The Bookstore Valentine

The Bookstore Valentine Love is in the air at the haunted bookstore In this new addition to the popular easy to read series Cobweb the cat plays Cupid With the help of her ghostly friends she sets out to bring together shy

  • Title: The Bookstore Valentine
  • Author: Barbara Maitland David LaRochelle
  • ISBN: 9780525469131
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Love is in the air at the haunted bookstore In this new addition to the popular easy to read series, Cobweb the cat plays Cupid With the help of her ghostly friends, she sets out to bring together shy Mr Brown and his sweet, bookish valentine Hilarious illustrations and an entertaining story make The Bookstore Valentine a match made in heaven for beginning readers.

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    1. 3.5 STARSCute and a fun little story for those who love books, cats, and Valentines. The titles of the books in the store made me chuckle.

    2. The owner of a bookstore his help and ends up falling for her and in the end asks her to be his Valentine.

    3. I really liked this book because while I was reading it, I realized that I was reading the story with a sense of mystery and suspense in my head. The story has four chapters, and I think it would be fun to read one chapter per day to students and then have them write down/share their predictions in some way. It is a good story for reading with expression, giving voices to characters. It has more text since it is a level 2 book, but it still has a lot to look at when it comes to the illustrations [...]

    4. I really enjoyed reading this book to my special needs teenage son. After reading several Vae's B Books they all kind of run together. But this one was a bit different. An older man runs a bookstore with his cat and he says he has ghosts. He gets so busy that he says he needs help so a lady comes along and wants to help him. They begin to like one another but each scared to invite the other to dinner. But with the help of their cat and the 'ghosts' their Valentines day ends up being a good one. [...]

    5. My seven-year-old loved this book. She considers this book to be her 1st romance novel ("I read romance novels just like Mama!"). As she read the book, she would run back and forth between our rooms reading passages that delighted her. I gave the book a quick read - it's a really sweet love story - don't judge this book by its cover or illustrations.

    6. This is a funny story about a bookstore owner. His store has a ghost theme, so although the setting is during Valentine's Day, it would also fit to read the story during Halloween. The story is entertaining and the illustrations are fun. We really enjoyed reading all the book titles, which were very punny. It's a good book for beginning readers.

    7. Love this book! An old man running a book store with his cat and mice friends meets with a lady who also loves cats and mice and is a sucker for ghost stories and cheese. It reminds us that opposites don't always attract but that love begins with similar likes and values. A very cute book.

    8. This one was very cute and perfect for this week. I'm not sure about it being reading level 2 due to the difficulty of some of the words.

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