In the Roar

In the Roar Alivia Vela is a big girl tired of dating She s at the point she s going to find a frozen pop and get artificially inseminated Or she would until big growly and oh so sexy Karel shows up saves the

  • Title: In the Roar
  • Author: Milly Taiden
  • ISBN: 9781517765705
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alivia Vela is a big girl tired of dating She s at the point she s going to find a frozen pop and get artificially inseminated Or she would, until big, growly and oh, so sexy Karel shows up, saves the day and gives her a night she won t soon forget That, mouthat tongue Oh my Karel Yaghar needs a mate faster than he can growl the word MINE He didn t expect to meeAlivia Vela is a big girl tired of dating She s at the point she s going to find a frozen pop and get artificially inseminated Or she would, until big, growly and oh, so sexy Karel shows up, saves the day and gives her a night she won t soon forget That, mouthat tongue Oh my Karel Yaghar needs a mate faster than he can growl the word MINE He didn t expect to meet the perfect woman for him and his jaguar only moments after arriving on earth Now all Karel needs is for her to come with him to another planet That should go over well If she doesn t decide he s crazy instead, which is highly likely Liv is a true born hard head, she s gonna need than pink sand to prove she s on another planet Where are the flying saucers Then there s the issue of convincing herself she s not falling for the big kitty If only her ovaries weren t in agreement with her brain that Karel should be her future baby daddy, she might find the will to stay away from his sexiness While she tries to figure that out, she and Karel will have to work together to take down an unexpected threat.

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    1. 3.75 Stars.H was OTT possessive. I loved that. He was awesome. "Once you tell me you’re mine, that this hot, tight, pussy is mine, I’m going to take you, fuck you, own you, and stamp myself so far inside, you will never forget who you belong to."Some of the writing seemed a little.ture maybe?? Or needs a better choice of words. I mean come on"Yours is the only tightness I want to fuck so hard, I leave skid marks from my cock"Skid marks? Really?I don't think I want my man to leave skid marks [...]

    2. BASICSLove triangle? (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Cheating? (view spoiler)[ No.(hide spoiler)]HEA? (view spoiler)[ YES.(hide spoiler)]Any Descriptive Sex w/OW/OM/Ex? (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Would I read more by this author/or in this series? YES. Rating: +4 starsReview also on .ReviewWaaah, I simply love this series. And the best part is that it's been released sooner than the planned 30th October (the release date according to ). The story starts with Alivia giving up on men and [...]

    3. Well hot damn, what can I say? This books was absolutely fantastic! We taken on a journey as a shifter instantly connects with a human, his mate. The human gets taken to a alien planet to interact with his world and from there so much happens. After being belittled by other humans for her weight and looks she expects everyone to be like that, shifters included but she soon realises they’re not. Reading about the torment the main character gets for the way she looks and her weight is heartbreak [...]

    4. ~ 4.5 In the Roar Stars ~Note: All the books in this series are quick reads with very little plot and an insta-match. They are great if your looking for a little steam and some sexy shifters for an afternoon break. This PDA series has become one of my favorites that I look forward too. I need something every now and then that does not have a deep plot, that I can just sit back enjoy the short and sweet times. Karel and Alivia where great together. I really enjoyed that Karel did not pressure Ali [...]

    5. The Bottom LineYep I keep trying. Good idea, still a bit shallow but I liked Karel as a hero, precious little of him really being hot and possessive. Subplot with dying mother was a new twist, even if still not well drawn. I keep coming back for the potential and hoping one day it pays off.

    6. Omg I loved it. The author is superb at writing these stories. The last few books are out of this world literally. I've loved that these books are part of the PDA series, buy you can read them as standalone, but once you read one you are going to need the next. These are super growly & extremely panty melting sexy. Be warned though, they are super addictive with incredible hot sexy scenes to make you drool. Karel, a jaguar & the head of security for Alyx the Alion King is desperate to fi [...]

