but he s likely its poorest Since he blew the whistle on his last employer, the former military contractor has had to keep a low profile, living under an assumed identity When a big case lands on his doorstep, he can He ll wear the suit and name the government told him to But only because he has no choice Russ Callahan may not be Seattle s worst private investigator, but he s likely its poorest Since he blew the whistle on his last employer, the former military contractor has had to keep a low profile, living under an assumed identity When a big case lands on his doorstep, he can t refuse unless he wants his next meal at a soup kitchen Accelera Pharmaceutical Labs suspects some tech is leaking clinical trial data to the competition The case sounds simple enough tail the geek, catch him in the act, and collect a much needed paycheck A reclusive psychic faces the truth people will die unless he finally uses his powers for good Daniel Langston is far than he appears For starters, he s not really a geneticist Second, he can read minds Things at Accelera aren t as they seem, but how is a psychic supposed to prove it Daniel needs Russ Callahan on his side to document the evidence But he s got to be careful He knows the truth about Accelera s clinical trial, but no one can know how he knows Once they join forces, the violence starts Dan and Russ form a shaky alliance, only to realize there s threatening their partnership than just the lies they ve told one another Someone s trying to kill them Aware of the plot on their lives, Dan works in the shadows, trying to stay a step ahead of the murderers and a step ahead of Russ Because if he had to explain how he found out, that would ruin everything And if that weren t enough, he s got a front row psychic ticket to a distracting truth his partner is developing feelings for him Russ knows that he s a target He has to step lightly So how come the only person he wants to trust is an emotionally volatile loner he knows nothing about Lines of Sight is a must read thriller that blends slow burn romance and supernatural intrigue with a tense conspiracy plot, all set in the vibrant backdrop of the Pacific Northwest.

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    1. ***** Marvelous guys, great story ! *****Russ, mid to late 30s, is a private investigator, finding cheating husbands, insurance fraud and the like. When one day he gets a call from a drug company to check out an employee. The CEO thinks Daniel/Dan is spying for competitors, but it turns out he is, but not the way they thought.Surprising Russ, Dan contacts him to get his help. So, they work together and find out the source of the tampered drug trial results. The men work easily together and Dan k [...]

    2. ******Contains some minor spoilers******This book shines in it's complexity and is best read without interruption as each chapter is an intricately woven tapestry of intrigue not to be skimmed.Each of the main character has a deadly secret that if brought to light could mean their end and so they bury their true nature beneath layers of upon layers of masks while hiding in plain sight.So it is no surprise to the reader that the attraction between them burns slower than a snow man melting in an A [...]

    3. Tightly crafted, edge-of-your-seat suspense and intriguing supernatural elements make this a fantastic read. Dropped into a conspiracy/thriller plot and trying to unravel lies, we have two characters whose lies and backstories are carefully revealed to us a bit at a time. We get perspectives from both main characters but an almost double perspective when we are looking through Dan's eyes due to his empathic/telepathic abilities. The drama and tension stay high throughout the story--I found the m [...]

    4. Everything about this book pleased me: the crime was well plotted, the only character development was plausible and it all fit in together very well. Totally deserves my 5 stars.

    5. Russ Callahan is used to working undercover, both in his previous life as a soldier, now expertly hidden by the WITSEC programme, as in his actual life as a private eye at Seattle. His latest job brings him in touch with Daniel Langston, a man who seems to have even more secrets than Russ himself, secrets that may save his life, but break his heart on the way…This is a really good first book of a series. It is a paranormal mystery with a hint at romance. There is quite a lot of background buil [...]

    6. I only read one book by Wolf Specter, Heat, and it was a DNF because the romance was based on sex only in the beginning. So I have to admit I was a little skeptical. What I got in reality was a really great story with a plot good enough for me not to care about the romance in the end. I loved both MCs and the fact that they were not what I was expecting at all. And I loved the fact that I didn't really know where the story was going. What a refreshing read! I hope book two will be out soon!

    7. Wonderful Read!This was packed full of twists and turns and just when I thought I knew where the plot was going it went in a totally different direction that I did not see coming. What a great read, both MC's Dan and Russ are well developed characters with some great hidden depths to them. I love the entire book of each wondering about the other and is he gay or not. Then deciding they are attracted to each other but not sure if they should take that step.

    8. It was an interesting character study, and well written. As a thriller, it was not exactly spine-tingling, but was certainly competently executed. I liked the duality of the two men living behind their individual shields of lies and deceptions, and the difficulty they had with feelings of trust/betrayal in letting those shields slip. It seemed like a good introduction for a new series.

    9. Quite enjoyable corporate mystery with supernatural elements, and a very slow burn, low steam romance. A bit uneven and slow in places, but Russ and Dan kept me entertained well enough.There were some proofreading issues, mostly missing words and weird grammar issues - an editor should have caught those. It wasn't anything major, but enough to be distracting.This is supposedly part #1 of a series, but part #2 was due in early 2016, so I wouldn't hold my breath. As the story doesn't end on a clif [...]

    10. 3 Heart Review by VickiI saw the blurb for this book and since I’ve lived in and around Seattle my whole life I decided to give it a try. Especially when I saw the paranormal aspect, that was intriguing as well. There is a huge blurb with this book, so I’m not going to do much of a plot recap.I have mixed feelings about this book, and had a hard time rating it. Dan and Russ are very interesting characters, and the plot was unique. That would normally rate a higher rating for me, but I had so [...]

    11. Genre: Gay Paranormal Mystery/ThrillerLength: NovelSeries: Covert Investigations #1RUSS CALLAHAN is a private investigator. His job is to expose other people’s secrets, and when he gets an assignment to uncover the wrongdoer in Accelera Pharmaceutical Labs, it becomes clear Daniel Langston is a man of many secrets. Not only that, but Daniel seems to always be one step ahead of Russ, and knows more about him than anyone should.Russ quickly uncovers a plot that could ruin Accelera, ruin him, and [...]

