Hirmus õudne hambaarst

Hirmus udne hambaarst Ettevaatust See on udusjutt Milles on palju v ljam eldud s nu Menuki G ngstamemm autori uus kiljuma panevalt naljakas ja kohutavalt udne raamat mis r gib v ikesest poisist nimega Alfie kellel on suu

  • Title: Hirmus õudne hambaarst
  • Author: David Walliams Ehte Puhang Tony Ross
  • ISBN: 9789949277889
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ettevaatust See on udusjutt Milles on palju v ljam eldud s nu Menuki G ngstamemm autori uus kiljuma panevalt naljakas ja kohutavalt udne raamat, mis r gib v ikesest poisist nimega Alfie, kellel on suur s da ja veel suurem hirm hambaarstide ees David Walliams toob teie ette ela pahalase, kelle sarnast tema lugudes varem n htud pole, ja jutustab p nevusloo, mis panEttevaatust See on udusjutt Milles on palju v ljam eldud s nu Menuki G ngstamemm autori uus kiljuma panevalt naljakas ja kohutavalt udne raamat, mis r gib v ikesest poisist nimega Alfie, kellel on suur s da ja veel suurem hirm hambaarstide ees David Walliams toob teie ette ela pahalase, kelle sarnast tema lugudes varem n htud pole, ja jutustab p nevusloo, mis paneb teil hambad hirmust plagisema ja naerust valutama.

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    1. After recently reading Gangsta Granny I was quite eager to read more by David Walliams. He's funny, his books have great illustrations and children absolutely LOVE them. After reading my second book, Demon Dentist, I'm not a die-hard fan but I do want to read the rest of his back catalogue - always a good sign!Demon Dentist, for me, is even better than Gangsta Granny. It's deceptively dark, gruesome and truly frightening when you deconstruct it. It's about a demon masquerading as a crazy dentist [...]

    2. These David William's books are SO delightful! Usually they stay in normal reality but in this one we get some frightening witches and skeletons! And we have three wonderful new characters: Alfie, Gabz and Winnie. And Raj - our favorite newskeeper and seller of stale sweets - plays a major role. No spoilers but if you enjoyed Billionaire Boy, Gangsta Granny and Ratburger (the order we read them in my son and I) then you will LOVE this one too!

    3. Loved this book. It was scary and really cool, but I don't really think that it is really for younger children because it may actually give them nightmares. I loved the characters, but I don't really know about Winnie. At first she was kind of annoying and I didn't really like her, but as the book went on, I started realizing that she is actually a really good and loving person. I loved this one and I'm really looking forward to reading more of David Walliams' books.

    4. "TUDO O QUE PRECISAS DE FAZER É FECHAR OS OLHOS E ACREDITAR"Uma dentista demoníaca aparece na cidade de Alfie e Alfie é um menino muito pobre cuja mãe morreu e o pai é muito doente e depende dele para tudo e, assim, mal têem dinheiro para as necessidades básicas do ser humano. Quando esta dentista aparece e se encontra com Alfie, este com os seus dentes todos estragados a coisa (NÃO) podia ter corrido bemA relação entre pai e filho ao longo de todo o livro, mesmo até ao fim, para mim, [...]

    5. I really liked this book, David Walliams is probably one of my all time favorite authors. I love David Walliams's sense of humour, with all of the made up words. It really makes the book entertaining. Overall, a very fun read, and a nice break from Alex Rider. Going to read the next Alex Rider now!

    6. At the age of ten I think this book is fabulous but sad and funny at the same time. It made me cry at end but I certainly recommend it. I give it nine out of ten.

    7. A Book ReviewA couple of weeks ago, I read the book, Demon Dentist, in English. It's a kid book, but I enjoyed it very much. Even though we are mature, some of growing ups don't like dentists. I do understand the protagonist feelings very much. First of all, I thought the book has simple content, but this book is very well written. This book reminded me of my favorite author, Roald Dahl. I want to read his books more.

    8. Twelve-year-old Alfie hates going to the dentist. His teeth are yellow and brown and he loves sweets. He had an awful experience at the one-and-only dentist in town, Mr. Erstwhile, and has refused to go since then. Erstwhile croaks and a new dentist, Miss Root, shows up at Alfie's school to promote good dental hygiene. Or so it appears. But something is off she's an odd tooth, saying that she will not give gory details on Erstwhile's death, but then gives the gory details: Erstwhile was found in [...]

    9. I've been a fan of Walliams' children's books since The Boy in the Dress. I loved Billionaire Boy. I've read all the others. And I'm thrilled that kids read them, love them, read some more.But Ratburger and Demon Dentist I'm disappointed. Maybe I'd be giving it 5 stars too if I was 10. But I just can't. I think David Walliams' best books for kids are the ones that are obviously personal to him (and very touching) or funny without trying stupidly hard to be funny, without villains, that are chara [...]

    10. I recently did my placement in a year four class and nearly every child was reading, or had read, a David Walliams book. Not wanting to be left behind I bought Demon Dentist and Gangsta Granny… When picking this book up, I didn’t expect to go on an emotional journey. I thought I was going to spend the entire book laughing, not crying!When I think of David Walliams, I think of his comedy. So, when I picked up his book, I assumed that it would be hilarious. But you know what they say about ass [...]

