Our Last Time

Our Last Time Willow Monroe and Kennedy Danes have been best friend s since drawings were assignments in school They ve been joined at the hip for years They love riding bikes together smiling for real and laughi

  • Title: Our Last Time
  • Author: Cristy Marie Poplin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Willow Monroe and Kennedy Danes have been best friend s since drawings were assignments in school They ve been joined at the hip for years They love riding bikes together, smiling for real, and laughing, even at the wrong times.Once their senior year of high school rolls around, Kennedy becomes terminally ill Though he has plans that don t involve sadness, he still needWillow Monroe and Kennedy Danes have been best friend s since drawings were assignments in school They ve been joined at the hip for years They love riding bikes together, smiling for real, and laughing, even at the wrong times.Once their senior year of high school rolls around, Kennedy becomes terminally ill Though he has plans that don t involve sadness, he still needs to find a way to tell Willow he only has six months to live.Willow and Kennedy can never say the word goodbye.They have this agreement to say Hello up until their last time spent together The sixteenth of August in the year of 1997 is when Willow and Kennedy say Hello for the last time.Nine years later finds Willow in the smallest hospital of Chicago, working as a registered nurse There she meets Wyatt Blanquette, a curmudgeonly patient with untapped wisdom and heart, beneath a stony exterior When they agree to be nice to each other instead of abundantly rude, Wyatt eventually shows the fact that he sees a light in Willow that cannot burn out Everything changes once Wyatt reveals to Willow his heart wrenching secret.Willow s thoughts bicker, and she has to determine whether she should suppress the feelings she s afraid of reliving, or to let them be seen with her heart wide open.

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    1. Book – Our Last TimeAuthor – Cristy Marie PoplinPublication Date – November 17, 2015Genre – New Adult RomanceType – Stand Alone   Cliffhanger – NoRating – 4 out of 5 StarsComplimentary Copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.My Thoughts - Story OMG…this book gutted me at times…just in the very prologue…I was blubbering like a baby.I enjoyed how the author brings us from past to present interweaving the present story with the past. Now [...]

    2. I don't know what I was expecting with this book but I WAS DEFINITELY NOT EXPECTING MY HEART TO GET TORN FROM MY CHEST.Anyway, this book is beautifully written and was such a great story about friendship. And it killed me. Honestly, I wasn't expecting this book to be this amazing. I was a little meh with first chapter or so but once I was able to sit and read the rest of the book in one sitting, I was blown away. I definitely recommend Our Last Time.

    3. Never say Goodbye. They say kids are resilient, that teens will get over their first love, the loss of a best friend, but is that always true? Willow and Kennedy had been best friends forever, each bringing out the the best in each other. Kennedy had a free spirit, willing to laugh at life, live each moment to the fullest and tempt the fates. Willow learned how to live life in the moment from Kennedy and they were inseparable, until Kennedy was losing his second battle with cancer and he had bee [...]

    4. I don't know why I didn't know about this book.obably because there are so many but it sounds so good :)) I'm planning to read it very soon!!!*An advance reading copy was generously provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

    5. I truly loved reading this book. Before picking it up I questioned whether or not I'd have a problem with the writing, because the author of the book was eighteen at the time of publication. I was shocked by how well it was put togetherI could definitely tell time and genuine effort was put into the book. The story was easy to follow and understand, I completely related with the characters, and my emotions were all over the place while reading it.Willow and Kennedy's friendship is wonderful and [...]

    6. Bumping this one up to a 3.75-4 stars because I had a lovely conversation with the author, and she's made me see some things differently. All I have to say is that this made me shed ugly tears. Kennedy and Willow's relationship was so wonderfully done, I wouldn't change a single thing about it - despite it's heartbreaking and bittersweetness. I loved the way the author interweaves Kennedy/Willow's relationship from 1997 with Wyatt/Willow's relationship in 2006, it's simply magical. As I've state [...]

