Her Valiant Dragon

Her Valiant Dragon This is an alternate title cover edition for ASIN B YQ TZW Sexy dragon shifter Dylan Masters seeks redemption for his past by hunting for the Iron Claws a motorcycle club of exiled dragons with an i

  • Title: Her Valiant Dragon
  • Author: A.J. Tipton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate title cover edition for ASIN B00YQ3TZW6Sexy dragon shifter Dylan Masters seeks redemption for his past by hunting for the Iron Claws, a motorcycle club of exiled dragons with an illicit agenda When Dylan finally joins them, he is thrown into a new world of shady dealings and powerful enemies Even in the midst of chaos, everything changes when he layThis is an alternate title cover edition for ASIN B00YQ3TZW6Sexy dragon shifter Dylan Masters seeks redemption for his past by hunting for the Iron Claws, a motorcycle club of exiled dragons with an illicit agenda When Dylan finally joins them, he is thrown into a new world of shady dealings and powerful enemies Even in the midst of chaos, everything changes when he lays eyes on the Iron Claws s brilliant Latina nurse, Marie Curvaceous Marie rides alongside the Iron Claws as their human medic, journeying from town to town dispensing magical remedies to those in desperate need Experience has taught her to shield her heart, but when the dashing Dylan joins the club, she may have finally found a reason to let her guard down But will her dangerous past cut her happiness short once This adult novella includes naughty nurses, dramatic dragon brawls, and a passionate love that heals all woundsTE Each book in the Dragon Shifter Motorcycle Club series stands on its own and can be read in any order.

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    1. This is definitely an intriguing start to Tipton’s new series. She dives into her world of dragon shifters with a flair that had me hooked. I would like to know more about her Dragon shifters & what that means in Tipton’s world. It is the first novella in the series, however, so I can’t wait to see what comes next. I enjoyed getting to know the main characters in this novella. They were unique & captivating individuals that I truly wanted to know more about. It did bug me a bit tha [...]

    2. This rather whimsical shifter book combined a lot of elements. Bikers, mafia hits, rage against the establishment, drug distribution--but not the kind of drugs you'd expect--and brutal skirmishes ending in bloodshed. Oh, and some spicy sex mixed in. It packed a punch for such a short story, and was certainly entertaining. Certain aspects were unique--at least I've not read anything about dragons peddling illicit cures I liked Marie. She knew what she wanted and went for it. Kind of lived like li [...]

    3. Here is an entertaining read about shape-shifters, bikers, drugs, and yes some sex scenes as well. This book is just the right length to leave you wanting more and kept me interested throughout the story.*I was provided a free copy of this book via AudiobookBlast for a fair and honest review.

    4. My first ever read in paranormal romance, I wasn't sure what I'd think of it. I loved it.Dylan Masters is a dragon shape-shifter searching for a biker group of shifters who give out Puff, (ground down dragon scales), to sick human beings. This Puff can treat and cure deadly disease, but the Counsel (the law of dragon shifters) are constantly on their tail as the law is that Puff cannot be given to humans. Dylan's wife died three years earlier from a disease which he could have saved her from, bu [...]

    5. I enjoyed this story. I have read a lot of dragon shifter romances but this one has a delightful twist to it. Dylan is an outcast. He turned his back on the Counsel. He's been searching for the Iron Claws and outlaw, outcast group but he has no idea that when he finds them he's find more than he ever bargained for.Marie is a woman on the run herself. But her unique skills gives her an edge the clan needs and can use. Together they form an allowance that benefits many even though it puts their ow [...]

    6. I was gifted this audiobook at my request in exchange for an honest review.This is a quick listen. We are introduced to Dylan who has some demons in his past and also Marie who is not who you expect her to be. This is about two people coming together when everything in their past has gotten them down.I would like to see where this series is heading because we did not get any details other then the surface ones. Trying to save humans and not being allowed to. I feel like what the author explained [...]

