A Preface to Hardy

A Preface to Hardy A Preface to Hardy remains the best introduction to one of the most important and popular writers in English literature

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  • Title: A Preface to Hardy
  • Author: Merryn Williams
  • ISBN: 9780582437708
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Preface to Hardy remains the best introduction to one of the most important and popular writers in English literature.

    One thought on “A Preface to Hardy”

    1. This is an excellent introduction to Hardy and his setting. If you are someone like me, who enjoy Hardy’s works tremendously but do not have enough time to spend on lengthy biographies, then this is a good book. It is divided into three parts: The Writer and his Setting (Hardy’s Life, Hardy the countryman, Hardy the Victorian), Critical Survey (includes Hardy’s heroes and their predicaments, introductions to short stories and the Dynasts, selected poems) and Reference section with Maps and [...]

    2. Considering how much I disliked the other Hardy book by the same author, I have to say this one was worth reading. While a small thing, my favourite "tit bit" from this book was a drawing/cartoon of God talking to Hardy.

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