Rain Music

Rain Music Di writes about the Australia she knows she loves she s explored Rain Music is inspired by her adventures in far north Queensland its characters its forgotten history its modern dilemmas A brother

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  • Title: Rain Music
  • Author: Di Morrissey David Tredinnick
  • ISBN: 9781489091376
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Di writes about the Australia she knows, she loves, she s explored.Rain Music is inspired by her adventures in far north Queensland its characters, its forgotten history, its modern dilemmas.A brother and sister, Ned and Bella Chisholm, are struggling with a family tragedy that has set them on opposite paths After Ned takes off to pursue his musical dreams in far northDi writes about the Australia she knows, she loves, she s explored.Rain Music is inspired by her adventures in far north Queensland its characters, its forgotten history, its modern dilemmas.A brother and sister, Ned and Bella Chisholm, are struggling with a family tragedy that has set them on opposite paths After Ned takes off to pursue his musical dreams in far north Queensland, he disappears When Bella goes in search of her brother, she ends up in remote Cooktown and both their lives are dramatically changed in the isolated, little known far north of Australia.One story through two sets of eyes.

    One thought on “Rain Music”

    1. Again, I’ve chosen a dodgy audio cd to listen to. This novel was lacking storyline, interesting characters, any type of excitement and any type of reason to want to keep on reading. I did not enjoy it. This prolific author seems to write in an older generational tone, i.e. She writes not in the voice of youngsters. ‘Marvellous’ for instance, amongst so many others, the dialogue just doesn’t ring true. I’m not sure how she gets away with it, I don’t know how everyone isn’t noticing [...]

    2. Di Morrissey writes wonderful stories. Set in Australia's North Queensland 'Rain Music' is a terrific story with great characters and an incredible location which is beautifully portrayed. Such an enjoyable novel - couldn't put it down!

    3. I picked this book up because I kept coming across it in bookstores, and the reason why is - it's written by an Australian author, about Australian history. From the beginning I got this feeling - the writing style feels like high school creative writing. Everything feels too structured, too following the rules. I really like authors that break the 'rules' of writing and what not, and write freely. But this book felt like it was going to be graded by an english teacher for the way the sentences [...]

    4. This is my second Di Morrissey and I’ve really enjoyed both books. I’ve never been to Far North Queensland, but almost feel as though I have, after reading this. The descriptions were vivid, the story was great and I’m keen to continue my reading journey with this author. 4.5★

    5. Rain Music by Di Morrissey is an adventure and brilliant read from start to finish. Rain Music is set in Far North Queensland mostly around Cooktown. It's a real Australian read. One story through two sets of eyes. Poinciana trees as found in Queensland with music and the rainy season coming, museums and history are all part of this exciting new novel and adventure by Di Morrissey. I loved Rain Music.

    6. This author comes up with some really good ideas, set in Australia and with interesting backgrounds. However, the writing is at times cringe-worthy and the actions of the main characters, too contrived. I'd like to edit her books before they go to print, mark out sentences and words and say "find another way to say this!".

    7. I liked this book and didn't like it. I would give it 2.5 stars - did not like the characters and there some lame reasons for why things happened but there were parts of the book I really enjoyed. This is my 1st Di Morrissey book and I would give another one a go as I believe this is one of her weakest books.

    8. Really did not enjoy this, I persisted in reading to the end, but kind of wish I didn't bother.Real shame, I usually enjoy this author's books.Characters aren't nice, Bella I found to be a selfish little cow, Ned to be a waste of space, the way he acted with the news of the baby was terrible.I think that Bella's boyfriend that she strung along for so long should be with the girl that Ned was with (forget if name was Toni or Tori - and I only finished reading the book a few hours ago.You get to t [...]

    9. Who am I to criticize this great author? Usually love all of Di Morrisey's books, but sadly did not enjoy this book as much as other recent novels. I did read on and on hoping it would get better. I did not like Bella or Ned at all. Loved Jack. It finally did get a bit more interesting towards the end. Don't want to spoil the story for others who may enjoy it, but when you find out the reason for all the agro and cancelling a wedding I thought it was a bit of a lame excuse. Perhaps I am old and [...]

    10. Rain Music is a family-related story of a musician, Ned, who travels to Cooktown to find some time to create new music. Along the way, he meets Toni, a psychotherapist. Ned's sister from Tennyson visits Ned to try and convince him to attend an event for his father. The story has a lot of historical aspects of Cooktown and surrounds in the book and is very descriptive of how life may be like in far north Queensland.

    11. 4 star read. I am really enjoying discovering Di Morrissey's terrific novels about life in Australia. This time, she is in the Far North Queensland area and we meet Ned, a musician who has come to an isolated area to write music and expand his horizons. His sister Bella comes to find him and urge him to come home. But their experiences there before the Big Wet arrives, change both of them and family secrets are shared and lives changed forever. A really good read.

