Harry Potter: the Artifact Vault

Harry Potter the Artifact Vault Throughout the making of the eight Harry Potter movies designers and craftspeople were tasked with creating fabulous chocolate fantasy feasts flying brooms enchanted maps and much in addition to

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  • Title: Harry Potter: the Artifact Vault
  • Author: Jody Revenson
  • ISBN: 9780062474216
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Throughout the making of the eight Harry Potter movies, designers and craftspeople were tasked with creating fabulous chocolate fantasy feasts, flying brooms, enchanted maps, and much , in addition to numerous magical items necessary in a wizard s everyday life for example, newspapers with moving photos, vicious textbooks, and Howlers Harry Potter The Artifact VaultThroughout the making of the eight Harry Potter movies, designers and craftspeople were tasked with creating fabulous chocolate fantasy feasts, flying brooms, enchanted maps, and much , in addition to numerous magical items necessary in a wizard s everyday life for example, newspapers with moving photos, vicious textbooks, and Howlers Harry Potter The Artifact Vault chronicles the work of the graphics department in creating vibrant and imaginative labels for potions bottles, brooms, and candy the creation of Quidditch Quaffles, Bludgers, and Golden Snitches, lovingly crafted by the prop making team and the stunning inventiveness used by the entire crew to create a rich, bewitched filmic universe.Accompanying the captivating text are never before seen art and design concepts, unit photography, and other filmmaking secrets from the Warner Bros archive This striking full color compendium includes two exclusive bonus inserts Gilderoy Lockhart s classroom questionnaire and a Weasleys Wizard Wheezes catalog as well as many surprises.

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    1. Another fun, informative and spectacular guide to the Harry Potter films. Can recommend to every Potterhead!Find more of my books on Instagram

    2. Táto kniha spôsobila jediné--mám brutálnu chuť na kompletný rereading a rewatching celej filmovej aj knižnej série!!! Give me books, movies and at least one week of vacation!!!

    3. Este libro ha sido increíble, creo que de los 4 libros especiales, este es el que más me ha gustado y me ha resultado más interesante. Y es que muchas veces no somos conscientes del trabajo que hay detrás de una película y que se cuida hasta el más mínimo detalle, y aquí nos lo demuestran sin duda alguna. Me ha encantado. Si eres fan de Harry Potter es un libro imprescindible.

    4. This is an amazing gift for every Harry Potter-fan!It is filled with interesting information about important artifacts from the films and illustrated with beautiful pictures and drawings. Some of them didn't even make it into the movies. My favourite chapters were the one about the Weasleys Wizard Wheezes and the one called "At Hogwarts" featuring the Great Hall, school documents and much more. But still I have to admit that I missed some information about wands

    5. This was a birthday gift to me and I really, really loved it. I have to say that after having read Page to Screen which is another HP companion book I own, I thought I already knew a lot about the behind the scenes, but this goes way more in depth about the actual graphics department and the various props they had to make. I think one of the most interesting elements is seeing the truly ingenious and inventive ways the team had to devise props so that they could be interacted with, scaled up or [...]

    6. Moja prvá z tejto série ilustrovaných filmových sprievodcov. Ako prvé ma milo prekvapilo to, že je v celej knihe dokopy možno tak 5 dobre známych fotiek z filmov, a zvyšok naozaj tvoria výtvarné návrhy, technické kresby, pohľady na nakrúcanie bez špeciálnych efektov a tak podobne. Klobúk dole - a dvojnásobne, lebo mínus rekapitulačnú omáčku na takmer každej stránke sa pri samotných faktoch dočítate veci, o ktorých doteraz snáď nevyšla jediná zmienka. Plus cool k [...]

    7. This was another beautiful Harry Potter companion book. I loved finding out the details behind how some of the most iconic and also some of my favourite Harry Potter items were brought to life for the movies. Definitely one to add to the collection!

    8. Algo imperdonable pero estuve tentada a colocarle 4.5⭐️ de los libros especiales que sacan este libro es el que menos material fisico extra tiene. Sin embargo el contenido es increíble, todo lo que está detrás de las películas es un mundo inmenso y nosotros lo llegamos a percibir solo un par de segundo y no alcanzamos a ver su magnitud.En este libro vemos a detalle los artefactos que están dentro del mundo de Harry Potter. Se compone de nueve capítulos cada uno con mucha información d [...]

    9. I've read too many of these as they're starting to repeat themselves unfortunately. This one is about them things made for Harry Potter films, how and why they were designed and how they appeared on screen. Most of these have already appeared on some other books similar to this one (all written by Jody Revenson of course), so there's actually almost nothing new information in this book except for some things that were cut off from the final screen version. Pretty pictures as always, but still, w [...]

    10. This is another brilliant addition to the series - it gives a brilliant overview of all of the artifacts that are used within the films and tells the reader briefly about the various processes that went into creating the artifacts, where they were seen, and it offers a great insight into the creative process and into the people who made the objects that we see throughout the beloved films - I found this one a really helpful and interesting book to flip through and, as always, the illustrations a [...]

