Nature and Grace in Herman Bavinck

Nature and Grace in Herman Bavinck This booklet highlights Herman Bavinck s basic thesis that GRACE RESTORES NATURE or that salvation means the restoration of creation Veenhof focuses on this succinct formulation of a dimension of bib

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  • Title: Nature and Grace in Herman Bavinck
  • Author: Jan Veenhof Albert M. Wolters
  • ISBN: 9780932914699
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • This booklet highlights Herman Bavinck s basic thesis that GRACE RESTORES NATURE, or that salvation means the restoration of creation Veenhof focuses on this succinct formulation of a dimension of biblical teaching that has been a distinctive strength of the Calvinist tradition of Christian thought, both in theology and in a wide range of other academic disciplines.

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    1. The essence of Bavinck's view, as explicated by Veenhof is that "Grace does not abolish nature, but affirms and restores it" (17). In expounding this view, Bavinck sets his view apart from both Roman Catholicism and Protestant pietism. According to Bavinck, Roman Catholicism teaches that nature is good but that it does not reach to the supernatural. Grace is needed to elevate nature to the supernatural. The Protestant conception of grace, Bavinck says, is ethical. The purpose of grace is to remo [...]

    2. You will be hearing a lot more about Herman Bavinck in the upcoming years. Although he died 90 years ago, I believe this stock is on the rise. The recently publication of his 4-volume Reformed Dogmatics for the first time in English will only add to his luster. Crossway is publishing an accessible introduction to his theology in August. He might be the most important Reformed thinker of the past 150 years.This small book discusses a very small part of his legacy--that salvation means the restora [...]

    3. Grace restores nature, rather than eliminates it or raises it to something higher, is a central theme in Bavinck's thought. This small section of Jan Veenhof's classic dissertation on Bavinck is a helpful overview of this theme. I highly recommend reading this in tandem with James Eglinton's "Trinity and Organism."

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