The Christian View of Man

The Christian View of Man Man is made by God in his image for his glory This truth with all its implications is the theme of Gresham Machen s popular presentation

  • Title: The Christian View of Man
  • Author: J. Gresham Machen
  • ISBN: 9780851511122
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • Man is made by God, in his image, for his glory This truth, with all its implications, is the theme of Gresham Machen s popular presentation.

    One thought on “The Christian View of Man”

    1. Based on a series of radio talks by Machen, this book clearly and concisely lays out the Biblical and Reformed view of man, from creation, through fall, and up to redemption. Machen communicates very clearly and effectively brings in opposing perspectives to counter. Even though this was originally published in 1937, the opponents' arguments have not changed, but, thankfully, neither has God's truth.

    2. Simple book by the founder of Westminster Theological Seminary containing thoughts on fundamental topics including creation, man as the image of God, the fall, sin, and many others. Dealt with in simplicity and depth. Brought out details that I had never considered. Will definitely return to this book. Once was not enough.

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