The Templar's Seduction

The Templar s Seduction Sir Alexander de Ashby is scheduled to hang at dawn for attempting to steal some Templar treasure However since he bears a startling resemblance to a deceased earl who held valuable land in England s

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  • Title: The Templar's Seduction
  • Author: Mary Reed McCall
  • ISBN: 9780061170447
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sir Alexander de Ashby is scheduled to hang at dawn for attempting to steal some Templar treasure However, since he bears a startling resemblance to a deceased earl who held valuable land in England s wars against Scotland, he is given a reprieve in exchange for agreeing to impersonate the earl and help infiltrate the castle.

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    1. The Templar’s Seduction is book three of the Templar Knights series by American author, Mary Reed McCall. Sir Alexander de Ashby has an uncanny resemblance to Robert Kincaid, Earl of Marston, a feature his English captors decide to use to their advantage. Kincaid has been gone from Dunleavy for five years, apparently murdered in captivity. They blackmail Alex into posing as Kincaid to feed them information essential to their attack. Robert’s wife, Lady Elizabeth of Selkirk, has been fending [...]

    2. Disgraced Templar Finds LoveSet in 1309 in Scotland, this is the story of Lady Elizabeth of Selkirk who holds Dunleavy Castle for her husband, Robert Kincaid, Lord Marston. At first, she hears he is dead but then she receives word he is alive. It’s been years since he was with her and when Robert returns, he is not the same man. Little does she know the man who claims to be her long-lost husband is actually an imposter, a disgraced Templar knight who agreed to the ruse to save his life and tha [...]

    3. Meh. Not terrible. Not great either. No true character development. Typical hero feels guilty for some crime in his past, meets girl, falls in love, OMG now he doesn't feel so guilty and all is well here comes the happily ever after the end!! Basically, a paint by numbers. Only reason I'm not giving it one star is because it's not as bad as the one I read where the heroine trains and races cats.

    4. I was disappointed kept waiting for the real historical and knights in shining armour action but mainly I got sexy scenes with repeated thoughts. I couldn't wait to flip through to the end and start on something else well, I did have to know what happened after all! Sorry sexy romance is apparently not my genre but liked the characters, the story and loved the Scots history!!

    5. Everything A Historical Should BeI really enjoyed this book! It had everything a sweeping historical romance should have: the Knights Templar as mythic heroes; a larger than life hero who is physically appealing, mentally sharp, impassioned of the heroine, and who has a great sense of humor; and a heroine who is intelligent, loving, vulnerable, and able to see beyond the obvious.Captured by a powerful English lord and sentenced to hang for murder, errant Templar Knight Sir Alexander de Ashby thi [...]

    6. This book was one I picked up for a taste of 'not having to think' romance novels, which appeals from time to time. There were some good parts of the story, but overall I found the story to be "just another historical romance." It was a decent way to spend a couple of hours and while it wasn't a disappointment, as I didn't expect too much from it, it simply didn't do much for me storywise. I found the resolution of nearly all the major crisis points/conflicts in the novel to be a bit too easy an [...]

    7. I am not primarily a romance reader. I love a good mystery, but I did fancy this book A LOT! I am glad I ventured out of my murder mystery rut. The sexual tension was handled well and Mary Reed McCall is one good writer. I'll read more of her material.

    8. I had a hard time getting in to this book at first. I really didn't care for Alex at the beginning. The book's pace got better though and I started liking the characters more. I'd be interested in reading about some of the other knight's stories.

    9. This story was about a former Knight Templar who has been imprisoned and must impersonate a late Earl in which he bears a striking resemblance. His friend is being held to ensure his cooperation. The Knight falls in love with the late Earl's widow and this is their story.

    10. This book was extra good. Kept me awake all night could not put it down had to knowNeed to read more of hers.

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