    12. Far more than it first appeared.The first part of the book was pretty interesting. The second half got more and more interesting, moving into suspense with a very interesting twist at the crucial part. Every scene built more and more of a fairly complex story. I wouldn't call it a romance but there is UST and an eventual HFN.I'm not usually drawn by paranormal themes, but I can at least conceive of uncommon mental abilities. Because of the positive reviews, I bought it and am happy I did. Dan's [...]

    13. I want to go in with my one negative comment I rated this book 4.5 stars but rounded up to 5-stars. It totally was a 5-star read for me but, dang those awkwardly worded sentences that I came across every now and then just pulled me right out of the story as I tried to figure out what the author's were trying to actually say. For example: Russ brushed his fingers along the faint red rope burn on Dan's throat. If anyone hurt you, he thought, I'll kill them. My mind says this should be either If an [...]

    14. I REALLY enjoyed this book, I wasn't sure what to expect when I started it but I quickly really got into the plot and started to enjoy getting to know the characters. It's pretty decent length book but there are no moments that feel unnecessary or where I didn't feel like I learned something relevant to the story. For me this books best feature was the main characters I really liked both Russ and Dan a lot, despite the mountain of secrets they both have. The plot was pretty good, the ending was [...]

    15. Rating: 3.5 out of 5I received an advanced copy of this novel from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.Two men with mysterious pasts, an intriguing mystery, and a slow burn romance? Okay, you convinced me! Throw in a touch of paranormal in the form of a sexy, psychic geek? SOLD!This book was ridiculously fun to read. It’s a mystery and an action novel, so the plot is fast-paced and the tension keeps you on the edge of your seat. Coyle and Specter did a great job of tying togeth [...]

    16. LOVE this new series from Wolf, and hope that that's what it becomes.I read "Lines of Sight" in one go, and that is how I recommend you do too. This is a mystery, and there are deep dark secrets to unravel, as you may have guessed from the title. Everyone has something to hide, and watching it all play out is a fun ride. Not going to spoil it for anyone.I also won't spoil their abilities. Russel's in particular I've never seen in a novel. It's close to being a clairvoyant but more active in the [...]

    17. While it was a good story I felt the ending was really rushed. The sex (too soon!), the foray into Dan's past (too little!) - it'd have made a perfect sequel in itself with tastefully added danger, adventure, personal growth, relationship development At the end Dan is still a bit of enigma, their feelings remain tentative, ambiguous (at most Russ has a crush on his partner). This book should be an intro to everything. Maybe it is. I'd like to read further. Not sure how to summarize the rating. : [...]

    18. A very solid and very enjoyable crime/mystery/delicately paranormal story with great characters. The premise is excellent - a PI in a witness protection program is sent to spy on a guy suspected of corporate espionage, who turns out to be a telepath/psychometer. The romantic subplot, although important, is minor and isn't the main driving force behind the plot. The book is quite long, over 400 pages, but it never for a moment feels boring or like the action is stalling, and the numerous twists a [...]

    19. Really good readI really enjoyed this story. It kept me engaged and intrigued. Daniel's gift was amazing and written with a realistic bent. Not every gift will be perfect and it was through those imperfections that made his character believable. Russell's character was wounded both physically and emotionally and it was great to see how both men filled a void that the other wasn't quite aware was being filled. This was a great read and I look forward to book two in the series.

    20. WowOk I'm picky with my stars so when I give this book five stars it's a five star book wow I love the fact that Russ and Dan romance is slow gradual but still explosive and the action was amazing I can't wait to read the next book I also hope the next book is not the last we see of this wonderful love story with spence and action. Great job to my favorite m/m romance author wolf specter and co author Carla Cole. An amazing job

    21. I enjoyed this book, but I was disappointed that there was little to no romance until the very end. The plot was well written, however, with a good suspense and twists and it kept me engrossed to see what would happen next. Both MC’s were also very interesting, especially Daniel with his special ability, but I missed the romance.

    22. Interesting premise, butThis book felt a bit disorganized to me. I felt that the pacing was odd and the two authors' writing styles weren't quite blended right. I also wish that more time had been devoted to describing/explaining Dan's abilities so that the use of them in the story wouldn't seem conveniently serendipitous.

    23. This was an interesting reading. Russ and Daniel seem to be an odd pair. Both running away from something both with their own secrets. Daniel feels his secret is greater than anything and his convinced he cannot tell Russ his secret. They both learn to trust and lean on each other. It was a story filled with various twist and turns that kept you going for a bit.

    24. Fun paranormal mystery with a little romance on the side. The plot was fun and well put together - points for avoiding predictability! - and the characters interesting and engaging. Vividly written with an excellent sense of place, and enjoyably realistic dialogue and interactions. Definitely on board for the sequel when it's done.

    25. Great storyBelievable characters, plot and descriptive setting. I can't wait to read about their continuing adventures. Hopefully the authors will fill in each protagonist's backstory a bit more.

    26. DifferentI really liked this book. I read a lot of Wolfe Specter's books and this one is quite different than all the others that I have read by him. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

    27. Really liked it. Can hardly wait for the next book. It is a suspenseful detective novel. I liked both characters and respected how the story progressed.

    28. I liked the paranormal twist to this story and the way Daniel and Russ came together.There were a lot of twists that kept the mystery alive.

    29. I seriously love a good mystery, this didn't disappoint. The M/M and paranormal were bonuses. Looking forward to Russ & Dan's next Covert Investigation.

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