Day of Reckoning

Day of Reckoning Safety is an illusion We re back to where we started two sisters living under a government we can t trust The rest of our friends are either dead or missing Texas should be our haven our escape from t

  • Title: Day of Reckoning
  • Author: Michelle Lynn
  • ISBN: 9781500274580
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
  • Safety is an illusion We re back to where we started two sisters living under a government we can t trust The rest of our friends are either dead or missing Texas should be our haven our escape from the British But what if we ve traded one prison for another There are larger things at work, allies and enemies to be found They all look the same to us The TexaSafety is an illusion We re back to where we started two sisters living under a government we can t trust The rest of our friends are either dead or missing Texas should be our haven our escape from the British But what if we ve traded one prison for another There are larger things at work, allies and enemies to be found They all look the same to us The Texans want us to fall in line The rebels want us to fight The Americans want us to leave them alone The colonies are a dangerous place than we ever could have imagined and we re caught in the middle Not all of us are meant to be soldiers, but the time for indecision has passed What do you call someone who doesn t trust the fight A liability Sides must be chosen bonds must be broken Alliances forged.And the war begins.

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    1. War is hell, someone once said.Two sisters, Dawn and Gabby, travel very different paths as they negotiate their way through a world that's tearing itself apart. The land once known as the United States has fallen into war, with rebel forces joining up with British rebels to overthrow the hegemonic cult that is the Republic of Texas.Dawn wants desperately to end the bloodshed with minimal casualties. Gabby, on the other hand, has become consumed with hatred and wants nothing more than to extermin [...]

    2. In Michelle Lynn's Dawn of Rebellion, we are introduced to a world where the rules, were we subject to them, would horrify us. Seemingly innocent actions take on a whole new meaning in this dystopian series and as I've now completed book two, I understand book one even more.Day of Reckoning is far better than the original story. Everyone is in their own groove and the story moves along at a hell of a pace.Before I knew it I was reaching the story's close, and yet again, what a cliffhanger.Some r [...]

    3. Another cliffhanger ending I'm just glad I'm reading these now when all three books are available to buy, otherwise I'd be pulling my hair out in anticipation! The ending of Dawn of Rebellion had me on edge and I could not wait to read this book to see what had happened to my favourite characters Drew, I mean Drew.I honestly don't even know where to begin with this book, I loved it so much, I can't even explain. The characters began to develop and tell their back stories which makes you relate t [...]

    4. In 'Dawn of Rebellion' we were introduced to Gabby and Dawn Nolan, ragged orphans coming of age in a dystopian London ruled by a power elite that is determined to remain in control of Great Britain through any means necessary. Gabby, Dawn's older sister, is arrested when she is caught shoplifting and summarily exiled to 'The Colonies,' which, it turns out, is a ravaged America deemed suitable only for criminals in much the same way Devil's Island once was. Dawn and Gabby's boyfriend Drew make th [...]

    5. I'm giving this a high rating with the caveat that it won't be for everyone. The violence has escalated and the teenage wishful thinking romance ideals have been wiped. The devastated world has plenty of conflict. Unlike the first story, which followed two girls and two boys through arrests, stowing away, escapes and plots, in this tale the characters have little choice about their actions. They are prisoners, wounded or under orders for most of the story, just in differing places and clothes as [...]

    6. I recently read and reviewed "Dawn of the Rebellion". I loved it so much that I added book number two in the series, "Day of Reckoning", to my already jam packed reading schedule. Let me tell you, I am so glad I did! This story picked up right where book one left off. The characters flowed seamlessly from one book to the next and continued to grow and develop throughout the story. Both character strengths and weaknesses were explored on a whole new level in this volume. I enjoyed seeing how pers [...]

    7. What a great installment to the series. This review is hard to write because there is so much I want to say, but I don't want to spoil the book. What I can say though is this book was great! It held my attention the entire time and I had a hard time putting it down. In Day of Reckoning, we pick up where the story ended in the first book, Dawn of Rebellion. I felt the author did a wonderful job developing her characters on a deeper level with this installment. I really felt a connection with them [...]

    8. Day of Reckoning is by Michelle Lynn. It is the second in a trilogy that began with Dawn of Rebellion. The third in the series is not out yet but I await it with bated breathe. I did not like Dawn of Rebellion very well the first time I read it. However, before reading Day of Reckoning, I decided to reread it. I loved it this time. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to finish it and start the Dawn of Reckoning. I then finished it today after a marathon of reading. I simply could not [...]

    9. *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*First of all I'd like to thank Michelle for offering to let me read her second book in what is a compelling series so far.Here we are, following Gabby and Dawn as they carry on with their roles in the rebellion and my were there things I wasn't expecting! That's what I love about this book you really can't predict what's going to happen as new twists are coming in every step of the way.As with the first instalment I went through a [...]

    10. Source: I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Cost: Free Title:Day of Reckoning Series:Dawn of Rebellion #2 Author:Michelle Lynn Overall Rating:4 starsNothing is as it seems. After finally escaping Floridaland and the slavery of that place, Dawn and Gabby find themselves in the Republic of Texas, where nothing is as it seems and they find that everything has changed. With Sam dead, Drew missing, and the fates of Jeremy and Lee unknown, the siste [...]

    11. Day of Reckoning: the sequel to Dawn of Rebellion, follows dawn and her sister gabby in discovering the differences between right and wrong, war and peace, and power and greed. When everyone is at war, sacrifices must be made, difficult decisions executed, and alliances formed. But what happens when everyone is out for themselves and refuse to give aid to others?Dawn thinks war can be solved without violence – something I wanted to reach into the book and slap her for. Gabby thinks war is abou [...]

