Elegant Entrepreneur: The Female Founders Guide to Starting & Growing Your First Company

Elegant Entrepreneur The Female Founders Guide to Starting Growing Your First Company This is a female founder s guide to grow a company from idea to exit regardless of whether you have a business background or entrepreneurial ties It is not a textbook containing exhaustive abstract b

  • Title: Elegant Entrepreneur: The Female Founders Guide to Starting & Growing Your First Company
  • Author: Danielle Tate
  • ISBN: 9780997007404
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a female founder s guide to grow a company from idea to exit, regardless of whether you have a business background or entrepreneurial ties It is not a textbook containing exhaustive abstract business tenants it is the book I wish was available when I started my first company.I wrote this book to fill a void there are very few how to build your business become aThis is a female founder s guide to grow a company from idea to exit, regardless of whether you have a business background or entrepreneurial ties It is not a textbook containing exhaustive abstract business tenants it is the book I wish was available when I started my first company.I wrote this book to fill a void there are very few how to build your business become an entrepreneur books written by women for women I will not only explain the steps to building a successful company, I will illustrate elegant insights to smooth what can be a very awkward and precarious navigation between those business steps My goal is to not only help a new generation of women find their place in the entrepreneurial world, but to enable them to flourish This book is a left brain right brain map It identifies 12 major steps to creating a successful business left brain and 12 elegant entrepreneurship insights right brain that provide pleasingly ingenious and simple concepts to gracefully span the gaps in between the business steps These transparent, candid glimpses into the entrepreneur lifestyle will help you make a clear decision about whether the lifestyle is right for you and your vision of success.Each chapter builds understanding of consecutive business concepts Key information gives a foundation for applying these concepts to your idea Each chapter concludes with a summary of insights, an exploration of how it feels to be living that step, and suggestions for further reading on the topic.

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    1. Danielle Tate is the quintessential entrepreneur: she sees value where others see nothing, she sees business opportunity where others see dead ends. And this is why her companies (she has a few guys!) have been so successful. In this book, Danielle walks you step by step through the process of launching your dream, from getting the dream down on paper to self-evaluation of your ability to fulfill this, and even tells you how and where to find funding should you wish to not self-fund. I think, ho [...]

    2. Finally!!!! This is a book written to help women excel in the entrepreneur world that speaks to the way our brains work. Everything you need is in one elegant spot. I have recently started my first business, and the highlighter was working overtime. The way in which the author pieces together the information made perfect sense. In fact, I immediately began implementing the tips and saw results. Additionally, the examples and tips from other entrepreneurs made every piece of the book relatable an [...]

    3. This is a must read for any woman considering starting a business. The author guides the reader through a self-assessment process many entrepreneurs skip over in their excitement about their product. She also includes valuable resources for further research. A great place to start the entrepreneurial journey!

    4. A+++++ Practical help book to start your own business. Really liked the quotes from other professionals and the sites to go outside the book for more help. A must read for any person even thinking about starting a business.

    5. Danielle does an outstanding job outlining both the steps necessary in building a successful business as well as the behind the scenes emotions and nuance between each step.

    6. Loved this book! Danielle shared so many inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs and gave many valuable tips and tricks along the way. Great and easy read for aspiring female leaders.

    7. A wonderful, simple step by step guide to making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Delivered with humor and a smart approach, I highly recommend this easy to read informational guide!

    8. Highly recommend! Danielle Tate has crafted a first-rate book that demonstrates how she built her own successful company (MrsNowMiss) and offers advice for those wanting to create their own. What positions her book above other “How Tos” is how it delivers its message in a simple, clear, and—yes—elegant manner that defies business jargon yet still provides specific steps for a successful start up. Full of impressive research and fascinating anecdotes, I highly recommend this to anyone int [...]

    9. I absolutely loved this book! While this book is geared towards businesswomen I must say that I found myself taking notes that apply to all Entrepreneurs! I highly suggest picking up a copy yourself. The book builds chapter after chapter offering a no-holds-barred understanding of tackling the building of a successful business. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or someone like myself with experience in starting a business, I highly suggest reading this. You will be pleased at the level of deta [...]

    10. In her book, Danielle Tate provides a clear and accessible discussion of starting a business. Her own personal story as well as examples and quotes from many other female entrepreneurs lend credibility to the discussion and bring it to life. She provides excellent insights into the process of being an entrepreneurs beyond just the business steps. This is a must read for anyone thinking about starting a business.

    11. This is the most practical, easiest to read book for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs that I believe I have ever read, and I have read a lot of them! Danielle walks us step-by-step through the process of deciding whether our business idea is viable and if so, how to build our team and turn our idea into a successful company. I'm very impressed by this book and plan to recommend it to every aspiring entrepreneur I know, not just the women!

    12. Wonderful Book! I have gotten to know Danielle over the years as an entrepreneur in the wedding industry. Her book does an incredible job at outlining both the personal conflicts that one must overcome as an entrepreneur as well as the business challenges that every startup entrepreneurs (specifically women) may face along the way through her own personal experience!

    13. Being a young professional, finishing my undergraduate degree, I found this book incredibly easy to understand, comprehensive, filled with great resources, advice and tips, and practical guidance to become a smart, confident and professional entrepreneur and overall businesswoman. The book is outlined with a step-by-step guide with complimentary business and personal insight on each step and the overall process of becoming a female leader. As Tate outlines these steps with a systematic way of th [...]

    14. Danielle Tate's book is an invaluable resource for those looking to start and/or grow their business. She provides insight into what it takes to succeed in an easy to read format. Not only does the book contain Ms. Tate's personal experience as a business owner, but includes interviews from several other women in a variety of fields with differing levels of expertise and experience. As a small business owner, this book has helped me to look at my existing business practices in a new way and has [...]

