His Baby Agenda

His Baby Agenda A nanny A single father A love stronger than revenge Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Katherine Garbera Ten years ago someone framed him for murder Kingsley Buchanan lost everything including

  • Title: His Baby Agenda
  • Author: Katherine Garbera
  • ISBN: 9780373734511
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A nanny A single father A love stronger than revenge Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Katherine Garbera Ten years ago, someone framed him for murder Kingsley Buchanan lost everything, including Gabriella de la Cruz Now the billionaire is back to settle old scores But he must protect his child Kingsley needs Gabi as a nanny for his son But Gabi is no longer aA nanny A single father A love stronger than revenge Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Katherine Garbera Ten years ago, someone framed him for murder Kingsley Buchanan lost everything, including Gabriella de la Cruz Now the billionaire is back to settle old scores But he must protect his child Kingsley needs Gabi as a nanny for his son But Gabi is no longer a naive girl She s a businesswoman with needs of her own The only thing that hasn t changed her hunger for Kingsley But Gabi won t risk her heart on a man she can t trust unless she can convince him that love is powerful than revenge

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    1. Good second chance story with an underlying mystery. Ten years earlier, Gabi and King had been college sweethearts when he and his friend Hunter were accused of murder. In order to protect her, King said hurtful things, driving her away. Now King and Hunter are back in California, determined to find out the truth and take their revenge. King hopes that Gabi might remember something from that night, and hires her as nanny to his son to get her into his home.Gabi has never forgotten her feelings f [...]

    2. *Given to me by Katherine Garbera in exchange for an honest review*4 Stars!!!! "His Baby Agenda" Sons of Privilege Four by Katherine GarberaI have read several novels by this author and truly enjoyed them all. Although this book can be read as a standalone and does have a HEA for the H/h, there is an unresolved issue that continues with the next book," His Seduction Game," (Hunter's story) with a resolution.This sweet story gives us Kingsley and Gabi, a wealthy single father and a nanny.Kingsley [...]

    3. In His Baby Agenda by Katherine Garbera, a powerful need for revenge and a second chance at love are at war with each othern the hero have it all?Kingsley is an interesting hero. When he suddenly reappears in Gabi's life, there is more than one item on his agenda. He craves answers to a past that riddles his present. Gabi is a strong part of his past who never thought Kingsley would appear in her life again. She's never gotten over him, still holds a world of hurt in her heart, and is unable to [...]

    4. This book was trashy and poorly written.The premise was completely farfetched. The male lead, Kingsley, is your typical "perfect" man. He's a billionaire in a huge mansion. He was a football star in his youth. He has the perfect physique. Etc. etc. He and the female lead, the very forgettable Gabi, dated for a whole three weeks in college and slept together oncebut somehow every other page of the story talks about how in love they are and how they've craved each other for the ten years since, an [...]

    5. People sometimes focus so much on what has happened that they can forget what the future may be if they could just get over it.Gabriella de la Cruz had moved on from college. She was no longer the same girl that she was. In fact after taking a year of and being “volunteered” into a nanny role she actually has come away with a career she loves and a business she is proud of. So what if she hasn’t had a date in a while, she’s just picky, everything else in her life is fine, just fine. King [...]

    6. I received a free ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.Kingley (King) Buchanan has moved back to California to find and get revenge on the person who set him up for murder several years earlier.Gabrielle De La Cruz is running her own Nanny Agency where King visits her and makes a deal with her for her to be his son, Connor's, Nanny.Gabi and King were dating at the time he was accused of murder.She is very apprehensive about getting involved in King's life but he's a hard man to resist and w [...]

    7. This story grabbed my attention from the start. Once I started reading it was hard to put down. I loved seeing the changes that Gabi went through during the story as well as Kingsley. Kingsley's son Conner was too cute!

    8. The book is about 2 people knowing each other in college when they are young and seem to have it all. When they decide to move their relationship forward after a party, their lives are changed forever and the guy says things to the girl and the relationship ends. Meanwhile on this same night, the guy and his friend get arrested and later all charges are dropped. However the media and the public still make them pay. Years later, the guy and his friend move back to the area. The guy needs help wit [...]

