Flip the Bird

Flip the Bird Mercer Buddie wants two things in this world a girlfriend and the chance to prove to his master falconer father that he s not a flake With hunting season fast approaching fourteen year old Mercer has

  • Title: Flip the Bird
  • Author: Kym Brunner
  • ISBN: 9780544800854
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mercer Buddie wants two things in this world a girlfriend and the chance to prove to his master falconer father that he s not a flake With hunting season fast approaching, fourteen year old Mercer has only a short time to work with Flip, a red tailed hawk he irreverently named to show his dad that falconers don t have to be so serious all the time When Mercer meetsMercer Buddie wants two things in this world a girlfriend and the chance to prove to his master falconer father that he s not a flake With hunting season fast approaching, fourteen year old Mercer has only a short time to work with Flip, a red tailed hawk he irreverently named to show his dad that falconers don t have to be so serious all the time When Mercer meets Lucy, he falls hard for her gorgeous looks and bubbly personality He thinks his love life is about to take flight, until he discovers that Lucy and her family belong to a fanatical animal rights organization called HALT a group that believes imposing any sort of restrictions on animals is a form of cruelty Mercer soon realizes that if he wants to keep seeing Lucy, he ll need to keep his love of falconry and his family s raptor rehabilitation center a secret from her, and Lucy s involvement with HALT from his family With humor and honesty, Mercer s story shows how growing up means making difficult choices and sometimes, being rewarded in unexpected ways.

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    1. This book has lived in my heart (and computer) for many years. I am beyond excited to be releasing Flip the Bird out into the world for his fledgling tour. Thank you to all the falconers who helped me on my journey, and to my 7th grade class a few years back who fell in love with this star-crossed lover's story, reigniting my desire to get this out into readers' hands. My deepest wish is that my readers develop the ability to be open-minded about the world and its inhabitants (humans and feather [...]

    2. I absolutely devoured this YA contemporary romance.Mercer Buddie is a high school freshman who's still trying to get his bearings in his world. Originally from northern Wisconsin, his family moved two years ago to the northwest Illinois area so his mother could take a director job at a fictional Rockford college. His mother is a scientist, though Mercer has little interaction with her because of her long hours. He's very close with his father, a bird expert and raptor rehabilitator. Raptors, for [...]

    3. Wow, this one tickled me pink. Puns, falconing, crazy PETA-like organization, love, family, science - all that stuff in here. And an unconventional ending (for YA, at least). This one is a quick read - I know it took me weeks to read it but I was reading other stuff too, I swear - and a whole heap of fun. Hooray! Read this one to put yourself in a good mood.

    4. I rarely read a book twice, "FLIP" was an exception!!! The first time I read thru so fast, needed to know what was next! Second time took my time to savor the details! Appreciated all the different aspects of this very engaging fun and serious book! Somethings were so familiar and other were excitingly new experiences! I really enjoyed getting to know the characters they seemed so real. The twists kept me reading and the ending tied it all together. More please! Cant wait for K. Brunner's next n [...]

    5. Brunner does it again with Flip the Bird, an engaging adventure with compelling characters, an interesting plot that kept me turning the pages, and wonderful humor.

    6. Fourteen-year-old Mercer Buddie is determined to prove to his master-falconer father and brother Lincoln that he can be just as serious and a successful falconer as they are. Then he meets Lucy, a hot girl with a great personality. With adolescent hormones raging, he is set to impress her and claim her as his girlfriend. Then Mercer realizes that Lucy and her family are members of HALT, a fanatical activist animal-rights organization. With his mother that is head of a research department trying [...]

    7. Flip the Bird by Kym Brunner was a pleasant surprise filled with likeable characters, good theme, and a surprising second half. Barring some cringy dialogue, it is a thoroughly entertaining book.   Marcus has always wanted two things: a girlfriend and to prove himself to his father, a master falconer. Throughout the novel, he encounters some hardships that turn him into a much stronger and mature kid. I swear he is the living embodiment of Murphy's Law. Everything that could have gone wrong w [...]

    8. A romance book suitable for guys with a neat twist involving falconry. While reading it, I thought boys might enjoy it as well as the girls, but I can't see that at my school. I will test it put on a few kids to see.

    9. Issues with hunting, falconry, and animal rights activism all come together in Kym Brunner’s Flip the Bird. Fourteen year-old Mercer Buddie wants two things out of life right now: he wants a girlfriend, and he wants to be a falconer, like his father and brother. He’s training as an apprentice to his father, a master falconer, but feels like his dad favors his jock of an older brother and is too critical of him. He captures a red-tailed hawk that he names Flip – to show his dad that falconr [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this middle-level novel. What was so appealing to me was the information I learned about falconry - who knew?! While it's not a popular activity in my area it must be in the mid west? Anyway, really likeable characters and fun!

    11. Fantastic! At first I thought this would just be a teenaged cheesy rom-com but it turned out to be much more than that!First, I picked this book because the main character (Mercer) is training to be a falconer from his Dad and his family runs a bird of prey rehab center. The book delivered on that regard because I learned something about falcon training, rehab and bird care.The rom-com part of the book was a bit cheesy and seems to be written more at a middle school level than high school, which [...]

