Reformed Dogmatics Volume 1 : Prolegomena

Reformed Dogmatics Volume Prolegomena In partnership with the Dutch Reformed Translation Society Baker Academic is proud to offer the first volume of Herman Bavinck s complete Reformed Dogmatics in English for the very first time Bavinck

Herman Bavinck The Bavinck Institute Reformed Mission The Bavinck Institute at Calvin Seminary promotes international scholarship and collegiality in the Reformed catholic tradition of Herman Bavinck , the Dutch theologian and author of the four volume Reformed Dogmatics his nephew, Johan Herman Bavinck , missionary to Indonesia and pioneer Reformed missiologist and his neo Calvinist contemporaries such as Mid America Journal of Theology Mid America Reformed Mid America Journal of Theology Journal of Theology Archives The Mid America Journal of Theology is a collection of scholarly articles and book reviews published once a year, typically in the fall. S Mark Hamilton Free University of Amsterdam Academia S Mark Hamilton, Free University of Amsterdam, Theology Department, Department Member Studies Systematic Theology, Philosophy Of Religion, and Philosophical Theology. Karl Barth Karl Barth b r t, b r German May , December , was a Swiss Reformed theologian who is most well known for his landmark The Epistle to the Romans, involvement in the Confessing Church, authorship of the Barmen Declaration, and especially his thirteen volume Church Dogmatics .Barth s influence expanded well beyond the academic realm to Eucharistic theology Eucharistic theology is a branch of Christian theology which treats doctrines concerning the Holy Eucharist, also commonly known as the Lord s Supper.It exists exclusively in Christianity and related religions, as others generally do not contain a Eucharistic ceremony. In the Gospel accounts of Jesus earthly ministry, a crowd of listeners challenges him regarding the rain of manna before he Myk Habets Carey Baptist College Academia Myk Habets, Carey Baptist College, Theology Department, Faculty Member Studies Religion, Theology, and Divinity Myk Habets is a senior academic at Carey Baptist College and Head of Carey Graduate School, lectures in Systematic Theology and Ethics, Web Directory Theology AgeeCreative Theology Links updated May And this I pray, that your love may abound yet and in knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve the things that are excellent Bookstore Catalogue CPRC Home Page New Testament Upon This Rock volumes Don Doezema pp Hardback, . set, Read a few chapters on line This volume, easy to read set covers the birth, life, death and resurrection of Christ, as well as the Acts of the Apostles. Dutch Annotations Upon the Whole Bible The Puritan Board Mar , The English translation of The Dutch Annotations Upon the Whole Bible done by Theodore Haak is available from Reformation Heritage Books The text is a facsimile of the origianl printing Its cost is kind of high Does anyone have it Will I gain many insights from it Reformation Heritage Books Puritan and Reformed books at discounted prices Sign up to receive our special offers and new releases

  • Title: Reformed Dogmatics Volume 1 : Prolegomena
  • Author: Herman Bavinck John Bolt
  • ISBN: 9780801026324
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In partnership with the Dutch Reformed Translation Society, Baker Academic is proud to offer the first volume of Herman Bavinck s complete Reformed Dogmatics in English for the very first time Bavinck s approach throughout is meticulous As he discusses the standard topics of dogmatic theology, he stands on the shoulders of giants such as Augustine, John Calvin, FrancisIn partnership with the Dutch Reformed Translation Society, Baker Academic is proud to offer the first volume of Herman Bavinck s complete Reformed Dogmatics in English for the very first time Bavinck s approach throughout is meticulous As he discusses the standard topics of dogmatic theology, he stands on the shoulders of giants such as Augustine, John Calvin, Francis Turretin, and Charles Hodge This masterwork will appeal to scholars and students of theology, research and theological libraries, and pastors and laity who read serious works of Reformed theology.

    One thought on “Reformed Dogmatics Volume 1 : Prolegomena”

    1. Is it wrong for a prolegomena to dogmatic theology to be your favorite book in the whole wide world? Well, if it is, then I don't wanna be right!

    2. I'm hoping to try to finish the set before the end of 2015. Remarkable. Astonishing breadth of sources with a pastoral focus. It maybe goes without saying, but a rich Prolegomena like this ought to be required reading for all pastors and students. Maybe not Bavinck, but *something*; but oh that I wish they would read Bavinck!

    3. A few years ago, I read two of the volumes from Will Durant's "The Story of Civilization" series. I loved their epic flavor and grand vision in to so much specific details of history!Well, in the area of Prolegomena (first things) and Reformed dogma, Bavinck creates the same kind of panorama, a beautiful landscape of the history and significance of each of the major schools and philosophers and theologians and how they have affected the church throughout history. The detail is rich, the scope is [...]

