One thought on “The Last Book Before Bedtime”

  1. What do you get if you mix and match 3 fairy tale stories together, you get this book! :DWhile I had my suspicions on what stories we would get (because come on, Cinderella, the 3 pigs, and Red Riding Hood are on the cover), I didn't know they would mix it up this much. It was a bit chaotic, and I also didn't like how Cinderella was portrayed as being very needy in the attention part. She is one of my favourite girls in fairy tales, so I was unhappy. :(The book first starts with our 3 pigs, whic [...]

  2. The Last Book Before Bedtime includes several popular fairytale characters such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs as they each get to tell one last story before bed. Each fairy tale character gets to tell their story, as the book jumps from one character to the next. The setting of the story depends on who is currently telling the story, creating a fun way for the child to experience some of their favorite characters. Because the story includes so many popular tales [...]

  3. This latest book order has been a bumper collection, but of all the wonderful books I've read recently, this one just about tops the charts. Nicola O'Byrne always manages to create hilarious and thought-provoking stories that our children adore, and our copies of Use Your Imagination and Open Very Carefully: A Book with Bite (She did the illustrations for this one) always end up battered from so many readings. The Last Book Before Bedtime is quite complex, and so might be more suitable for K2 ch [...]

  4. I love this type of book but it was a bit of hit and miss reading this aloud, some kids liked it but i think it's better read by the child alone. They did all seem to like when the characters were all ripping the book.Be grateful if anyone reading this wants to suggest similar books.

  5. A mash up of classic fairy tales - 3 little pigs, cinderella, red riding hood etc, all wanting to be the last book before bed time.Cute and good for reading 1 to 1. As the characters talk 'at you', not suitable for storytimes.

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