    12. Given to me as a present I wish I didn't waste the few days reading this book. Very basic, plot and character development is very lineal. The language used for the younger characters in their 30s was more suitable to the voice of a 60 year old very frustrating to read. Don't waste your time.

    13. Normally love a Di Morrissey story, but just could not get into this one. Started off okay but just didn't develop or I lost interest before it did. Did not finish. Life is short moved onto another book.

    14. An interesting cast of characters, which feelingly touches on history most Australians have no idea about. Looking forward to seeing the Daintree and Cooktown.

    15. Georgia Lee « Australian Women and Leadership in a Century of Australian Democracywomenaustraliafo/awal/tIt might be that Di Morrissey has created the defining moment for brother and sister and perhaps through her knowledge or research of Georgia Lee (Dulcie Rama Pitt) created a positive atmosphere for which to wrap her story around. The infidelity of the father, sadly is not uncommon with really successful men as the news constantly informs us.I did a simple Google search and only looked at th [...]

    16. I was looking for something different when i came across this book by Di Morrissey. This is a fantastic read and i now cant wait to visit Far North Queensland as a result of this book. Morrissey introduces us to a range of character from the outback, along with a brother (Ned) and sister (Bella) with a somewhat up and down relationship and whilst adults still finding their way in the world outside their fathers shadow and expectations.I absolutely loved this book and i was lucky enough to listen [...]

    17. Three stars for the story and five stars for the narration by David Tredinick. I've listened to another book narrated by him and he does a superb job bringing the characters to life.The story itself was set in far north Queesnland in remote Cooktown with a cast of interesting characters, a bit of history thrown in. It's mainly about brother and sister Ned and Bella who are very different and have totally different perspectives of what kind of a person their dead father was which was what interes [...]

    18. Beautiful imagery, beautiful setting, I loved the way Morrissey painted her backdrop. This is the saving grace of this story. Being born and bred in Cairns, it was wonderful to see how extensively Morrissey researched the area and it was packed full of local knowledge and history that made me smile just to remember it.The characters lacked depth and the storyline between them was thin and predictable and quite slow, which was disappointing. Had Morrissey put as much time and love into her storyl [...]

    19. I'm probably half-way between It was OK & I Liked It, in my rating. The story flowed pretty well, although I ended up skimming through lengthy historical letters, which seemed to be plonked in for historical measure, but didn't end up with a great relevance to the rest of the story. The characters weren't annoying, but Bella (the sister) seemed to have more than her fair share of trouble up north (Queensland, that is!) when she visits her brother Ned, after he's distanced himself from his fa [...]

    20. DNF. I only recently learnt this acronym and regrettably now have the opportunity to use it. (Did not finish). I am obviously not in a position to criticise such a successful author producing book after book. There was next to no description. Walk his dog What dog? Get in the car what car? The characters seemed to enjoy only minor descriptors, eg brown curly hair. This is truly mass market writing. I doubt I will try any other of this author's books they are just too shallow for my liking.

    21. Enjoyable if somewhat slow story, which picked up pace towards the end. I especially liked the descriptions of Far North Queensland, and appreciate the amount of research involved in the historical subplot. My main complaint is the overwhelming number of adverbs and dialogue tags (she said crossly). If an editor slashed through all this unnecessary verbiage, Rain Music would be a much stronger novel, and nothing would be lost except perhaps about 100 pages. Because I "read" this as an audiobook, [...]

    22. There's so much potential with the subject matter of this book, but this is theme park mass market airport fiction: lightweight, long winded, lame, predictable and trite. How this author can be compared to Bryce Courtenay I don't know, but I do know I won't be wasting my time reading anything else by her.P.S I have lived in FNQ and in the Palmer River location described in the book and know some of the characters portrayed in this 'novel'. One is a relation which is why I was given it to read. C [...]

    23. It's refreshing to read a book by an Australian author about our Australia. Di Morrissey describes the scenery so beautifully that you at once want to catch whatever transport is available to experience it for yourself. All her books have characters that are very engaging and you are with them every step of the way throughout the book.

    24. A likeable story of Bella and Ned who are siblings. Bella goes on holidays to Queensland to find her brother to try to get him to attend a dedication to their dead father. She finally tracks him down and the two of them sort out their differences after having a few unsettling things happen to Bella. A nice little twist is given towards the end.

    25. I wanted to like this book, but I couldn't even finish it. It was SOOOOO long winded. The story meandered along with graphic descriptions of the flora and fauna of Australia and not much action. It took 2 chapters for the guy to find a house to live in. I gave up after that.

    26. The book is set in and around Cooktown, North Queensland. I love this area and this made the book more enjoyable for me. Need struck me as selfish, but I could understand that. I found the descriptions of the countryside very true.

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