    7. I loved this book. This book is amazing. The characters are amazing. I love Kennedy and Willow. Even Wyatt was able to steal my heart before it ended, though he did push my buttons a little at first. Okay, so first I'm going to give you faces to match with names. Willow:In the story, Willow is described to be skinny, to have short blonde hair, and brown eyes. And damn if I didn't picture Brie Larson's face when given that description.Kennedy:In the story, Kennedy is described to be skinny, reall [...]

    8. Originally posted on Daydreaming Books.*I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*Our Last Time was a different kind of read but I definitely liked it. I loved the relationship between the characters and how everything was executed.Willow and Kennedy has been best friends since forever. But as their time for graduation comes around, Kennedy's cancer comes back which leaves both of them heartbroken. They promised never to say goodbye to each other, s [...]

    9. Our Last Time is a touching story about a young woman who loses the love of her life only to find her next love nine years later in the last place she expected. Willow is a young woman caught between the future and the past. After Willow lost Kennedy to cancer at eighteen, she planned to never fall in love again. She couldn't risk her already broken heart. Willow had nothing left to give.Things begin to change for Willow nine years later when she shows up for her shift and is assigned a new pati [...]

    10. Our Last Time by Cristy Poplin is a new adult, second chance at love standalone novel. The book is well written, and Poplin has used the dual time line structure admirably. The story of Kennedy and Willow in high school is narrated by both characters whereas the present-day story is told only by Willow. Kennedy and Willow are joined at the hip. They’ve known each other since they started school. It is almost impossible to describe the characters separately because they are so much part of one [...]

    11. **ARC provided by Author, in exchange for an honest review**OUR LAST TIME was heartbreakingly beautiful. This book made me laugh and cry throughout reading it. It goes back and forth from past to present. It shows reader Willow’s past with her love Kennedy and her future with Wyatt. Get your tissues ready when reading this one, because it will definitely touch your hearts and make you into a blubbering mess.This is Willow’s story as she lived her childhood with her one and only love Kennedy. [...]

    12. See full review at booklovercircumspect4/2016This book involves the relationship of Willow and Kennedy. The books goes back and forth between the present time and current time to tell their engaging love story. Willow and Kennedy have been best friends since elementary school, but Kennedy previously had a brain tumor when he was younger that was easily treated. Now at 18, Kennedy has terminal brain cancer and only has a few months to live.Willow is leaving for college in Chicago as Kennedy does [...]

    13. Heartbreaking and emotional.I liked how the time shifted back and forth, and how it gave the great backstory and young romance of best friends, Kennedy and Willow. The lump in my throat is a high indication of how emotional this story was, and how having to say goodbye may end in "Hello". This was an endearing story of a young woman, and as Kennedy put it, she was his forever, and he was her beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Poplin has a talent for showing emotion with her words, and sh [...]

    14. This is a book that would be better narrated in third person point of view. Being in the head of the main character in her first person narrative is annoying because the main problem of this book is Willow herself. Willow is an unsympathetic character. She's entitled and seems to think that she's superior to other people--which I get from the way she thinks about the subtitute teacher and the way she looks down on people (who go to prom, who wear lipgloss, etc). Her not giving Tessa a chance, he [...]

    15. 3.5 StarsThe synopsis of Our Last Time caught my attention and I couldn't wait to get stuck in. The prologue left me in an emotional state. I instantly loved Kennedy but not sure of my feelings regarding Willow. Our Last time is told in both past and present, which I loved. The past (Kennedy and Willow) is narrated by both characters, I enjoyed reading about their high school years. The present is told by Willow, I liked learning what happened after Kennedy. Okay, I enjoyed reading Our Last nigh [...]

    16. If anyone understands losing your "forever" it's me. I was in love with my best friend and lost him in high school, like Willow and Kennedy. Looking at it from a wider point of view, I think their relationship is so sweet and I understand Willow's survival methods. However, the writing style of this book, the interactions of the characters, and Annette seeming more like a 4 year old than an eight year old drove me crazy and I can't give this book more than 2 stars.

    17. 2.5/5 StarsToo many things to talk about why this ended up being a disappointing read. I wanted to like it all but I can't.

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