    12. Day of Reckoning, by Michelle LynnDay of Reckoning is the second installment in the Dawn of Rebellion trilogy. In the aftermath of the first book, Lee and Jeremy are missing, and Drew is thought to be dead. Sisters Dawn and Gabby find themselves in the Republic of Texas—but all is not what it seems. Gabby is slipping down a dark path of anger, hate, and revenge, from which there may be no return. An emotionally stressed Dawn must put her life on the line to save thousands while she strives to [...]

    13. This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.Wow! I was totally blown away by this sequel to Dawn of Rebellion. Michelle Lynn has created this world that is action packed and unrelenting from beginning to end.The story centers around two sisters, Dawn and Gabby, who are sent to the colonies once known as the United States and now find themselves caught up in the war between the Texans and the Rebels (not to mention the freedom fighters and the Mexican Carteln you say [...]

    14. In Day of Reckoning we re-join Dawn and Gabby who are supposedly now under the protection of the republic of Texas. They soon find out that things are not quite as they seem and end up fleeing only to end up joining the rebels. Emotions run high throughout this novel as the girls deal with loss and handle their grief in different ways as they train to become soldiers.Again, like in the first book, I was totally immersed in the story and felt like I was part of it and not just someone looking in [...]

    15. I really enjoyed the dystopian tale of Dawn & Gabby in 'Dawn of Rebellion', so I was looking forward to checking out the next in the series. And this one did not disappoint. Often I find that sequels in series are a bit of a come-down from the originals, not so with 'Day of Reckoning'. This one was just as gripping and action-packed as the first, with complex, yet relatable characters. I also liked how the author varies the lengths of the chapters. Her writing style is terrific - it really k [...]

    16. I had my reservations about reading this book particularly after enjoying the first one in the trilogy so much and as it turned out quite rightly so. Note to self: never start reading book two unless you have book three safely on hand! Michelle Lynn, cliff hanger much??? Suffice to say I am loving these books, Dawn our accidental heroine is a character everyone will love, so well written that whilst she is obviously at the heart of this story the other characters have had room to grow and become [...]

    17. Day of Reckoning picks up where the first in the series left off. Don't worry--if it's been a while since you read the first book, there's a preface that will get you up to speed.The relationships between Dawn, Gabby, and the girls' parents continues to evolve. The story twists and turns as friends turn out to be something other than who the girls think they are. Action and betrayal drives the plot forward, keeping the girls in constant jeopardy and frequently at odds with each other.Like the fi [...]

    18. Author Michelle Lynn has created an action packed sequel to this heart pounding YA dystopian series! **Spoiler alert*** - I am so glad that Drew's not dead! There is so much more to this book - more action, more suspense, more treachery and surprises. Dawn and Gabby are faced with new enemies coming at them from all sides, it's not just the British anymore. The sisters, along with a large cast of friends/possible enemies, band together to fight for what they believe is right and to survive. I'm [...]

    19. I am really enjoying Ms Lynn's Dawn of Rebellion series, having just read the second book, Day of Reckoning.One constant throughout the series is the fast-moving pace, with the story never boring.As well as Dawn and Gabby, the heroines of the series, there are both returning and new characters who kept me interested, in particular one person the girls never expected to see again.Once again Ms Lynn has finished her novel on a cliffhanger, but this time it was one I really enjoyed. Suffice to say, [...]

    20. Day of Reckoning kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire read! The characters are dimensional and engaging and the plot harrowing and suspenseful. Loved it right up to the end. Can't wait for the last book in the series.I highly recommend!

    21. What a bookWow!I thought the last book was powerful but this book excels and is probably the most powerful book I've ever read. Michelle shows you how people feel and change through war and what they are prepared to do at all costs. I cried so much reading this book because I really felt like it was real and I was having a glimpse into someone's life.I loved the way she did different chapters as different people as you felt like you were in their head with their thoughts.Everyone I'd suffering t [...]

    22. A fast-paced, action-packed ride that is a ton of fun!"Day of Reckoning" picks up the story of Dawn and Gabby, two orphan girls from London who got into serious trouble in "Dawn of Rebellion", after Gabby was caught shoplifting her sister’s birthday present and shipped off to the “colonies” or what used to be the United States of America.After Dawn and Gabby’s boyfriend, Drew, rescue Gabby from a brutal prison in what was once the sunny state of Florida, things take a series of unexpecte [...]

    23. Surprising dark PA YA that twists and turns and is quite the page-turner. This dystopian series twists and turns but all the while satisfies. The story is an ensemble piece with many characters but that primarily features the stories of two sisters Gabby and Dawn. The storyline, like characters' allegiances, twists and turns. It was surreal to read a dystopian plotline that began in post-apocalyptic London and led to the colonies the prisons and rebel cities that dot the wasteland that is this f [...]

    24. I really enjoyed the first book in the series; Dawn of Rebellion, so I was keen to find out what happened to our two plucky sisters from the East end. I wasn’t disappointed. Dawn and Gabby now find themselves in Texas and the fate of their friends unclear. Texas seems on the face of it a clean and civilised state, but they soon discover that they are held prisoner by an oppressive and cruel regime. Even though the sisters have similar experiences they deal with them in different ways; Gabby be [...]

    25. I was excited to dive back into Dawn and Gabby's worlds after reading, and thoroughly enjoying, Dawn of Rebellion, and author Michelle Lynn didn't disappoint with Book Two of the series, Day of Reckoning. Day of Reckoning really brought out the best and the worst in Dawn and Gabby, revealing them for who they really are. Thrust into war, they find their points of view are greatly different and while trying to work out the dynamics of not only their relationship with each other, but with those th [...]

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