    7. Packed with action, this book kept me interested. There was lots of action going on the Dragon goons and the mob involved. Hot, sexy, fun, and tension filled it was enjoyable.It's well written and the characters are convincing. I liked this version of shifters too and the world in general with other types of supernatural creatures/beings.The narration did a good job with the character voices and the delivery had a nice pace to it.I received a free copy of this book from the author and/or narrato [...]

    8. Dragons and Motorcycles This was a well written fast paced novella that had Dragons, other Shifters, Motorcycles, and Romance.I thought that Dylan, the male lead, and Marie, were perfect for each other.I don't want to give too much away about the story line but overall, it was entertaining. My only complaint, the story was too dang short.Sunny Tasker did really well with the narration.Note:"This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased [...]

    9. Got for an honest review.Loved it. I smiled when the puff was mentioned, made me think of Puff the magic dragon. I thought the story was well written and the characters was well developed. The chemistry between Marie and Dylan were starting forest fires, with all their steaminess going on. Can't wait to read the next book from the series.Thank you for letting me read the first part of the series.

    10. Another great read from A.J. TiptonWhen Dylan goes searching for a gang of dragon shifters who share his values of defying the council and helping those they can, he never expected to find a sexy human nurse in their midst. The problem is that her past is chasing her too.This is the kind of page turner you can always find with A.J. Tipton's books. A simple, yet well written read that is perfect for an evening in.

    11. AUDIOBOOK VERSION:I thought this was a great quick read- I loved the protectiveness of the dragons and that everyone was so focused on helping the humans when it only made their lives more difficult. Narration was great as well.

    12. Her Valiant DragonGreat story. Loved how Marie has a big heart despite the bad odds. Dylan is a big sweetheart in keeping up with Marie.

    13. Overall Rating: 4 Rockin’ ★★★★Did you know that dragon scales can heal most humankind diseases? In A. J. Tipton's, Her Valiant Dragon the reader is introduced to an amazing group of dragons. They are the Iron Claw MC and work to help humanity by providing a medicinal mixture made from dragon scales to those that have no hope. In book one of this series we meet Dylan, a renegade dragon and his mate Marie! Dylan Masters has lost all faith in the Dragon Council and their mandates about wh [...]

    14. I know I have said this in past reviews, but A.J. Tipton is fast becoming one of my favorite paranormal/fantasy/romance/erotica writers. I was super excited to read the Her Biker Dragon series and I wasn’t let down. This series was fantastic and the books had me hooked. I think I devoured the series in 2 days.Dylan was a hottie with a sad history. I can see why he wanted to join the Iron Claws and distribute Puff (by the way, love the play on wordage there….I was singing “Puff the Magic Dr [...]

    15. This book has been retitled and is listed on as "Her Valiant Dragon"I loved this short story! It had everything in it I could want. I got caught up in the plot immediately, wanting to know more, and the way things were described was incredible! There's this bar scene near the beginning, and there are all sorts of creatures there: a pixie, tiger shifter, troll, witch, vampires, leprechauns, and of course our dragon shifter, and all of them are described in such great detail, I felt like I walked [...]

    16. Rating: 4.5Her Valiant Dragon is a novella by A.J. Tipton. Dylan Masters is a dragon shifter who seeks redemption for his dark past. On the last thread of hope he finds the Iron Claw club for outlaw dragons. All the men and women are cunning and willing to defy the laws while keeping the humans safe. As he joined the brotherhood, he gained a new family, but he also found his other half. His soulmate, Marie.Marie is the Iron Claws human medic. She joins the outlaw dragons on their journey from to [...]

    17. Dylan the Dragon-Shifter.What can I say other than, who doesn't love a big bad biker who can breathe fire!! Dylan is of course more than just hot air, he has experienced loss so profound it's lead him on this journey which will test both his loyalty and his heart. His clan abandoned him and when he meets up with the Claws, his first time with them puts his newfound loyalty to the test. The entire crew welcome him into the club and soon he meets their Doc.Marie. She is a spitfire of sassy no nons [...]