    15. This book is full of fabulous ideas and inspiration to the female entrepreneur, it gives a different perspective than is normally given when reading business books. I would highly recommend it as a smart read before starting a business and even to come back to later in the process. ** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **

    16. Written with female entrepreneurs in mind, this complete and detailed business start-up book is a MUST READ for anyone with a dream and a goal of running their own business and being in control of their own income and future. It is a fully encompassing resource from idea and dream, to action steps, all the way to testing, launching, enjoying success and building future growth and expansion.Using personal examples of challenges and positive results in her own successful online business, plus prov [...]

    17. Finally, a comprehensive how-to for women who want to be entrepreneurs. Danielle Tate has taken years of experience, her own and many others, and condensed them into this guidebook. She starts the reader off at the very beginning, with an idea, and takes them step-by-step through the process of turning an idea into a profitable, growing business.I found this book a fascinating read and chock-full of good ideas and resources. I think a would-be entrepreneur would find it hard not to succeed if th [...]

    18. I highly recommend the Elegant Entrepreneur it was an easy read with tons of ideas that are easily implementable into your daily business life. I especially liked Elegant Insight 7: Have a Good Idea Daily. The lists in this chapter helped me identify areas of my startup that could use improvement. It also reinforced for me that I need be rethinking my business strategy everyday to stay fresh in marketplace and that the ideas do not have to be big but that “minor ideas can lead to major results [...]

    19. I have never read a more complete book on the processes, challenges, and secrets of becoming a successful entrepreneur. The Elegant Entrepreneur takes the traditional applications approach to biz literature and extends it with real world examples, institutional contacts, and emotional insights. The book is geared towards women, but the message and instruction is universal; above all - regardless of business acumen or knowledge - the information is easy to understand and invaluable to entrepreneu [...]

    20. Tate does a great job of helping a first time entrepreneur navigate the ins and outs of starting a company and scaling it. Smart, witty, and down to earth. Must read for any woman considering the leap into entrepreneurship.

    21. Since I have an interest in someday starting my own company, when I see guides on "how to" set up one, I tend to request them. And when they're aimed at women, there's no way I'm not clicking that request button. Anyway, Elegant Entrepreneur is basically geared towards women who want to set up their own companies. It basically takes you from idea (start) to selling your company (end, if you choose). The author is the founder of a business called MisstoMrs, which is supposed to be a successful bu [...]

    22. The book is a very good helper for anyone starting a business, especially women. This is because Danielle has been there, founding the successful missnowmrs name changing site. She shares not only many very useful ideas, tools and links to other resources, but she talks about how it feels to start a business.What I really like, as a male reviewer, is that Danielle has the courage to tell it like it is. I felt many of the feelings she describes, when I first set up in business. What got articulat [...]

    23. Review Title: Thorough, Covers the Whole Business (review of The Elegant Entrepreneur by Danielle Tate)Reviewer: Janice S. Garey***** 5 StarsIf you have ever contemplated starting a business, this book is packed with information to set you on the right track. Although written from a woman's point of view and directed to women, most of what's in the book will apply to men in business startup mode, too.I appreciate how the author wants to make life and work easier for others starting out so they d [...]

    24. Elegant Entrepreneur is a great book for any women who is thinking about starting a business, is part of a startup, or already owns a business. This step by step guide tells you everything you need to know about starting a business. There are dozens of real world examples in this book, which make it more realistic. Examples from women who had ideas and successes, as well as women who's ideas failed. This book can help you decide if your idea is worth the time and effort. Who will buy the product [...]

    25. This is clearly the work of a dedicated person—must I say 'woman' if the information in this volume is relevant to anyone considering building a business? There are so many books written on this topic that it's worth highlighting the Female aspect: Tate recognizes that women tend to operate more on feeling than man’s world logic. Rather than disregard our natural bend—try to make us men in skirts—she presents chapters such as: Ask the Right Questions of the Right People, and Don't Fall i [...]

    26. Copy received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This book wasn't exactly what I expected, and not everything in it was relevant to me. It was still good, though! The author is so smart and she really knows what she's talking about. It has a lot of helpful tips and advice about business - from deciding if your product is a good idea to finding startup funding to marketing to hiring people.I really recommend it to any female entrepreneur, or any woman who wants to be one.

    27. Wow Danielle nails the mind-set that prospective entrepreneurs should have when determining if this life-direction is right for them. Many of her concepts ring true no matter whether you are a woman or man. In particular, "Separate yourself from your idea" and "Delegate until it hurts" are mantras to live by for all newbie 'treps.' Congrats Danielle -- your perspective and guidance is extremely well thought-out yet accessible for folks that may be uncertain about how to consider entrepreneurshi [...]

    28. An absolute must read for any woman thinking about starting her own businessis is not a dry business handbook - it's full of interesting real-world examples from both the author and other successful women who have struggled and succeeded as entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur myself - this book surprised me. It's more than a resource for beginners's also a inspiration for continuous improvement for established entrepreneurs. Whether you're about to take the leap or you did awhile ago, this book wi [...]

    29. Wealth of information for potential entrepreneurs! Although the book is written for female entrepreneurs, the simple, easy to understand language and detailed information is useful for anyone thinking about starting a business. The book takes you from first steps, including knowing when to start a business or just sell your 'great' idea, through how to fund your business, protect your product, exit opportunities and everything in between.

    30. Excellent book for first-time entrepreneurs (men too!). I mean this is as close as you're going to get to having a blueprint of what you need to do to start a revenue-generating business!I was so excited once I finished reading this book because I have a friend that's in the process of starting her first business. I was raving to her about how she needs to read this book asap. Now that it's available for purchase I may just buy it for her

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