Direct from Dell

Direct from Dell In Michael Dell a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin drove away from his parents Houston home in a BMW he d bought selling subscriptions to his hometown newspaper In the backseat we

  • Title: Direct from Dell
  • Author: Michael Dell
  • ISBN: 9780006531272
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1983, Michael Dell, a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin, drove away from his parents Houston home in a BMW he d bought selling subscriptions to his hometown newspaper In the backseat were three personal computers Today, he is the chairman and CEO of Dell Computer Corporation, a 30 billion company and the second largest manufacturer and marketer of computIn 1983, Michael Dell, a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin, drove away from his parents Houston home in a BMW he d bought selling subscriptions to his hometown newspaper In the backseat were three personal computers Today, he is the chairman and CEO of Dell Computer Corporation, a 30 billion company and the second largest manufacturer and marketer of computers in the world Founded on a deceptively simple premise to deliver high performance computer systems directly to the end user Dell Computer is the envy of its competition It has consistently grown at two to three times the industry rate, its stock went up than 90,000 percent in the last decade, and Dell is now selling than 35 million worth of systems per day over In Direct from Dell, you will learn why it s better for any business starting out to have too little capital rather than too muchwhy your people pose a greater threat to the health of your business than your competitionhow you can exploit your competition s weakness by exposing its greatest strengthhow intergrating your business virtually can make the difference between being quick and being deadand much

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    1. "In your margin, lies my opportunity"- Jeff BezosApart from what we all know about Mr Bezos, this line is suggestive of the fact that Consumer is the King. Well friends I found another paranoid who thoroughly believes in this mantra and his name is Mr Michael Dell, founder of 'Dell Computer Corporations'.This guy has reinforced my belief that family milieu has something to do with how the child turns out to be. His mother was a stockbroker so the dinner table discussions were filled with what to [...]

    2. This is an excellent book and I would recommend this to everyone who is starting a B2C company or holds (or aims to hold) a managing positions in such a space.Michael Dell opens up about his life, how he started dell, what the differentiator for Dell as a company is and his obsession for the customer satisfaction. The book is divided into two parts:- the first talks about dell as a younger company and the second focuses on managing the big organizers so you get both the perspectives. The example [...]

    3. Indepth understanding about the business efficiencies of an organization that revolitionized a industry.Great book overall You learn how a company is built and its strategies. Great indepth knowledge about selling direct and culture that promotes a constant innovation and challenges old ways of doing business. It is a ideal book for someone who wants to understand the operations of a large company with efficiency,agility and control of a small organization. The way dell creates a whole new model [...]

    4. An older book but I found at lot of the business advice was still very current, particularly since I am in a much slower moving industry than Dell. The amount of import placed in people (employees, customers, suppliers) and the inter relationships between them has really helped me think differently about my own job. Seeking that information rather than waiting for it to come to you is valid in any role and job in any business. I also found the tone of this very conversational and approachable. T [...]

    5. The story of a company that started in a dorm room and grew to a multi-billion dollar corporation is a fun read, but since it was written in '99, the talk about capitalizing on the newfangled Internet sounds aged. Does anyone call it cyberspace anymore? Still, the principles Dell built his namesake company on are solid and applicable to any business: Take care of your customers, your employees, and your suppliers. Dell was probably ahead of his time using Kanban-style, low-inventory systems, in [...]

    6. Wherever I go, whether I'm giving speeches or talking to customers, I'm always asked lots of questions about e-commerce and the future of business. No matter who the audience, one simple question is asked again and again : What happens next? The high-tech industry is particularly known for it's volatility - but today businessses in other industries are far from immune. The Pervasive use of technology throughout businesses large and small, and the furious rate at which information is exchanged, h [...]

    7. Michael Dell started his company as a freshman at the University of Texas with $1,000. He narrates in a very humble way, always speaking of things having to do with customer satisfaction and their benefits. Maximizing profit seems to come only secondary. Dell started an informal business putting together and selling upgrade kits for personal computers. He then applied for a vendor license to bid on contracts for the State of Texas, winning bids by not having the overhead of a computer store. In [...]