    12. You'll flip for this blend of humor and heart! Having been a bystander of the falconry apprenticeship process with my partner (now a general) and having a master falconer cousin I couldn't resist giving FLIP THE BIRD a read. Falconry is such a fascinating sport—way more work and dedication than I have the desire to take up—and having some first hand knowledge I felt I could give it a pretty fair shake for facts while enjoying a YA read.Mercer is a charming boy that has a lot of tough choices [...]

    13. Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVED IT!! Loved it. This book had me from page one. FLIP THE BIRD by Kym Brunner is delightful, refreshing, and engaging. As the title suggests, fun word plays are peppered throughout the book, and Brunner infuses the story with a sense of humor that had me laughing out loud multiple times. Brunner takes us into a world that many readers are not familiar - the world of falconry. While there are scenes set in a typical high school, most of the story takes place in settings new an [...]

    14. I don't read a lot of young adult fiction but this was a winner. It was completely entertaining for an adult reader but I think it would be a brilliant choice for kids around 10 and older. It's a fast-paced, exciting story with a surprise that really knocked me over. I couldn't put it down once I got to that part, and ended up reading the rest in one sitting. The detail around falconry as a sport is fascinating and well-researched, and told in a way that doesn't seem instructional, yet it is! I [...]

    15. 4.5 starsFlip the Bird delivers on so many fronts! Not only does it offer up tons of laughs and page-turning suspense, but it also introduces readers to what has to be one of the coolest hobbies ever, falconry. The glimpses into this world are fantastic, and I have no doubt Brunner will whet many readers’ appetite to explore this topic more fully and, who knows, maybe even give it a try themselves. But the author doesn’t stop there. Even better, she uses the burgeoning attraction between asp [...]

    16. I won this book from the giveaways.This is a great YA book! I love the narrator, Mercer Buddie, and his sense of humor. I learned a lot about falconry and found it fascinating. Mercer learns a lot about a fanatical animal-rights organization called HALT.I never wanted to put this book down. I like most of the characters and I hope the author, Kym Brunner writes another Mercer Buddie book or writes one from one of his siblings' point-of-view.

    17. 4 stars!! While there is a noticeable slump in the middle, this novel is such a little gem!! It was one of my most anticipated books to receive at ALA and luckily I found a small stack of them on Sunday. It was adorable, the detail was flippin amazing (pun totally intended) and it actually made me laugh. Full review soon!!

    18. From the first page to the last, I couldn't put this book down! I loved the characters and loved the suspenseful plot. I never really knew much about falconry, but I think it's super cool. I live in Wisconsin so I especially loved all the details about Wisconsin life.

    19. The book Flip the Bird by Kym Brunner is a realistic fiction novel. In Flip the Bird, there is a kid named Mercer Buddie, and his love for falconry is unmatched by anyone. His Mom works at a college supposedly doing experiments with animals as the test subject, and his Dad is a master falconer who houses injured birds until they are ready to be in the wild again. When going to catch his first hawk, he realizes he left his mouse at home, so he stops at a local pet store to get one. In the pet sto [...]

    20. I loved this book!I had so much fun reading this. Mercer is one heck of a character. I don't know what was better, his witty remarks or his character growth. Flip was amazing too! I never would have guessed there was so much to Falconry. They honestly make it look so easy. You never think about the time and dedication that goes into building a trusting relationship with a wild Falcon.Brunner did a very good job writing a book about something as serious as finding oneself in a way that will have [...]

    21. I thought this book would be funny, but it isn't really. This is really a book about finding your way. Mercer decides to change who he is to try and get the girl. We all know how that works out. Fortunately, he figures it out, but not before bad things happen. Great descriptions of falconry here along with a smattering of positive and not so positive role models. The family feels very real and the struggle is definitely one anyone can relate to. Some slightly mature content makes this book a goo [...]

    22. Don't let the title throw you. Yes, this is a YA book and, yes, someone does "flip the bird" in the book. However, this is the story of Mercer. His father runs a bird rehabilitation facility, and is a falconer. Mercer is finally getting the chance to apprentice under his father. He will train and hunt with a hawk. He's already helping with the other birds which, when possible, are released after rehabilitation. Being a falconer has long been his dream. When he gets his first bird he names it Fli [...]

    23. I admire this author for taking on a unique setting for a story, the world of falconry. I am a literature person, so although many in the falconry world might appreciate a shout out for that amazing lifestyle and practice, I have to stick to the elements of literature when I review books. I wish she would have stayed in that environment rather than branching out into teenage romance and animal rights. To me it was like trying to make sense of an over-designed outfit. More editing was needed to s [...]

    24. DNF I gave this two nights and got to about the halfway point before giving up. I've read plenty of books with clueless teenage boys who change over the course of the story, but I just didn't care enough about this character to see if his decision-making skills ever get any better.

    25. According to all known lawsof aviation,there is no way a beeshould be able to fly.Its wings are too small to getits fat little body off the ground.The bee, of course, flies anywaybecause bees don't carewhat humans think is impossible.Yellow, black. Yellow, black.Yellow, black. Yellow, black.Ooh, black and yellow!Let's shake it up a little.Barry! Breakfast is ready!Ooming!Hang on a second.Hello?- Barry?- Adam?- Oan you believe this is happening?- I can't. I'll pick you up.Looking sharp.Use the st [...]

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