The Opposite of Woe: My Life in Beer and Politics

The Opposite of Woe My Life in Beer and Politics The maverick and very funny governor of Colorado tells his story from early loss to college on the ten year plan to remarkable business and political success In just over a decade John Hickenlooper

  • Title: The Opposite of Woe: My Life in Beer and Politics
  • Author: John Hickenlooper Maximillian Potter
  • ISBN: 9781101981672
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The maverick and very funny governor of Colorado tells his story, from early loss to college on the ten year plan, to remarkable business and political success In just over a decade, John Hickenlooper has gone from brew pub entrepreneur to governor of Colorado, hailed by political analysts and media alike as a solid contender to be the next vice president In The OpposThe maverick and very funny governor of Colorado tells his story, from early loss to college on the ten year plan, to remarkable business and political success In just over a decade, John Hickenlooper has gone from brew pub entrepreneur to governor of Colorado, hailed by political analysts and media alike as a solid contender to be the next vice president In The Opposite of Woe, Hickenlooper tells his own story of unlikely success in his singularly sharp and often hilarious voice After ten years at Wesleyan, Hickenlooper found himself laid off from his first job as a geologist So he rented a space in an empty warehouse in an empty pocket of Denver s downtown to open a brew pub Honest, likable, practical, Hickenlooper turned out to be a natural at the job the pub was a huge success In fifteen years, he blossomed from small business owner into millionaire at the helm of a string of pubs across the western United States He was so influential in the community that, encouraged by many, he ran for mayor, essentially as a lark And then he won So began his eight years as one of the most creative and successful mayors in the United States Doubling down in politics, Hickenlooper ran for Colorado governor in 2010, and won again twice Tackling a host of volatile issues, from prison reform to fracking, capital punishment to same sex marriage and legalized marijuana, Hickenlooper s administration has persuaded opposing constituencies of a true battleground state to agree and move forward on a middle path all while dealing with tragic wildfires, floods, and the assassination of a cabinet member On display throughout the book is the rare candidness that has made Hickenlooper not only wildly popular but also remarkably successful Cowritten with journalist and former speechwriter Maximillian Potter, The Opposite of Woe is a fresh and refreshing angle on our political landscape from one of its brightest rising stars.

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    1. Hickenlooper is a talented storyteller, making this an entertaining read and a very candid look into his personal life. I came at the book with prior admiration for the role he's played in Denver and Colorado as a leader willing to take risks himself, as well as his knack for building coalitions who are willing to innovate in order to achieve better outcomes for the community. I also happened to be in his office for a bill signing earlier this year when he tripped and nearly dropped the entire t [...]

    2. For audiobook readersI actively seek out read-by-the-author titles, but John's stuttering and halting reading style was really distracting for me throughout the entirety of the book. I think he could have benefited from having a professional read the book instead.ReviewThis books reads like the obligatory memoir of somebody considering running for president in 2020.Two thirds of this book was tedious: his ancestors coming to America and establishing themselves was uninteresting; his childhood an [...]

    3. Wow! What a life. I really enjoyed his autobiography. He narrates the audio book which makes it enjoyable.

    4. At a time when it's difficult to have much faith in America's democracy, Governor "Hick"'s witty and laugh out loud autobiography brings hope. Amazing read chronicling his life prior to politics as the first brewpub owner in Denver which spurred the revival of LoDo as well as his time as governor dealing with the worst fires, flood, and shootings in state history. During his time as governor he has brought both republicans and democrats, industry leaders in oil and environmental agencies, etc. t [...]

    5. I was born in Pittsburgh, went to college in Boston, lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area, moved to New Haven, CT, and raised a family, and for the last 16 years, I've lived in Denver. I moved to Denver during the primary before John Hickenlooper became Mayor of Denver. I don't know if this book would be of interest to anyone who doesn't live in Colorado. But, I really enjoyed it. Our Guv is straight talking and refreshingly candid about his life so far. I remember most of what he talk [...]

    6. A Well-Told MemoirSeveral weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet Governor Hickenlooper. After our meeting, I tracked down the audio book. The opening of this book is fascinating where Governor Hickenlooper and his wife, Helen were invited to the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C. and sat in the box with President and Mrs. Obama. Later after college, Hickenlooper bought and sold some real estate and makes this statement, “The only true failures are in not learning from our mistakes and [...]

    7. I picked up this book not really planning to reads the whole thing. I not only read the whole book, I really enjoyed it. His story is both relatable and inspiring. I already admired Mr. Hickenlooper. Now I respect him even more.

    8. I enjoyed this book a lot, and wish I could give it more stars. I'd call it a solid 3.5. I learned a lot of things that I didn't know, even though I lived in Colorado during Hickenlooper's political rise, and knew of his restaurant entrepreneur years. There were a lot of instances where I wanted to read the end of the story, and it just wasn't there. One example, the Clyfford Still museum: I didn't know how his works came to be in Denver before reading this book, but the book glossed over how th [...]

    9. I give it four because I really liked him as a mayor and somehow remember a lot of his story - just as a citizen. It was great to learn some of the behind the scenes to how Hickenlooper became our governor. But I would have given it a four as a memoir just as a book, because, like many memoirs, the more current the event, the more rushed the writing seemed. And even though Hickenlooper is humble in his writing, its slanted toward his view of things - which made it somewhat of a political platfor [...]

    10. Maybe not for everyone, but I loved the audio book read by the author in his folksy style. This is an entertaining, humorous and revealing account of a very unique politician.cially in today's toxic, partisan environment. I haven't always agreed with him, but the man has been a very effective governor. Give this book a try and see if you agree that the country could more leaders like him today.