    7. I was so happy that Karel got his own story! And it definitely didn't disappoint! This was very fast paced, sexy-as-hell, with some suspense and mystery thrown in. Another amazing read from Milly Taiden. I loved Liv. She's very feisty and spirited. She could hold her own and didn't let anyone boss her around. I really felt for her and her struggles.Karel so sexy and alpha. I love how protective he is of Liv and he just knows that they belong.I'm in love with the new spin on the PDA series going [...]

    8. I am on a roll into these books I am working my way through the series and seriously enjoying them. I love Karel and was happy to see him get his own story. What a man!

    9. HOT smokin HOT that is the only way to describe Milly Taiden and her writing. Get the ice water and prepare to get steamy because no one writes sex like the Smut Queen. I have loved the adventures in Paranormal Dating Agency the high energy of Ms Gerri Wilder makes you want to meet this feisty lady and get her to hook you up with the Mack Truck of men sex on shifters.Ms. Taiden writes fun sexy adventures that you find your self swept away in a modern day Fairytale. Because we all want a happily [...]

    10. So I got a deal a la BookBub for one of the books in this series. At the time I was really unable to focus on anything, so I gave this book (and then the series) a shot. Sped through the whole series.I don't feel comfortable enough to give a rating to the series, because I just can't evaluate it the way I can evaluate another book. But I will say that in my head, the rating went up a little bit because the author really seems to know what she's writing. She's not trying to write great fiction; t [...]

    11. Yowzers! Loved it! Milly does it again.other smoking hot read! Have water handy, you will need it. Karel comes to Earth to find a mate because Gerri is backlogged and can not make another trip to Aurora. Alivia (Liv) has a chance meeting with Gerri, or is it. Liv decides to give her a chance at finding her a mate. As soon as Karel and Liv meet you can see the sparks flying but Liv is heading out for a date. You can imagine this not sitting well with Karel as he follows her, good thing too as he [...]

    12. If you’ve read one you’ve pretty much read them all. Not much going on in this one, we have Karel looking for a wife because his mother is dying and he wants to make her happy. Liv is the typical BBW more talk then she really feels when it all comes down to it. The insecurities is what really gets me because there are so many BBW’s out there that have no shame and if anything the only thing they are insecure about is letting go of their heart for it to be broken. The two meet, of course sh [...]

    13. I loved this book, but then again it is a Milly Taiden book!I would have finished this a lot sooner, if I had had the time to actually read the past couple of days. As usual, this was awesome. I was actually surprised by how quickly Karel and Liv's romance blossomed but I should be used to that with the faster pace stories.The story is fully told and nothing important is missing, so you get a wonderful short story. Great for a quick read even if you only have a little bit of time.Although, every [...]

    14. This is another amazing book by this extremely talented author. I was hooked on this book from the moment that I picked it up. The story is amazing, once you start reading, there is no putting it down until the very last page is read. You will fall in love with the characters and the book moved along at a great pace. This must be read, you will not be sorry.

    15. Liv was a BBW tired of dating. Karel Yaghar was on a mission to find his mate and return to his mother before she died. Never did he expect to find his mate so fast or find that someone was out to kill the ones around him. I got Karel's love and even a few answers to questions from previous reads in this series.

    16. Was so glad to know this character was finally getting his own book and i loved it. Bella is still getting in trouble and Karel with his mother *swoon* and Liv is one lucky girl. How the threat came into play was interesting and played out well and enjoyed how things turned out for everyone.

    17. Absolutely Love!!! The characters were great. Loved Karel and Liv's story and that you get to know more of the planet Aurora. Their story is fantastic. A love story with a murder plot can't get any better! Way to go Milly Taiden another home run scored with this great paranormal romance.

    18. Now, let me get one thing clear; I liked this book. That's why it has 4 stars. I enjoyed it. As a fun read to start a slow new year at work, it filled a gap.However, and this is a big however, I have a few niggles. In no particular order:1: PacingI had trouble figuring out the passing of time. Scene transitions seemed a little clunky and unsure. I'm of the opinion one is to end a scene with a definite idea. It didn't detract from the story itself. But I couldn't really tell how much time has pas [...]