    4. It is refreshing to read Van Til before Van Til. The influence on Van Til by men like Bavinck definitely had a great influence on Van Til's whole approach to theology, apologetics, etc. Bavinck was presuppositional through and through in this volume. He interacts well with all the current movers and shakers of his day. About the only downside to Bavinck's theological prolegomena is that he comes across as being way to enamored with the "science" of this or that theological issue. It's as if the [...]

    5. Bavinck provides a tour de force of orthodox protestant theology. With learning both deep and wide he moves with assurance through the thickets of theological controversy to present his own carefully considered account of the Reformed tradition in theology. Written over a hundred years ago, he remains remarkably fresh and relevant. Bavinck seems to have read and thought through nearly everything; patristic, medieval, Reformation and Counter-Reformation theology, as well the contemporary (of his [...]

    6. Still mulling over whether I agree with Bavinck on some details about the internal ground of faith, but otherwise, this is a monument to Bavinck's learning, an example for what Reformed and evangelical scholarship can be, and an excellent defense of Reformed views on theological method and revelation. Highly recommended.

    7. It is finished. And no review that I am capable of writing can do justice to how good this was. Excited to get Volume 2!

    8. An absolutely unbelievable work that I wish I had been introduced to earlier. Bavinck is a scholar of the highest order. He understands the strands of Christian thought with a particularly strong grasp on Roman Catholic theology and various philosophical systems. He has the ability to recognize the truth tucked way inside these systems while not compromising. Many of his arguments anticipate 21st century debates about the connection between knowledge and faith, head and heart. His section on Rev [...]

    9. Volume 1 and 3 to go.There were moements like this"The revelation that Scripture discloses to us does not just consist in a number of disconnected words and isolated facts but in one single historical and organic whole, a mighty world-controlling and world-renewing system of testimonies and acts of God".(Prolegmena. p. 340)

    10. This is an outstanding presentation of the foundational principles of theology. In particular, the section on the attributes of Scripture is fantastic.

    11. Bavinck's systematic is excellent. He's opperating out the Dutch Reformed tradition. He influenced Vos, Van Til, and Kline, among others.

    12. It's hard to give Herman Bavinck only three stars, but I think the next three volumes of his systematic theology will be even better. Because his prolegomena deal so much with method, he has to spend a ton of time dealing with 18th and 19th century philosophy, epistemology, theories of science, scholasticism, empiricism, rationalism, and so on. It gets pretty drudgerous. There are a few highlights nonetheless. His review of the history of Reformed dogmatics was interesting, and his discussion of [...]

    13. I was first introduced to Herman Bavinck was in my first year in seminary. The class was a systematic class called “God and Humanity.” IWe read excerpts from Volume 2. A couple guys wanted to continue reading him so we met together the next semester weekly to discuss readings from Volume 1. I often say to my self in numerous biblical and theological questions, “I wonder what Herman has to say on this matter.” To me, Bavinck is a CS Lewis type of writer - he writes profoundly and succinct [...]

    14. Excellent and thorough treatment of the first principles of theology. Interacts heavily with modernism and is historically grounded.

    15. Bavinck’s project consists of drawing upon the strengths of the Magisterial Protestants while formulating theology in response to the modernist crisis of his day. To do so, he realized he could not slavishly mimic older platitudes and simply “hope for the best.” Bavinck represents a very exciting yet somewhat embarrassing hero for modern Calvinists. Exciting, because his work is simply awesome and coming into English for the first time ever. Embarrassing, because modern Calvinists generall [...]

    16. Skipped chs. 3-7, 13, 15. Bavinck is very thorough and sometimes the references can seem overwhelming, but his insight and content is fantastic.

    17. This is an extraordinary introduction to systematic theology, or reformed dogmatics. It starts with some very heavy material on philosophy and there are many references to a number of philosophers and theologians that I am not familiar with. This made for a rather tedious start to this volume. But there are definitely gems throughout even these introductory chapters, which form a good foundation for what comes later.The last couple of chapters were especially helpful to me. The nature of God's r [...]

    18. This is a wonderful treatment of the reformed church doctrines. This is the first book of four. I have read all four last year and have started going through them again. Highly recommend. Bavinck goes through the different viewsRoman Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed, Baptist, and also many philosophical opinions.

    19. An incredible book that's actually pretty easy to read given the fact that the translation into english is fresh. Bavinck interacts with philosophies and theologians all across the spectrum of the prolegomena to theology, showing their strengths and weaknesses, while always setting forth a positive view of the truth of Christianity in the midst of it all.

    20. Com certeza, a introdução à Teologia Sistemática mais elegante que já li! O conhecimento de literatura primária e secundaria de Bavinck é impressionante. Uma obra densa, mas agradável de se ler.

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