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On Church Leadership Mark Driscoll founded Mars Hill CHursh in Seattle in and it is now one of the fastest growing and most prolific church planting churches in America Writing out of his personal experience and bibl

  • Title: On Church Leadership
  • Author: Mark Driscoll
  • ISBN: 9781433501371
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mark Driscoll founded Mars Hill CHursh in Seattle in 1996 and it is now one of the fastest growing and most prolific church planting churches in America Writing out of his personal experience and biblical conviction, Driscoll here examines six key areas of church leadership.

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    1. Driscoll summarizes church government and administration in this 100 page booklet.Synopsis: Jesus is the head of the church. Elders are human leaders who follow Jesus and get others to, also. Women are not called to eldership for Biblical reasons. Deacons are helpers in the church to administer. Membership is important. Leadership teams need to vary their methods by the size of the church.Pros:Addresses elder training, relationships, conflict and duties in a thorough and practical way that doesn [...]

    2. I debated between giving this book two and three stars. According to , two stars means 'it was ok'; three stars means 'liked it'. In the end I went for three stars, because there were significant sections I liked, even though there were others which were just ok, if that.The format of the book (A book you'll actually read, <100 pages) is very helpful. I have in fact now read it! However, for the serious student or interested person, the format is a weakness, and you are better off simply skip [...]

    3. On Church Leadership is just one of a handful of books in a series entitled "A Book You'll Actually Read." It's designed to be read by 'regular' and 'ordinary' people in about an hour. And I must admit the format of the book is not intimidating. It's a little book. (Under 100 pages). Short. Sweet. To the point.I knew this author was a kindred spirit of sorts when he mentioned this in the introduction, "You will not read a bunch of cute stories about bunny rabbits giving their lives to Jesus and [...]

    4. At 24church we 19re in the midst of restructuring things just a bit. We 19ve been focusing on membership and deacons especially. Currently our membership covenant is pretty low on expectations and accountability. This was not our original intent, but in an attempt to be grace-filled, I think we failed to hold our people to the high standards of Jesus. Similarly, we have not implemented deacons because we hated the stigma that the word 1Cdeacon 1D holds in many churches. Now, all that is in the m [...]

    5. A few days ago the Sr. pastor at my church handed me his copy of this book and said, "Here's you another book to read to kind of show you where we're coming from." The elders have been working through this little book (almost a tract really) in order to shore up the Biblical foundations of how they lead our church. It seems that lately many reformed pastors are pulling away from Driscoll because of some of his theology. Some people throw out babies with bath water too. Personally, I found very l [...]

    6. The introduction helped engage me into the reading and on church leadership to get a greater scope on the subject at hand. Then once I got to chapter 3, women in ministry, this is where things got a little territorial for me and baffled to see that elder-pastor role is not for women according to 1 Timothy 5:17. We know the scriptures about women being quiet in the church argument used so loosely in male-oriented churches, which didn't mean we would remain silent. We have to look at the Jewish cu [...]

    7. Like most of the other Driscoll books that I've read, a review of this book depends on whether I'm in a mood to be more aware of the Biblical accuracy of the opinions (which is impressive, with many footnotes and thorough explanations) or the smug and provocative tone in which they're presented. This is a small book which, while almost criminally overpriced, is well worth a read. Driscoll explains the roles of elders, deacons, and church members themselves, and he presents a membership covenant [...]

    8. I read this book as a part of a fun "challenge" a local church plant is doing ("who will read more - men or women?") when I picked it up and saw it was a Driscoll book, I had a momentary pause, as I am unhappy with what I have been seeing and reading about his behaviour, of late.That is the problem with this book, it is written with a pretty "hardline" approach - agree and "get on board" or the "bus" will run you over on its way by. I couldn't escape Driscoll himself as I read, even though his i [...]

    9. The bottom line: A quick, easy, and comprehensive look into the Biblical and practical aspects of church leadership.On Church Leadership was written for a church that lacked authority, formal leaders and structure. As a result, it is an effective guidebook to building and nurturing the people and superstructures necessary for a successful church by a pastor who has done it several times over.The book begins with an Introduction that explains chesadaphal/church-lea

    10. Typical Driscoll: well argued, thoroughly biblical, and full of wisdom garnered through experience. I think that limiting how we speak about Christians into the three categories of elder, deacon, and saint is very helpful. However, on the issue of an elder-pastor (the leader among equals) I couldn't help but shudder, remembering what went at Mars Hill. That aside, this is a valuable resource and one I would readily put into the hands of my church.

    11. Great book. Expanded from a Mars Hill church booklet and published by Crossway. Great expos on elders (pastors) deacons (leaders/assistants) and membership, and women in ministry (a hot topic). This book is very cut and dry, but not too boring. As Mark himself puts it, this book will not have cute stories of sheep getting saved. Read it in 1 day, very short book 93 pages.

    12. A short and worthwhile book on the scriptural organization of the local church, this former pamphlet pithily sets forth what is essential and what is practical. A 2 hour investment of time will be rewarded with useful information and practical application.

    13. Well, I actually read it! Very good information and has many verses to back up the biblical concepts talked about in the book!

    14. Great book on church leadership, can be read in a little over an hour. Great book for small groups or people who are entering into church leadership.

    15. About an hour read and simply describes church leadership, elders, and the structure of the church. It also looks at the biblical teachings of an male-eldership.

    16. I love these quick reads. Once again, Driscoll has some great and controversial thoughts (women in ministry) on church leadership.

    17. Finally a great synopsis on Church leadership that makes sense. Worth having in your collection and for sharing with others who need direction on this topic.

    18. Good stuff here! Some of the same stuff I have learned over the years but a good refresher into what a elder, deacon, member, woman, and leadership team looks like working together.

    19. A quick survey on principles of church leadership. Extremely practical without a lot of time spent on theological basis. I found it helpful, but there's areas here I would love to dig deeper on.

    20. Succintear the pointd funny (as Mark always is). I really like the way Mark brings it all back to the word "authority" how true and needed.

    21. Like the "Little Big Books" I used to read as a child, this packs a ton of goodness in a little package. These are perfect quick wins to give to new Christians.

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