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  1. Just about the stupidest book I've ever been compelled to read. Those high-school English teachers sure have something to answer for here. Totally irrelevant to the life of an urban raised teenage girl.

  2. I like how the story is told from the perspective of an eleven year old boy. He doesn't see the situation exactly how the reader might perceive it, I was busy trying to decode his innocent understanding about what is actually going on. His world of warring parents eventually is destroyed when his mother, knocks her husband off.

  3. Fantastic, brooding and insightful - if a little hard to follow at times. It's a true tragedy that this modern classic hasn't been read by more, or had the publicity it deserves.

  4. Jimmy is thirteen and he is looking back at his eleven year old self and trying to come to terms with the domestic violence he experienced in his home. From his first consciousness that something wasn't right to acknowledging his need to hide his home life from others, and his fear that his parents' problems were somehow his fault, the reader is shown the affects of abuse on a child. While the content is disturbing and heart-breaking, the writing is compelling. It is spare and so evocative of th [...]

  5. Very good.The first New Zealand novel to be selected for Penguin Classics. A deeply moving story of a Catholic boy learning that simple faith is no protection from life's harsh realities. A masterpiece.

  6. A very important New Zealand novel. Utterly New Zealand, yet with themes applicable to people and communities every where in the world. I need more book cases.

  7. A rather complex novel, entailing the effects of family abuse, endless arguing between Jimmy's parents and the such, on essentially, Jimmy's entire life. Amazingly, the book is still relevant in today's society in New Zealand and across the world. The layers of depth in this story is simply perplexing. Excellent for a reading log, report or essay.

  8. The God Boy: by Ian Cross Alexander ShoemakerThe God Boy is a short New Zealand published novel that takes place in the late 1950’s patriarchal society. This is one of those books that you’re forced to study in New Zealand as it’s considered a national literacy achievement, and like most things that are forced upon an individual it was not the read that critics hyped it up to be.Personally I had trouble getting a connection with the characters as I am of a different time, mind set and soci [...]

  9. At the age of thirteen, Jimmy looks back to when he was eleven years old, and the traumatic events that resulted in him being where he is today, his permanent home, a Catholic boarding school. At the age of eleven Jimmy lives with his parents in the New Zealand town of Raggleton (perhaps based on Ian Cross' home town of Wanganui?). He is loved by both parents, but his mother and father constantly argue, a situation Jimmy considers as not unusual until he sees how the parents of his friend behave [...]

  10. Oh.My.God. What a boring book. I read it thousands of times for my IGCSE but I never got the hang of it. I don't even remember what happens! All I know is that main character, Jimmy Sullivan,isolates from his parents arguing and bitterness by protection tricks such as puting his hands on burning water, his father was killed and her mother had an abortion. Also that his father was a drunk and Jimmy wanted a bike and his father gave it to him which made his mother as mad as a cow because they had [...]

  11. " enjoyable portrait of a family falling apart through a young boy’s eyes and for all his protests about how he doesn’t care there is emotion within that allow you to see past his objections."Read my full review here.

  12. I had to read this for my IGCSE exams. What a boring book! Surely they could have found another book with deep symbolism which was also entertaining. There are too many good books out there to waste your time on something so uninteresting.

  13. Simply heartbreaking to see everything through the eyes of this 13-year-old boy who tries to work out the problems his parents have.

  14. Sad story about an obscure boy who feels himself chosen; some insights into small-town life in New Zealand.

  15. Gordon McLauchlan is quoted on the back of my Penguin edition and to me his quote says it all really: " The God Boy stands up better than A Catcher in the Rye."

  16. good completed in 2 days a great read although it can get confusing if you are not interested or don't pay attention 100% of the time as my friend found out

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