    11. John Hickenlooper has a really interesting style of storytelling, employing wit thoughtful reflections. I felt like he overdid some of the more raunchy parts of his book. Overall, it was fascinating to read his life story, as well as some family background stretching back to the early days of Philadelphia. He experienced many twists and turns. It's incredible to see how he got to where he is today.

    12. This book was amazing. It’s the first political book I’ve read. Hickenlooper really is not your average politician and he shows it in this book. He is thoughtful and very smart. He talks about how much business-thinking can help government. Denver and Colorado have come so far since the 80’s and he has been the #1 champion of the efforts for their success.

    13. As a geologist, I was intrigued by now Governor Hickenlooper the first time I saw a commercial on TV with his mayoral "Change" ad. I always wanted to know how a geologist turned into a politician, and why. When I was perusing the bookstore, I was really excited to see he had written a biography. This book goes into detail (sometimes too much detail) about how his life led up to becoming the Governor of Colorado. He is not afraid to talk about the good and bad that has been through his life.The b [...]

    14. I got the feeling that this was written in the hopes of being chosen as vice president. His description of himself as a smartass teenager actually makes me look at him differently now as our Governor. I feel as though that attitude may remain. An interesting life.

    15. Not a bad read, just a lot of detail. You don't come away with the Governor's clear political principles, but you do learn a lot about his rather unlikely journey to that position.

    16. A well-told autobiography by a man of many talents and with an extremely diverse background. Current governor of Colorado, and who's to say where he'll go next?!

    17. Great read! Very proud of our governor and all he's accomplished. Proud to live in Colorado. So refreshing to see people working together to solve problems.

    18. Truly one of the most honest and thoughtful men of our time. Here's to hoping he runs for president one of these days!

    19. Listened to the audio book and think my enjoyment of it was definitely enhanced by Hickenlooper being the reader. I lived in Denver when he was mayor & during his first term as governor making the book relevant. Not sure how interesting it would be to someone without Colorado ties. Some of the detailed accounts of his accomplishments bordered on self congratulation & were a bit tedious. I likely would have been skimmed over if I was reading vs. listening to the book.

    20. We have several reasons for an interest in Hickenlooper, and the first portion of his autobiography is engaging. But once he enters public life, there's too much humble bragging and not enough about the under-the-hood workings of government. In the end, Hickenlooper sounds like a lot of other politicians, albeit one with a more interesting origin story.

    21. I've always admired the man and his ability to work bipartisan magic. Great story that shines with his unique and positive personality. Easy and entertaining read.

    22. Anyone who has met and gotten to know John Hickenlooper away from media spotlights and fawning crowds will meet him again in this entertaining book. "The Opposite of Woe” is a refreshing and candid portrait of a man who does not intentionally groom a media persona or let his ambitions get in the way of his deeper desire to connect and communicate with people of every socioeconomic, racial, cultural, and ethnic background. As he described to me once in a private conversation, he is an extrovert [...]

    23. Perhaps I am too cynical about political memoirs to be able to rate this higher than 3 stars. To be fair, I did not expect this book to be anything more than a self-promoting autobiography of a politician aiming for a higher office, and that is exactly what it turned out to be, so I can't in fairness say I'm disappointed in it. It was interesting and a good read. Hick's early years were more interesting than I thought, and, though there were some cringe-worthy stories (definitely some cringe-wor [...]

    24. John Hickenlooper tells about his life from childhood to the beginning of his second term as Governor of Colorado. The youngest of four children, his father died when he was a child. His mother’s stoical outlook definitely impacted his drive for approval, which he has managed to channel in incredibly thoughtful ways. While I will never agree with his stance on fracking (and noted that he did not address the earthquake aspect), I believe the world would be a much better place if more politician [...]

    25. You gotta love the Hick. He may not be as progressive as I would like, but he is earnest and seems quite real, for a politician. This memoir is not a deep dive into the inner workings of government, and that's fine with me; it's more a recap of the major milestones in his life, loves, businesses, and political posts. He does not come across as a person who has had a burning desire to serve all his life, but rather as a businessman who saw politics as the next logical step in his own success. Nev [...]

    26. Pick this book up off the new books shelf at my local public library. It was a fascinating look at a self-made politician who lead an interesting life leading to his being elected mayor of Denver twice and then governor of Colorado twice. The guy really tells it like it is through various false starts, failed marriages, success and failure in business, to a very successful political career.He seems very truthful with both the good and bad of his life and the only caveat I would have is that some [...]

    27. I really loved this book, but that's no surprise, because I'm generally a big fan of his. Naturally, there are things I disagree with him about, which I still disagree with him about after reading his thoughts on those particularly policies and choices. This being said, I found it to be an incredibly engaging and fairly honest account of his life before politics, and during politics. I particularly enjoyed learning more about how he came to found the first microbrewery in Denver. (although I sti [...]

    28. There are a bunch of people that claim for their live to be "out of the norm" but John Hickenlooper is one that really can. The rollercoaster ride of diverse life really pulls you in. The story literally plays out like you are sitting a bar and he is telling you his life story. Hickenlooper is an amazing individual; smart, caring, forward thinking, and goal oriented. Cheers to you Governor! Best of luck and thanks for sharing!

    29. I listened to the audiobook for this because I enjoy audio memoirs when they are narrated by the author/subject. In this case, it was Governor Hickenlooper of my home state of Colorado. I found the book very honest, candid, funny, and entertaining. As someone going through a career change myself, I appreciated hearing about how the Governor successfully evolved from aspiring writer to geologist to brewpub entrepreneur to political leader.

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