Designed to Lead: The Church and Leadership Development

Designed to Lead The Church and Leadership Development Most churches merely exist Many churches do not develop leaders intentionally and consistently When leaders emerge from some churches it is often by accident Something is missing Something is off Aut

  • Title: Designed to Lead: The Church and Leadership Development
  • Author: Eric Geiger Kevin Peck
  • ISBN: 9781433690242
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Most churches merely exist Many churches do not develop leaders intentionally and consistently When leaders emerge from some churches, it is often by accident Something is missing Something is off Authors Eric Geiger author of bestselling Simple Church and Creature of the Word and Kevin Peck argue that churches that consistently produce leaders have a strong convictMost churches merely exist Many churches do not develop leaders intentionally and consistently When leaders emerge from some churches, it is often by accident Something is missing Something is off Authors Eric Geiger author of bestselling Simple Church and Creature of the Word and Kevin Peck argue that churches that consistently produce leaders have a strong conviction to develop leaders, a healthy culture for leadership development, and helpful constructs to systematically and intentionally build leaders All three are essential for leaders to be formed through the ministry of a local church From the first recordings of history God has made it clear that He has designed creation to be led by His covenant people More than that, He has decided what His people are to do with that leadership Whether you are called to lead your home, in the marketplace, in God s church, or in your community, if you are called by God you are called to lead others to worship the glory of God in Jesus Christ.God has designed His people to lead.

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    1. It's rare to find a leadership book that is both biblically and theologically grounded and immensely practical. This is it. I haven't run across a book for church leaders like this one. It would be profoundly helpful for any pastor or staff member at any church.

    2. "A Christian approach to leadership reaches into every sphere of life, because every sphere of life belongs to God."Really solid book on Christian leadership. I probably would have never picked this up if I wasn't assigned it for a church group, but I'm glad I read it. It gives practical, encouraging, and convicting insight into what it means to be a leader in the church - whether in or out the church building.

    3. This is an exceptional book on the Bible's development of leaders.The future of the church depends upon God. The effectiveness of the church depends upon us following Jesus in the commission of making disciples.Disciples are both leaders and listeners.

    4. I could not give a higher recommendation for a book for budding and current leaders. Remarkable attention given to the theology of leadership development(discipleship) and the systems needed in order to accomplish it.

    5. Really solid principles on cultivating leadership in the local church. Much needed book for the contemporary church

    6. An excellent book on Leadership, specifically in the church, Geiger and Peck work through the framework for developing leaders. The organization must have a strong conviction to develop leaders. It must also have a culture that fosters and values leadership values. And it must have constructs (systems) to develop those leaders.The book is inspirational and actionable and provides a good reading list for further study. Everything you would want in this type of book. Highly recommended.

    7. In its pages, the authors argue that not only should the church be creating and developing leaders but that we should be leading the way in doing this. Specifically, they write that, “No one should outpace the Church in developing leaders because no one else has the assurance the their contribution will last, that their leadership will eternally matter.”Here are some of my other favorite quotes from the book:“Churches that consistently produce leaders have a strong conviction to develop le [...]

    8. “The primary purpose for our leadership mandate is to make known the glory of God by leading others to flourish in God’s design.” (62)Is there a connection between discipleship and leadership? Where do leaders come from? Are all disciples leaders? What role does the Church play in leadership development? In an effort to answer these questions and more that Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck have written Designed to Lead: The Church and Leadership Development (B&H, 2016).For decades there have [...]

    9. This book is full of great information, and it helped me think about what I am doing, and need to do to develop leaders in my church. My one Criticism is that it tends to sort of emminatize leadership development as the primary focus of a Pastor, and while I do not think that was their intention, that is the way it comes across. Leadership development is part of the responsibility of the elder under, `equipping the saints.' It is not the be all and end all of pastoral ministry. That said it was [...]

    10. This is one of the best books I have read on making the case for and providing excellent wisdom in how to build the conviction, culture, and constructs needed to develop leaders in the local church. It is a must read for any church or ministry leader who is serious about developing leaders and fulfilling the call of Ephesians 4. Geiger and Peck take leadership development out of the realm of an ancillary task some churches do and place it squarely in the position of what churches and pastors mus [...]

    11. This book is essentially a practical guide to Paul's call to ministers in Ephesians 4 to "equip the saints for the work of ministry." This is what the priesthood of all believers looks like on the ground. No matter what your tradition, this will be a helpful aid in better stewarding the people God has entrusted to you. You don't have to buy into the whole system hook-line-and-sinker to benefit from this work.