    18. Again, AJ has written another short story that hits the spot. Their development of characters is all consuming. Their description of Dylan Master is masterful (pun intended). Being able to put together a complete short story that takes you in and keeps your attention from beginning to end is talent personified. I love these short stories because I can enjoy an entire story on my commute to or from work. I don't have to get out of the car wondering what is going to happen next. I don't have to si [...]

    19. "This Dragon Can Take Me for a Ride Anytime" (Audiobook)A shifter, pixie, vampire, troll, leprechaun, and a witch walk into a bar A.J. Tipton introduces us to an intriguing world full of diverse magical and non-magical beings, including dragon shifters. This short story is complete but it does leave the door open for the development of a full series.Dylan Masters, the sexy dragon shifter recently lost his human mate. Sadly he could have healed her but he was forbidden and delayed by the ruling d [...]

    20. With a tortured past, Dylan looks relentlessly for the Iron Claw- a group of clan-less dragon shifters who have banned together in the pursuit of helping humans. Most dragon shifters strive to keep the humans weak- sick and dying to preserve their place in the world. The Iron claw believes differently, which meant alienation from their kind and a constant need to move or parish against the constant battles. Marie, the clubs nurse, is on the run from a past that chases her at every turn. She is s [...]

    21. I received this book free in return for an honest review.Dylan having lost his wife to illness is hell-bent on searching for the elusive Iron Claws, a group of motorcycle riding dragon crusaders whose aim is to bring their healing powers to the human populace. Dylan finally finds them and meets their medic Marie, and falls madly is lust with her. How can she refuse his biceps and tough dragon attitude? Marie also has a past and it isn’t done with her.This book starts out well, with Dylan being [...]

    22. Who doesn't like a good dragon shifter book! Because I loved this one. Meet Dylan who is in need of a Dragon clan because dragons are not meant to be alone. After the death of his wife he is lost until he find Iron Claws a dragon MC. Meet Marie who was dying and thanks to the drug Huff that the MC produces she now works along side them to get the medicine to the right people. Dylan and Marie are explosive together. I loved watching him find his mate he deserves it after his huge loss. For her it [...]

    23. ** I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book**I enjoyed this book. It is my first AJ Tipton book, but wont be my last. I do kinda wish the book was a little longer. Had a little more information on both characters especially about Dylan Masters and his past. We did get a little more about Marie and why she is with the Iron Claws. but not why the Iron Claws are the Iron Claws. So I am hoping when reading the others i will find out more. Nice short read, and great supernatural twi [...]

    24. Excellent short! Very impressed by all the detail and material covered in this short story. Usually I find shorts lacking in detail and emotion and passion. This book lacks for nothing. Everything you can find in a novel is found here. I really liked the premise and storyline for each character. A.J. Tipton does am amazing job. I look forward to the next in the series. ***Copy issued by publisher for an honest review

    25. Dylan is searching for a place to fit in instead he finds a family. He searched high and low for the dragon shifter motorcycle club, but they eluded him until Lola gave him a lead. When he stepped in to help them fight off some goons, he received a nasty cut and found a mate in the club doc. But not is all what it seems as the group is being hunted by more than one party.

    26. This is my first read from the author-duo AJ Tipton, but defintily not my last. The novella is well written with a good pace. It contains shifters and the whole other magic beeings and of course humans.I enjoyed reading this book.

    27. Great read! Sexy dragonsm! Add in MC and you got a hot number. Cant wait for more. Loved both characters. Things went really fast with them and that was cool. I loved her character. Badass Nurse! I loved the role play scene hehe.

    28. Hot dragons!!!This book was great. Who can't love a sexy dragon on a motorcycle!!! I loved that this book has a bit of action and adventure tied in with all the steamy scenes!!

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