    19. In the first book 6 we got to meet Karel Yahgar. I loved his personality in that book and we get to see that same personality in this book. He truly has level head on his shoulders. This was another book I used the whispersync feature and just loved the narrator. Alivia Vela aka Liv was this confident curvy woman. She loved who she was curves and all. That did not mean her family excepted her curves. As you are reading this series you find the struggles that women like Liv goes through. I think [...]

    20. ANOTHER LITTLE SLICE OF HEAVEN FROM MILLY TAIDEN !!!Title: In the RoarSeries: Paranormal Dating AgencyDesignation: Book Nine of Series, Stand-alone Novella, No CliffhangerAuthor: Milly TaidenReading Platform: Kindle UnlimitedMy Rating: FIVE DELICIOUSLY CUTE STARS*****Wow! Another homerun from Milly Taiden! In the Roar is the ninth fun-filled release in her best-selling Paranormal Dating Agency Series and she's most definitely knocked it out of the park - again! Taiden once again demonstrates her [...]

    21. Poor Karel, he wants to find his mate so he can introduce her to his dying mother. When Gerri can't help him right away he comes to earth to speed the time frame up. The first woman he sees is Olivia, who lives in the same apartment block as Gerri.Olivia's luck with men is diabolical, she is ready to give up completely and get artificially inseminated but then she meets Gerri.Olivia agreed to allow Gerri to match her up with a shifter for one date but first she has to get through another date or [...]

    22. In The Roar by Milly Taiden is a fairly short read, perfect for paranormal fans with limited time for reading. Ms Taiden has delivered a well-written book. The characters are fantastic. Karel and Liv's story is fast paced and loaded with suspense, action, humor and sizzle. I enjoyed In The Roar and look forward to reading more from Milly Taiden in the future. In The Roar is book 9 of the Paranormal Dating Agency Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. [...]

    23. Wow! I love this addition to the PDA series. HA! PDA! Paranormal Dating Agency or Public Display of Affection. Funny! Anyway back to the story. I love this one. Karel has been a great character since the first time he was introduced and I love that he got his own story. Liv is a perfect match for him. I really enjoyed the fact that while there may have been less steam this time there was more excitement. I mean first Tiana and then the mystery woman and then that ending. Awesome! I really can't [...]

    24. Fun SeriesI really enjoy this author's paranormal romances. They are quick reads packed with plenty of romance. This one features a woman who really wants kids but is tired of being treated badly by men. She is insecure about her appearance. It takes a shifter from another planet to show her how special she is and give her the life she deserves. He is loyal, protective and sexy and she could not ask for more.

    25. Same type of women over and overBook number 9 and it's the same type of woman over and over in fact I think almost all the books have been large women with brownish skin. Who all complain about the same hard life because of there size. I'd love to see some variation. Maybe individual personalities.

    26. In the RoarAnother Winner! Milly Taiden really knows how to captivate and keep her readers enthralled. She has the right mixture of romance, sass, and mystery. What I enjoy the most is the dynamics between the couples. Though the males are alphas, they are secure in their manliness that their mates can be strong as well. Keep them coming Milly.

    27. I love short, hot sexy shifters. But, when you get to a point in a series that there's no new surprises, and it's the same, I tend to get bored. This doesn't take away from the fact that it's a sexy story. I think I'm just overloaded with the "mine" concept

    28. In the RoarI had been away from this series for awhile, it was nice to see Gerri back in action with her matchmaking. This was a short, quick read. I liked the characters and thought the story was ok. On to the next book in the series

    29. Quick and exciting read!This book like the rest of the series is a well written fast read. It has nice, likeable characters, and easy fast paced storyline. Perfect way to end the day with a smile is to read one of these books in this series.

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