    12. RATING 3.67 StarsMy initial concerns that this was specifically about church leadership and church leadership only were thwarted by a great blend of conventional thoughts on leadership and how they are applied to a ministerial organization, such as a church. Well thought out and thorough discourse on leadership and distinctions based on where that leadership is taking place.Good book and I will likely revisit it again to dig more out of it.

    13. The pertinent content in this book could have fit into a series of blog posts or an essay. Sadly, this book is long-winded and underwhelming. The concepts are fine, but they lack clarity concerning the difficult part - implementation. Too much pie-in-the-sky thinking.This book is successful in building a theological case for leadership development, but you would be better served to find the tools to do this in books on the shelves in the business section of the bookstore.

    14. I would highly recommend this book to any person in pastoral leadership. So many leadership books give you reason why you should develop more leader but not the how. This book does both very well. And it is not a book designed for large churches. The format presented in this book can be used from the smallest to largest of churches. I have been both encouraged and excited by the content of this book and hope to begin using it where I pastor.

    15. Great book! Basically Drotter's Leadership Pipeline book from a Christian church perspective. Needs more concrete, church specific applications regarding what a leadership pipeline could look like. It was helpful though in beginning to conceptualize what a leadership pipeline could look like in a church.

    16. Phenomenal book that strikes a perfect balance between high minded ideals and practical application. The book makes the strong case that leadership development and discipleship are inseparable and that this is the main goal of any church. The book provides nice visuals and metrics to achieve leadership development without ever losing the urgent why behind it.

    17. The systematic and purposeful development of leaders in the church is sorely lacking. This reality is reinforced in Designed to Lead by Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck. The authors argue at the outset that leaders must be developed in the church context: “The church is designed to lead, designed to disciple leaders who are, by God’s grace, commanded to disciple people in all spheres of life.” Therein lies the central theme of the book.But make no mistake - Designed to Lead is not your typical l [...]

    18. This is definitely one of the best books that I have read on church leadership. I enjoyed the fact that the authors demonstrated that creating leaders is something that should be a systemic part of a church and as a part of discipleship.

    19. This book radically changed my idea of what it means to be a leader in the church and to disciple people. Designed to Lead gives practical advice to church leaders about how to produce true growth that will last.

    20. It ended helpful. I labored through three quarters of it as it felt like an annotated bibliography of other people's thinking. Great if this is an early read in the Christian leadership category. Good content though.

    21. Another great read for those desiring to build (or help build) mentoring relationships in the church. Found myself also thinking in terms of application for the workplace.

    22. This is excellent. I have read many leadership books, and this is by far the best. Immensely biblical and practical. I highly recommend it.

    23. A wonderfully practical book about reproducing leaders in the church with intentional processes and strategic planning. So, so good!

    24. Great resource for Church leaders who are considering ways to grow leaders, develop leaders, or develop themselves.

    25. The world is impacted and improved by the leaders the Church develops and deploys.Each year for a while now, I read several great books on leadership. Usually from the books I read on this subject, I am able to refine my own leadership skills, be reminded of skills that I have forgotten or neglected or add some new leadership tools to my leadership toolbox. In Designed to Lead, authors Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck do a fantastic job of challenging views on leadership development and the essential [...]

    26. For the last few years I've had this nagging feeling that the church has been doing too much. Then I came across the book Simple Church by Thom Rainer & Eric Geiger. To say I enjoyed that book is a massive understatement. Then I heard about Designed to Lead by Eric Geiger & Kevin Peck and it looked like the perfect followup. I didn't just read Designed to Lead. I devoured it. Wherever you look, you'll find the need for more leaders and for better leaders. For that reason Geiger & Pec [...]

    27. I was attracted to this book based on the subject matter and the fact that I regularly read Eric Geiger’s excellent leadership blog. Geiger writes this book with Kevin Peck, who is the Lead Pastor of the Austin Stone Community Church. The authors state that God has designed his people to lead and that the church should be the epicenter of leadership development as God has designed the church to develop leaders in all spheres of life – the church, workplace, home, community and world. They st [...]

    28. It's not just about leadership. It's not just about discipleship. It's both. Designed to Lead has so much excellent and practical guidance that is Bible-based. Too many books and lectures on leadership by even well known people is more like the business side of leadership with little tidbits of Scripture thrown in to support their ideas. This book honestly surprised me with how biblical it is. It is clear that the authors wanted to find out what the Bible said about leadership and discipleship a [...]

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