The Jackal Prince

The Jackal Prince A hidden stronghold in the heart of Egypt a kingdom on the edge of ruin ruled by fear and forgotten magic Sounds like a great place for a vacation right Emma Chase isn t exactly thrilled by the idea

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  • Title: The Jackal Prince
  • Author: Anna McIlwraith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A hidden stronghold in the heart of Egypt a kingdom on the edge of ruin, ruled by fear and forgotten magic.Sounds like a great place for a vacation, right Emma Chase isn t exactly thrilled by the idea, but the jackals will do anything to get their claws on her, for she is the Caller of the Blood, a human woman destined to command the magic of all shapechanging races wA hidden stronghold in the heart of Egypt a kingdom on the edge of ruin, ruled by fear and forgotten magic.Sounds like a great place for a vacation, right Emma Chase isn t exactly thrilled by the idea, but the jackals will do anything to get their claws on her, for she is the Caller of the Blood, a human woman destined to command the magic of all shapechanging races which is a teensy bit complicated than it sounds And while Emma and her weird assortment of friends, allies and protectors are safe on an enchanted farm in the California Mountains, the Jackal Prince s invitation is too dangerous to refuse Problem is, accepting it could be just as deadly, especially since Emma s going to need the help of a powerful ancient with an unbreakable and totally unfair grudge against her.Emma s got a few tricks up her sleeve, but she s human, and she can be broken Somehow she ll have to get her friends out of the jackal kingdom alive before the jackals kill her first or worse, find a way to claim her power for their own.

    One thought on “The Jackal Prince”

    1. That just happenedI thought this was very cool with the necromancer and the Gods. I was impressed with the characters and how they have overcame their issues to work together in this one. I wonder if she ever knows what she is getting into. Let's see what is in store for her next.

    2. Amazeballs!Can I just say how much I love Emma!I say im rooting that she can get mrody now constrictor to grow a heart. && what's up with the red son && telli. He has secrets & I don't like them. So glad I got into this series :)

    3. Love it Really enjoying this series. Only a short review as I desperately need to read the next book haha but love all the characters and Telly is definitely hiding something which I hope unfolds in the next book.

    4. Beyond captivatingI love how she has taken me on this ride. I don't want to put this down. No one has merged different shape shifters and other super naturals so flawlessly before and tease me with potential romance like this author. I love it. Beyond love really!

    5. So much better than the first oneThe plot was better this time, Emma was badass (even if it wasn't always intentional) and again I LOVE Fern. Everyone should have a Fern in their life, preferably without the painful process of getting him!

    6. So good I'm sick with a serious sinus infection but I still can't seem to put this book down. I'm so addicted, OMG! OkY on to book 3 Yeah I'm jumping right in.

    7. EnjoyedI really enjoyed this 2nd book in the series. Though it would be nice if Emma could actually have a real love interest of her own not someone lusting after her for the power she could give them or what she could do for them. Plus all the sexual tension going on with nothing ever happening is kinda aggravating. It sounds like I don't like the book, but really I do, it's just these few things that bothered me on to the next book!

    8. You can find more reviews Mademoisellesnow BlogThis is the second book in the Caller of Blood series. If you haven’t read the other book I would recommend you to read it first before tackling this one. The book follows Emma as she slowly begins to understand her new life in the shifter world. Emma and her team of bodyguards and maidens travel to the Jackal Kingdom. This journey is full of tension, as the there’s no love loss between the Jaguar Kingdom and the Jackal Kingdom. As Emma and her [...]

    9. While I am enjoying this series, particularly whenever Emma is impatient with or rude about antiquated shifter rules, sexist or racist behaviour there are too many characters in terms of the never ending bevy of attractive males surrounding Emma. I mean in the first book we have a prologue with Telly, Antonio ( I think that is his name but really can’t remember due to aforementioned multitude) and Ricky. Then early into the story Antonio & Telly find Emma & best friend Ricky and they a [...]

    10. Awesome! Book 2 of the Wild Rites saga was absolutely 100% AMAZING! I love shifters, but this has such a different take on Shifters because of Emma and what she is to them. It has made for one hell of an interesting read so far!Emma is coming into her own power and she is a complete bada$$ for it! Our favorite men Seshua, Telly, Fern, Anton & Ricky are still just as fun and interesting as ever! One that surprised me here in book 2 was Alexi! I hate to admit but I have a teensy love for his c [...]

    11. I can't wait to read the next book!!This series has me hook, line, and sinker! Totally love this series. Love the characters how you really start to get to know each one as each book goes by. Anna McIlwraith really brings her books and characters to life. On to the next adventure in The Wild Rites Saga and it will definitely be a ride you don't want to miss!

    12. One of the best stories I've read.This series is one of the best ones I've had the pleasure or reading. It draws you in and you can't wait to find out what happens and how the author grows all the characters and the story. I have to say it's as good as the series from best selling authors. Truly hope it continues as long as Kenyan's, Hamilton's, and others.

    13. Great seriesVery well woven stories and intricate dimensional characters. Had me hooked from the first page and scrambling for the next. Very unique paranormal shifter series. I especially appreciated the lack of a predictable plot formula. Fans of Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs and the like would enjoy this series.

    14. Ok. Writing is technically good, but i take ish with the main characters TSTL righteousness and the weird sex business with all her hangers on whoa re all dudes who are all in love with her. Seriously, theres like 7 different psuedo love interests/life mates/pod people

    15. ExcellentI really enjoyed her series. She makes it so good that you don't want to put it down. Such wonderful characters keep you entertained

    16. Better than the first one I'm really getting into the story. Will definitely get the next one! Unique urban paranormal without the sex that seems to permeate the genre.

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