Silent City: A History Of Forest Home Cemetery

Silent City A History Of Forest Home Cemetery None

  • Title: Silent City: A History Of Forest Home Cemetery
  • Author: John Gurda
  • ISBN: 9780970361301
  • Page: 370
  • Format: None
  • None

    One thought on “Silent City: A History Of Forest Home Cemetery”

    1. A great history of the cemetery. Doesn’t really focus on the people interred there, but more on the creation and maintaining of the cemetery over 150 years.

    2. I have to admit that I was quite disappointed with this book. I thought, perhaps, that this book would turn out to be better than Badger Boneyards, which I also recently finished. What I wanted was some stories/biographies on the many different people buried there. Instead, it was basically just a history of the cemetery with a timeline at the bottom of the pages of some of the notable people buried there. I am fine with the history of the cemetery. I can completely understand telling the story [...]

    3. If you're interested in Victorian-Era cemeteries as well as Milwaukee history, this is a book for you. Fascinating! If you are really interested in it and have trouble finding it, go to Forest Home Cemetery. It's for sale there. I knew someone that worked there who picked it up for me.

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