Wild Things

Wild Things Wolf Shifter Mason McNaughton is tired of the crazy feral living in his house endangering him his brothers and his sweet auntie Cora Ferals are Shifters who ve reverted to the wild stage forgettin

  • Title: Wild Things
  • Author: Jennifer Ashley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wolf Shifter Mason McNaughton is tired of the crazy feral living in his house, endangering him, his brothers, and his sweet auntie Cora Ferals are Shifters who ve reverted to the wild stage, forgetting all about the joys of pizza and satellite TV Not to mention, Mason is sick of waking up to the feral s rampages in the bedroom next to his The feral has been given sanctuWolf Shifter Mason McNaughton is tired of the crazy feral living in his house, endangering him, his brothers, and his sweet auntie Cora Ferals are Shifters who ve reverted to the wild stage, forgetting all about the joys of pizza and satellite TV Not to mention, Mason is sick of waking up to the feral s rampages in the bedroom next to his The feral has been given sanctuary, so Mason can t throw him out the only thing to do is to find a way to cure him The problem is, Shifter healers elusive, Goddess touched Shifters who have the healing gift are few and far between Mason volunteers to go in search of one, and is sent to a psychic in New Orleans who might have an idea of where to start looking Mason doesn t believe in psychics, but Jasmine, the psychic in question, seems to at least put on a good show Jasmine believes in Shifters all right, but she vowed after her Shifter boyfriend dumped her to never have anything to do with them again The easiest way to get rid of the growly Lupine, Mason, is to help him, but Jasmine never dreams what that help will drag her into A short novel of the Shifters Unbound series.

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    1. Pub date March 22, 2016. Pre-order from:Kindle: amazon/gp/product/B019Nook: barnesandnoble/w/wild-iBooks: itunesle/us/book/id10Kobo: store.kobobooks/en-us/eboARE: allromanceebooks/prodGoogle: play.google/store/books/dPrint: amazon/Wild-Things-JenThis Shifters Unbound novel features Mason McNaughton (brother of Broderick from Bad Wolf). He's tired of the feral Shifter in his house attacking him, so he sets off to find an elusive Shifter healer. He'll need the help of a psychic, Jasmine, whose hou [...]

    2. Review written September 3, 20163.7 Stars - Liked everything about this oneBook #7.75 I just finished another part in the always interesting Shiftertown's saga. Probably my very favorite m/f shifter romance series by the fab Jennifer Ashley. — I listened to the $2 WSfV audiobook. 6:37 hours narrated by David Brenin. A new voice for me in this series. Five minutes in and I was convinced he is a great one.And? — I LIKEed everything about this audiobook; the length, the "new" (male) series narr [...]

    3. New Orleans. Magic.A girl who knows for certain that her life is about to change, but she has no idea who is this stranger who will take her away.Pcychic powers and talking stones.A house with a strong personality that shallows people who does not like.A shifter maybe too young to be considered for mating and almost a virgin.A bit of Alaska and a new character, Zander, who is stealing the show.(His book will be "Guardian's mate, number 9 in the series-September 2016)The book felt a bit different [...]

    4. As a fan of Ashley’s Shifters Unbound series, I was surprised to see I had missed this one. This novella falls between Mate Bond and White Tiger. It is a bridge of sorts that introduces new characters, opens new story lines, and closes a small one that has been running in the background. I loved revisiting Shiftertown and the familiar faces who live there. Fast pacing, a well developed plot line, and the usual dynamic characters drops you right back into this world and takes you on an action-p [...]

    5. A good entry in the series, just didn't wow me. However, ZANDER!!! He is my new book BF. Loved him and yea that his story is next!! For some reason he reminds me of J R Ward's Lassiter.

    6. It took me three days to finish this short story, and that right there is telling. Cute, sweet, bland, disjointed story. It felt like out-takes from other stories thrown together. Still really like this series; but this was nothing special, just average.

    7. Sweet Romance But It's The Shifter Info Given that Is Really GoodFINAL DECISION: Enjoyable with a less experienced Shifter male and a woman who has tried to find love in the wrong places. This novella expands readers knowledge of what is going on in the Shifter universe. Sweet and funE STORY: Mason McNaughton is a wolf shifter (youngest brother of Broderick from BAD WOLF) is tired of the feral feline living in his house driving him crazy and sometimes trying to kill him. He decides to help searc [...]

    8. Mason the wolf and Jasmine the psychic. Mason is used to being the bottom of the pack in his over-full house. But he can't keep his mouth shut after Alec, his unwelcome house mate, almost kills him in his sleep. Alec, the almost feral shifter is long past control and a danger to everyone including his mate and unborn cub. So Mason goes on a quest to find an almost mythical person; a shifter healer. There are only 3 known and nobody knows where they are. So Bree suggests Mason consult a psychic s [...]

    9. Three and a half stars really.An enjoyable novella about Mason, Broderick's younger brother who consults a psychic who can help him find a mysterious shifter healer who *might* be able to heal his brother-in-law (sort of) from turning totally feral and being put down.The problem with novellas is that because they often sit outside the story arc they don't have the same urgency and sense of purpose as the main novels. However, I hope that part of the reason for this novella was (maybe) to introdu [...]