    11. I saw one friend's (who's a dentist) concern that such book might frighten kids even more when it comes to a question of dentist visit. And children are already scared of dentists (I was and still am to this day!). So how come such book was even published?Nevertheless, I enjoyed it immensely. If I had a child, I would reconsider if I really wanted to give such a book for a kid. But I definetely recommend it to grown-ups who enjoy children's books.The dentist is a really scary witch. Quite a perf [...]

    12. Very very disappointed with this book, this was the first book I have read by David Walliams and maybe it was the wrong place to start.David Walliams is such a funny guy and I was expecting so much more from this book, maybe something as crazy and funny as Roald Dahl but it falls way short of that.The characters felt very flat and the plot was weak, the Demon Dentist could have been made much scarier.There were a couple of fun parts in this, Winnie riding through the school on her moped made me [...]

    13. A fun mystery type kids book. The reason I read it was that I was going to buy it for my dentist. But, it turned out to be a book about a bad dentist! Re-thought that gift!

    14. Just finished! Not the most light hearted of subjects to be reading with a 6 year old but still enjoyable!

    15. This is a great book with a good story line but as its meant to be a horror story I think their should be more scary elements to it

    16. A darkly humorous book - meant for children but can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. It follows in the vein of Roald Dahl stories, with delightfully quirky illustrations (in the Kindle version, at least), to accompany the at-times alarming story of 12-year old Alfie. Alfie's diminished circumstances are rather subtly presented. Alfie lives in a dilapidated bungalow with an invalid father, who fell ill when working in a coal mine, while his mother had passed on years ago. He wears uniforms with [...]

    17. Demon DentistWalliams, David. Demon DentistMarch 1st 2016 by HarperCollins ARC from Young Adult Books CentralThere are several reasons that Alfie doesn't want to go to the dentist-- he had a horrific experience with a decayed tooth earlier, his father is disabled and needs a lot of care, and horrible things are being left under children's pillows in town by someone who is using the Tooth Fairy as a way to horrify children instead of giving them loose change! When Miss Root, a new dentist in town [...]

    18. "BEWAREIS IS A HORROR STORY.WITH QUITE A LOT OF MADE UP WORDS".I can see why kids like these books, I really can. I think the last children's books I read was the Roald Dahl Collection - completely timeless, in my opinion, regardless of the age of the reader. With 'Demon Dentist' David Walliams has managed to capture some of the very same magic with which Dahl wrote his wonderful stories, and the brilliant illustrations by Tony Ross truly bring the story to life. Easy to read, a little magical a [...]

    19. Not as good as the others! The second half of the book seems as if it has been hurried through or written by someone else. I do not shy from reality in my children's books but this could be quite disturbing for some little ones (life/ death/ pain). I didn't quite get the character of the Tooth Witch, not as realistic as some of Walliams other characters and the ending no,no,no all wrong. Where is Raj going to go from here? Have we lost him? Please no! Walliams other books have been admirable bec [...]

    20. I'm thirty one and I loved this book by David Walliams.I hate comparing one author to another but this felt like a modern Roald Dahl (who's books I also love)It was action packed, funny, scary, gruesome and emotional. I loved it from the first page to the very last.I also think Quentin Blake's illustrations git the style of book very well.A book that I flew through even though it's chunky in size.I definitely recommend it to children of 8 all the way up to 108! Oh and I would re read it again

    21. If there's anyone who could bring out the best in tragedy, comedy, and horror by combining it all together, it's David Walliams. The Demon Dentist had me crying, cringing and laughing all at the same time. My expectations were pretty high after reading The Boy in the Dress but Walliams didn't let me down. I really love the way he explores sensitive matters through his use of dark humour and his endings are never quite what you would expect. I feel like my EQ goes up a couple of notches every tim [...]

    22. Like the others in Walliams' novels, the spirit of Roald Dahl is alive and kicking. Walliams' distinct humour is suffused with another serious message/moral (as in previous works such as 'Mr Stink' (homelessness); 'Gangsta Granny' (respect for the elderly); 'The Boy in the Dress'(cross dressing and equality) and 'Billionaire Boy' (the corrupting influence of money). Entertaining as usual, with a habitual dose of wicked humour, Walliams is clearly aiming at those adults with a nostalgic hankering [...]

    23. "All you have to do is close your eyes and believe" What kind of evil could be menacing the poor patients of mrs.Root? I won't spoil it for you but all you have to do is imagine while reading this book.Though the end was happy and sad, I still liked the book. But it wasn't one of the books that I've read and truly loved.

    24. 4,5* 'Tudo o que precisas de fazer é fechar os olhos e acreditar'entendo a comparação a Roald Dahl e adorei as ilustrações, srsly. mal posso esperar para ler mais do autor

    25. A creepy-fun romp that any fans of Roald Dahl will enjoy. Lots of fun made-up-words, gross illustrations and two sweet kids trying to figure it out.

    26. This is a super fun read. My seven year old granddaughter and I read this together and had a blast the whole way through. Beware the Demon Dentist!

    27. First David Walliams book I've read. Loved its dark humour. Quite Roald Dahl-like at times. Great for any age.

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