    8. Picked this up from my bro-in-law's abandoned box in his garage :). Michael Dell fits the early starting mold of successful famous people I have read: a premed major who started his business in middle school (eventually earning $18,000 a year, more than his teacher who helped him do his tax return). He followed through his idea of selling PCs direct to customers at the right time during the birth of the massive industry, growing his business to billions of dollars of yearly sales in just a few s [...]

    9. Leider kein Inhalt, den man auf irgendeine Art weiterverwenden kann. Nur eine Beschreibung: "erst habe ich das gemacht, dann habe ich das gemacht" - also null Reflexion, warum etwas gut oder schlecht war.Meine Vermutung: er hat es nicht selbst geschrieben, sondern mit einem (schlechten) Ghostwriter zusammen gearbeitet.Statt dessen empfehle ich: Ben & Jerry's: The Inside ScoopBen & Jerry's: The Inside Scoop: How Two Real Guys Built a Business with a Social Conscience and a Sense of Humor

    10. Good book about a man and his vision for Dell - It's also a history lesson in how a kid went to college and was seeking a different path and the principles that took him down that road.Found it very compelling that he hit the wall at one point - His experience and education not suited for the job he created - CEO of Dell --- Use of external experts to provide supply chain and business leadership was encouraging.Seeing him return to the helm is also example to his ability to adapt and master the [...]

    11. Splendid story about how one's passion could lead you into the dream career. Michael Dell tells the incredible story of how an excellent strategy and innovative marketing paved the way for him to carve a niche for a business he started in his college dormitory. At least he gives the other side of the story which is that he did not have to drop out of school to achieve his dream. His lesson on effective marketing strategy makes interesting reading for any business student. He has a thing or two a [...]

    12. Direct from DellMy well wisher who bought this book for me. I had no idea why she opted this book for me. Left with no option, i read few pages in the beginning, as hours gone, Mr Dell pulled me completely in to his world.For every working professional and thinking of start up, i highly recommend this book. This book gave me few learning out of his experience1. How to be organized2. Delegating the work to the peers3. Stay focused on your goal.4. VisionThanks mate for your gift

    13. Read this for an E-business class years ago. I rarely read a book back then, but actually finished this one. I really enjoyed it the flow of the book and the simple business strategies presented in it. It's interesting to see how a company evolves over time and how a smart, but well grounded, founder can turn a little side job into a huge corporation.

    14. I always find that most CEO's have extreme interest in many things, especially in making a new world. They know that their dreams come true not only by themselves, but need other people's help. It is difficult to work with various people who have their own opinions. Eventhough, he has the ability to connnect their opinions in one straight way.

    15. Michael Dell thinks like a business man, and if you find yourself reading through this book going, duh at a few points, you probably think in a similar manner. While some of the book seems only relevant to people interested in working at Dell or a similar company, there's quite a bit that your average person can take away from this book. �

    16. Perhaps because of an anachronistic read - I found this book a bit soporific, and dull. Michael Dell, in this book, completely fixated with costumers' products and services - and discusses nothing beyond that arena. The first not so good entrepreneur book I ever read.

    17. Straight from the heart from someone who has a huge contribution in building the personal computing industry and the server industry.For anyone dreaming of making it big in the computer industry this is a must read.

    18. O livre teria sido ótimo se estivesse no ano de 1999. Considerando que eu li em 2013 as lições ou estão defasadas ou então não são surpreendentes como foram para a época.Dentro do aspecto pessoal não existe quase nenhuma informação sobre o homem por trás da Dell, somente sobre a sua empresa.

    19. I read this in high school back when I didn't know much about business. Now that I think back on it, this book kicks management theory ass

    20. Can be a bit dry but offers so much good insight. Very good owner/manager discipline and all the right principles. Great Business Book overall

    21. Received this book as a gift from my client's implementation team after completing my first PeopleSoft consulting assignment many years ago. Quite serendipitous in retrospect.

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