    10. This one is a bridge between the previous books and the direction the series is headed. It doesn't quite have the same punch as Mate Bond, which absolutely gutted me, but I really did enjoy it. The series as a whole has some pretty good world building, the mythology of shifters is unique, there hot shifter sex, and the characters are mostly just flat out nice and often adorable. Seriously, there is a 10 year old polar bear cub, what more can you ask for? And this story nicely ties a few things u [...]

    11. Wolf shifter Mason McNaughton's fed up with his brother's feral feline in-law and will go to any length to either fix him so he's suitable to live in the family home or hell, there isn't an or! He has fix him or his brother, the alpha, will not only never forgive him, he might 'fix' him to ease his mate's pain. To that end, Mason's off in the big bad world to find a healer to cure Aleck's 'feral-ity.'The last thing psychic Jasmine Samuelson wanted was another shifter in her life. Too bad her bes [...]

    12. 3.5 starsThis short novel focuses on Wolf Shifter Mason McNaughton, the younger brother of Broderick McNaughton from Bad Wolf. The outcome of that book -- Joanne's sister's mate going feral -- is basically the main problem in this one, as Mason needs to team-up with a female psychic (Jasmine) to search for Shifter Healer.Now, the romance for me was so-so. It was pretty much quick attraction to the whole mating-bond thing. Definitely not memorable then again, I also knew what I was getting into. [...]

    13. A short one but a good one!(though of cause I wanted more) I don't usually like the shorter ones as I feel like there isn't enough in them but I really enjoyed Mason's Story! For a younger shifter he was quite mature and I loved his relationship with Jazz. Loved, loved, loved the snippets we saw of Tiger, who is my fave of the series, and previously mentioned characters.Healing feral shifters and the introduction of Zander is exciting for the series!Looking forward to White Tiger, this series ju [...]

    14. 3 stars -I liked this well enough, but there really wasn't enough to make the H stand out from the rest of the past shifter H's -I am very hero centric- the story was short though. There were enough quirks with the h and her house, and the shifter healer, that the story part of the story was okay - even if the romance was sort of by the numbers. Hopefully, it's not that I've read so many shape shifter stories in the past ten years that I'm reaching the saturation point with my beloved PNR.

    15. Not one of the best in the series as it was hard to remember Mason from the series and it didn't help that he was a bit too cocky for me at the start. Jasmine was a bit better, it was fun to see her put up with Mason's distrust of her abilities. The quest they went on was a bit boring until they found their person, who was actually crazy. Even as the job got done I wondered and hoped that Olaf would get to see this new person. Turns out a cute polar bear can soothe any raging beast!

    16. Good fun! In fact, I got so caught up in the story that my only complaint is I wanted MORE of the house! and I want a house like that for myself :)

    17. Too much unexplained moments to be anything more than ok. I like this series, but this is not the best around. Still, cute, if not remarkable.

    18. I really wish that they had stuck with Cris Dukehart for the narration of this book. This guy isn't bad, but I prefer her. I also didn't like his voice for Zander. I did really enjoy the story.

    19. 3.75 stars--ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date March 22, 2016Wolf Shifter Mason McNaughton is tired of the crazy feral living in his house, endangering him, his brothers, and his sweet auntie Cora. Ferals are Shifters who’ve reverted to the wild stage, forgetting all about the joys of pizza and satellite TV. Not to mention, Mason is sick of waking up to the feral’s rampages in the bedroom next to his. The feral has been given sanctuary, so Mason can’t throw him out—the only thing to do is to f [...]

    20. ~ 3.5 Wild Stars ~ Wild Things is a novella in the Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley.I do enjoy the novellas in this series. They are fun, cute, sweet, quick and enjoyable. The author does a great job outlining the world and how things work, that you don't feel like you are missing much. I also like the glimpses of previous couples and the hints of who could be next to get a romance in the series.As for Mason and Jasmine, they where ok. Their romance in and of itself is quick. These [...]

    21. Sometimes I think I'd be able to keep the characters in this series straight if I read the books in order. Then I cackle maniacally and continue my mad-scientist patchwork reading of the series. Because I'm a rebel like that.(I'm not really a rebel. I just play one on TV.) (No, wait. I don't do that, either.)So. Mason and Jasmine. He doesn't believe in psychics. She's been burned by shifters before. Plus, she lives in a sentient house. WHICH IS COOL. But only if the house doesn't eat you or anyt [...]

    22. This was a pretty good PNR with a single plot line of getting a shifter healer that is in hiding. Mason goes to a seer that can find people. The seer is his mate and he figures it out pretty quickly but doesn't ever explain that to her until the end. Straight forward but not complicated. This is probably due to being only 250 pages. There are a lot of shifters from previous books and a set up for the healer for future books.

    23. 3.5 stars. I haven't read any of the other books in the series. That's probably a mistake. If you read shifter paranormal romance, you can understand what's going on. But it would be a more interesting book if you were familiar with the relationships. The writing is good, but it was a little slow and awkward in the first half - maybe because of the unfamiliarity. I may try the first book of the series to see if I enjoy it more.

    24. searching for shifter born healer to cure a feral shifter, a bear shifter finds his mate in a human psychic who reads auras and finds people and things. the healer is found and cures the feral and an injured elder but st great cost to himself.

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