    11. This behind the scenes book on the artifacts used throughout the Harry Potter series was an absolute winner read for me. It touches on the various amounts of research that underwent before each prop was made, the details that were crafted but hardly seen on-screen enough to satisfy their beauty and overall the magical realness that surrounded each and every artifact in the film series. I found out a truckload of information that I would not have guessed before reading this book such as the creat [...]

    12. Don't know why I was surprised to find out that a lot of the things I thought were CGI were actual practical effects (a fancy term I learned while reading the book). Honestly they just surpassed everything it was expected of them for this movies. My favorite part about the props was always the amount of detail that went into Weasley's Wizard Wheezes Shop because it was a very short scene where you can barely see anything in full detail, but still they went all the way and just made the store abs [...]

    13. More like 2.5.The pictures were cool, but the text had very little substance (e.g. "Harry got his Firebolt from Sirius and uses it for Quidditch practice" like no shit, we know). Also, the captions were organized poorly - it would have been a lot less of a headache if they had paired them with the photos instead of clustering them all together in a block paragraph with things like "ABOVE RIGHT" and "OPPOSITE RIGHT" to clarify which was which.I'll be donating this or selling it.

    14. Oproti Tvorom & netvorom a Magickym miestam bolo toto jednoznacne najslabsie. Miestami som mala pocit, ze tie informacie uz boli spomenute v tamtych dvoch knihach, ale inak bolo zaujimave citat, kolko tych veci vlastne museli vyrobit, a akym procesom to preslo. Uplne obdivujem aku predstavivosť maju ti ludia.

    15. Me ha encantado saber todo el proceso de concepción de muchos de los artefactos de los libros de Harry Potter y como estos fueron llevados a la gran pantalla con sus dificultades o las exigencias del guión. Detrás de una gran superproducción se esconde un trabajo bastante intenso por parte de los departamentos de utilería.

    16. Lots of detail and explanation about the designing, making and use of props from the HP films. I found it fascinating to read about how much work, time and effort when in to props that were only on screen a few seconds. Lots of great pictures too. Something I'll definitely read again!

    17. Mi segundo libro favorito de los que son de este estilo. Muy interesante como se hicieron todos los artefactos. y es realmente impresionante ver todo el trabajo que hay detrás para cuidar hasta el más pequeño detalle. Muy recomendable para los fans de la saga.

    18. Väčšina skalných fanúšikov Harryho Pottera má tie najdôležitejšie informácie dávno naštudované. Nájsť čokoľvek kdekoľvek na internete, alebo ich vyčarovať z relevantného zdroju, dnes nie je také ťažké. A nás, odrastených fiktívnych študentov Rokfortu, hľadanie, pátranie, bádanie, overovanie, preverovanie, vymýšľanie, domýšľanie i vytváranie za vlasy pritiahnutých záverov jednoducho baví. Preto nepohrdneme žiadnymi magickými príručkami, špeciálnymi [...]

    19. Review - I loved how this book even examined artifacts which were designed but which never made it into the final cuts of the films. It's amazing the kind of work that went into artifacts which were in the films for seconds, like the contents of Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, where every item was hand-designed and crafted for one scene. The scale and detail of things showed how much thought went into them, and where the inspiration and research came from - a very interesting read.General Subject/s? - [...]

    20. Wonderful book as per usual in this series. I'm so happy I read this - The Artifact Vault in particular made me want to rewatch the film and pause during certain scenes to take it all in. One of my favourite sections was about Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes and all the work that went into it. Also made me want to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter even more, which I never thought was possible (it's been my dream ever since it opened).

    21. If you're a fan of the Harry Potter movies, you'll enjoy this. Lots of behind the scenes info. I loved all the graphic design content - how, what and why they designed unique things for the movies.But, there was a bit of "Really? Did you need to hand-letter every one of the 100+ bottles in the Pensieve cabinet in Dumbledore's office? Sure, the front row. Or the few that are actually in a shot and seen on-camers. But ALL of them?" But still quite interesting.

    22. I got this book from my husband for Christmas and obviously already finished it, in 3 days. This book is very cool and really makes you appreciate the movies even more because you realize how much work they put into each object they created for the film's, even if you only saw it for 3 seconds. Great for a HP lover.

    23. Though some of this information is repeated in previous Harry Potter movie books, this one had a ton more photographs, a bit more information, and more props to look at. I love looking at all the little details that we don't catch in the movies, from the Daily Prophet articles and headlines, to the book covers from the classrooms.

    24. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. The detail, the level of artistry that went into crafting all of these pieces was phenomenal. I also loved seeing the initial artwork for many of the artifacts talked about. How that art showed the evolving ideas, and how each artifact was conceived of and created was so interesting.

    25. Ya he leído unos cuantos libros de este estilo y es el mejor de largo. Tiene muchos detalles de interés, que no solo muestran el gran trabajo de utilería y atrezo; sino que hacen que, por mucho que hayas visto las películas mil veces, descubras muchos nuevos detalles.

    26. Coffee table book showing stuff from the movies. I did not actually read it but the pictures are great! There's a pull-out Black family wallpaper mural at the end, and a Beedle the Bard booklet around the middle. I got a smile out of it.

    27. Its weird to list a book about Harry Potter as non-fiction. But it is. This book shoes the drawings, discussion and final pictures of the items used in Harry Potter films. Still felt I was in Harry Potter world at times.

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