One thought on “20 Answers: Atheism”

  1. This fall three new volumes were released in this great series. There are now a total of 26 books in the 20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers. And I have read 23 of the 26. If the 23 that I have read 19 received 5/5 stars rating. When I first looks at this title an old story from my days in university, I had a friend who was in Campus Crusade for Christ, one Christmas on the bus home from school he met a guys and was having a discussion. The gentlemen said he was an atheist, so my friend told [...]

  2. This is hands down my favorite book from the 20 Answers series to date. While all the booklets are engaging, Fradd added some humor that made the booklet even better. His responses were straightforward and spanned a variety of topics from science to philosophy to morality. What I appreciated about his book was he acknowledged there were some limitations because it was intended to be a short book, but he offered recommendations on where the reader could find more information. Though there were so [...]

  3. Awesome run through of the biggest questions in argument against God's existence. A great read for someone who wants to equip themselves with sound arguments and reason against atheistic claims. We are blessed to have this resource to read and share with atheist friends.

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