Lost to the Night

Lost to the Night An earl with a terrifying secret Alexander Cole was a man ruled by his voracious appetite for carnal pleasures until a golden haired devil in the guise of a goddess lures him into an encounter that co

  • Title: Lost to the Night
  • Author: Adele Clee
  • ISBN: 9780993283277
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • An earl with a terrifying secret Alexander Cole was a man ruled by his voracious appetite for carnal pleasures until a golden haired devil in the guise of a goddess lures him into an encounter that costs him his humanity With nothing left but bitterness in his heart, he locks himself away in his dilapidated Elizabethan mansion and chains the gates to all intruders.A laAn earl with a terrifying secret Alexander Cole was a man ruled by his voracious appetite for carnal pleasures until a golden haired devil in the guise of a goddess lures him into an encounter that costs him his humanity With nothing left but bitterness in his heart, he locks himself away in his dilapidated Elizabethan mansion and chains the gates to all intruders.A lady hoping to prove love conquers all When her aunt suffers an injury in a carriage accident, Evelyn Bromwell rushes through the forest in search of help Drawn to the mysterious old mansion, she is left aghast to find such a frosty reception Yet despite the earl s rude and brusque manner, Evelyn is eager to discover the reason behind his austere facade.Once desire begins to burn, Alexander and Evelyn are unable to deny the soul deep connection that exists between them But Evelyn must make a choice marry the kind and affable Mr Sutherby or risk everything in the hope of thawing an immortal s frozen heart.

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    1. I HATE IT, when characters fall in love for no obvious reason. What is is that makes you admire a specific person beyond their good looks and oh yeah nothing else. But I liked that the story was somewhat thought through which is why 3 stars are in order.

    2. Paranormal. Regency. Romance. The author took three of my favorite things, bundled them up, and made me an extremely happy person. I love reading, but one of the hazards of reading a ton is that you come across many of the same storylines just packaged in different ways. That being said, there is nothing I love more than coming across something fresh- a new twist I haven't seen before. Loved this book. Heroine was independent and assertive without coming across as pushy- which is pet peeve of mi [...]

    3. A Paranormal Regency Romance I love Regency, Romance, and Paranormal and this one had all 3! It is a fun concept! Alexander was brooding, dark, and sexy. Another reviewer compared him to Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and they are pretty spot on. He despises what he has become and can’t seem to accept it. But, maybe love can help!Eve was a very strong character she was smart, stubborn, and determined. I do agree with other reviewers who said Eve jumped into “bed” with the man rather q [...]

    4. 3.5It was good, and I love the characters and am heading straight on to book 2 but I kind of which it was 'more', if that makes sense? Not as in longer (although, I'm not opposed to longer ;), but with really good books you're sucked into the world. This one was still a little thin in that regard. But as I said, it's good and good enough to make me (a cheapskate) spend money on the next one.

    5. Adele Clee's "Lost to the Night", the start of her Brotherhood series, was an okay to cute read and does not follow the lines of any typical vampire romance story. The melancholy vampire, Alexander, might be likened to Angel from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in some respects. He hates what he is, wonders if he has a soul, believes himself unworthy of love. Whereas, Angel will turn into the torturous Angelous once he's achieved only a moment of true happiness and then we see many deadly vampiric as [...]

    6. Evelyn Bromwell is traveling with her aunt to meet the man she expects to marry. Evelyn isn't in love, but security drives her to consider marriage. She and her aunt are caught in a storm and their carriage overturns. Evelyn's aunt and coachman are badly injured. Evelyn runs through the forest in search of help and stumbles across a chained gate blocking her way to a dilapidated manor. Determined to save her aunt, Evelyn climbs the gate, forces her way into the house, and demands that the man in [...]

    7. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋Whilst on a trip to Bavaria , Alexander Cole meets a woman who he is drawn too , he follows her , and is drawn into what he believes, is going to be an evening of pleasure, he’s wrong . He looses consciousness, and on awakening everything has changed , feeling empty ,cold, lonely , he returns to his home in Hampshire and locks himself away , seeing no one, only going out at night , and eating nothing except animal blood . Two years later he meets a ver [...]

    8. Virgin & the VampierAlexander wants nothing to do with people and society for fear he can't control the monster he became after being bewitched by an evil blond who turned him into a vampire. He's lived shut away for two years now with his beloved motherly maid as his only companion. He refuses to drink human blood and only feeds on animal blood still he fears he might someday lose control. Then one night Evelyn makes her way to his door after her carriage is ever turn in a storm and her aun [...]

    9. 4 1/2 stars! I have never read anything by Adele Clee before and I thought I’d check this book out as a free ebook.why not right, it was free. Well, now I am an avid reader and an admitted book snob who normally doesn’t stray from my pack of a select few authors. But WoW I was pleasantly surprised by this author! The characters had depth and the conflict was easy and not overly complicated. I like a little bit of pure smut in my romance novels. Ok. Ok sometimes a LOT of pure smut! (huge JR W [...]

    10. WOAH. feeling all of the feels right now. I literally read this book in half and day and it was INCREDIBLE. I'm going through a phase of reading historical fiction and I stumbled across this on amazon (it's free on kindle by the way.) and I couldn't be more happy that I did! I believe that it's actually an erotica but i would definitely say that it falls into the supernatural/romance category more with a couple (but not many!) added juicy bits.What I typically hate about erotica is the shocking [...]

    11. Pretty good story4 stars because not subject I usually read, so is only my opinion, but good story. There was romance, but different kind, with some steam. It was a little stressful for me, because could not see how their problem could be solved. Good relationship for H/h in spite of situation. Ended as well as it could. If you read this type story, I would recommend. I have always enjoyed this author's work, but enjoyed other type better. Looking forward to her other books.

    12. Elizabethan and Alexander, for over two years Alexander has been locked away in his home label as a beast and Elizabethan is the first person who he see. She downright told him that he's rude and disrespectful but also needs to help her his her aunt is bleeding from her head. Alexander helps her aunt but ends up liking Elizabeth more than ever he follows her to try to make him her's but after she got kidnap and he found her his dark side shown so she got scared and ran. She still loves him and h [...]

    13. Vampire Regency Romance is a combination I was looking forward to read. Well, the story ended up being mostly romance in the Regency era. Yes, the hero is a vampire. However, the story takes a totally different approach than other vampire stories. The vampire drinks exclusively animal blood and has no significant powers. The romance part was predictable - from annoying each other to falling in love to being kidnapped to HEA. I did, however, enjoy the book as a light read with likable characters [...]

    14. Loved it! This is a new to me author so I really didn't know what to expect. I absolutely loved it! Poor Alexander had the misfortune to meet the mysterious blond beauty in Bevaira who changed his life forever. Evelyn is on her way to meet with Mr. Sutherland because he wants to marry her. A wonderful story that puts Vampires in a different light. Will definitely be reading more by this author.

    15. Well, what a pleasant surprise!I have never been a fan of recency romance before, but Adele Clee's story of Alexander and Evelyn's beautiful relationship was amazing. I loved how this book laid the foundation for the Brotherhood Series, and gave us a clear insight into the origins of the Brotherhood, the members, and a great base for establishing their characters.I plan to enjoy this series.

    16. Historical paranormal romance, yes please!I was excited to find to of my favorite topics in one book. The thing that draws me to Adele books is her strong, fearless female characters. Her men are the very definition of talk, dark and brooding. I love the dynamics, the push and pull of lust you can feel radiating from the pages. I just wish she would have added more vampire lore and details to the story. I think it would have rounded out the story perfectly.

    17. The story felt a bit too cliche. A man locks himself away to avoid humanity because of what he has become. Girl with the utmost bravery barges into his life. Suddenly they fall in love over like two days. The "secret" of the plot was very obvious, though this isn't a mystery book. Overall, it was well written, though a lot of parts were repetitive. Though, I do like the thought of a vampiric brotherhood!

    18. A lost souls forever happinessA wonderful read. From the beginning with Alexander becoming a vampire to the carriage accident to him finding his happiness with Eve. I could not put the book down.

    19. I downloaded Lost to the Night as a free book from . The storyline was basic and cliched, but I have to say, I enjoyed the characters and the story line. While vampires were part of the story, it read more like a historical romance--with maybe a slight twist.

    20. DifferentMoves fast the story like how the author mix it up with vampires and magic. Can’t wait to find out about the other two brothers that Alexander met and became friends with.

    21. The beast is tamed by love.This book was such a smooth and we'll written book that it should not be missed. There is danger, intrigue, passion, redemption, and the struggle to figure out what true love really is and how strong unconditional love is. Don't miss this series.

    22. So sorry but not into Dracula type books and had not realised this was what it was. I have read it all and it has a good storyline but book two I will not be buying.

    23. WonderfulSo goodDifferent too than other books. Love the series a lot romantic keep them coming!!!!!!!!!! Love free books

    24. Great bookJust reminds me of beauty and the beast only better. Defiantly a page Turner and I recommend this book for sure

    25. Good story sweet flow and character introduction. Did not set up the next book well as the subject or topic of the story is reused with different lovers in book two. All and all a good evenings read.

    26. "Eve" and Alex proved love can conquer all. I absolutely loved this book and I loved Evelyns persistance.

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