    9. This book is a lying lie-face.Gabi is a one-time nanny, now-time childcare business owner who has to downgrade back to nanny because an old flame named Kingsley (worst name) wants her to and bribes her with charitable works. The only thing interesting about him is that he was arrested ten years ago--for murder.Obviously he didn't do it, but he is certainly guilty of fraternising. It made me uncomfortable, because Gabi kept trying to be professional and he didn't respect that at all. He cared abo [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this book by Katherine Garbera. Kinsgley Buchanan has returned to California along with his son Connor and best friend Hunter to clear his and Connor’s name for a crime they were accused of a decade earlier. While the charges were dropped for lack of evidence, the doubts of the public continue to haunt them. They also want revenge for the person who actually committed the crime and set them up. While he is back, Kingsley’s secondary goal is to make amends with Gabi, the girl [...]

    11. This new book by Ms. Garbera catches your attention from the beginning. Although it would appear to be a romance, like any other, it has an underlying theme that is not often found in this genre. The book begins with a meeting of two lovers who broke up on bad terms and have not seen each other for a number of years due to difficult circumstances. Then as the story progresses, the reader is drawn into the complexities of the circumstances of their split as the mystery of the past is revealed and [...]

    12. I was lucky enough to be given a copy of this book by the author to read. “there is some spoilers”Kingsley Buchanan and his friend Hunter, while in Collage were accused of a murder that they did not commit. And they both want to find the person who did commit this crime. For Kinsley the one person who can help him is the girl he pushed out of his life after that fateful night…Gabi del a Cruz. Kinsley needs a Nanny and Gabi runs a Nanny agency. So for this billionaire it works right in with [...]

    13. Cute kid and loved the father-son bond but nothing else was believable - certainly not the "connection or great love" we were suppose to think that Hero & Heroine had. Kingsley & Gabi had a one night stand when they were in college and before it could turn into anything, he & his best bud Hunter, were accused of murder so he turns Gabi away in order to protect her from scandal. Flash forward 10 years later, Kingsley is a widower with a 3 year old son and needs Gabi's help to care for [...]

    14. I absolutely loved this story! I couldn't put it down. The story pulled me in from the beginning to end. It has some mystery and romance. The chemistry between Kingsley and Gabi is hot and steamy. I love the relationship that Kingsley has with his son Conner. Gabi is strong, smart and successful and know how to hold her own with Kingsley. Kingsley is arrogant and also successful dispute his past. Kingsley turned Gabi away to protect her after being wrongly accused of murder. Ten years Kingsley i [...]

    15. I really loved this story. Romance, drama, suspense, mystery, and an adorable little boy all wrapped up in a perfect combination.Kingsley and Gabi were great main characters, but Connor steals the show at points. I really enjoyed how Kingsley and Gabi worked through their past together, and the abrupt ending to a budding relationship back in college. I felt bad for Kinglsey from the very beginning, he was a bit domineering, but not so much that I couldn't appreciate how much he was hurting becau [...]

    16. Reunited lovers, an adorable little boy and lots of intrigue!Kingsley Buchanan has returned to California 10 years after leaving in disgrace. His life was in turmoil back then when he was falsely accused of murder and lost everything important to him. Now he's back and intent on getting revenge on whoever set him up and ruined his life.Gabriella de la Cruz is shocked when King shows up in her office demanding that he needs her to be a nanny to his 3 year old son, Conner. They briefly dated back [...]

    17. His Baby Agenda by Katherine Garbera is an engrossing, angsty revenge story. The characters are strong and flawed but you grow to like them enough to cheer them on towards their happily ever after. Ms. Garbera’s writing is fresh and I really liked how she brought together this story on an overall basis.Kingsley Buchanan had his world torn apart when someone framed him for murder, years ago. He lost everything because of that—even Gabriele de la Cruz. But now he is back and ready to get his l [...]

    18. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Although this book is a standalone, there is another book after this that I am also looking forward to reading. His Baby Agenda has it all, a love story, a cute as a button little boy, intrigue, hidden agendas…there’s just too much to list. This is Gabriella de la Cruz’s and Kingsley Buchanan’s story/HEA but there is so much going on to keep you from putting this book down. Kingsley has come back to town to right the many [...]

    19. Unfortunate circumstances tore them apart before their relationship even started. In college, accused of a crime he did not commit, Kingston protects Gabi by turning her away. Ten years later, he sets out to clear his name. His three year old son needs a nanny and Gabi is the one he wants. Can Gabi put aside her hurt from so long ago? Kingston makes her an offer she cannot refuse, and maybe Gabi will open her heart again in the process. This book moves quickly and makes you fall in love with Con [...]

    20. Gabriella and Kingsley are the two main characters.Kingsley a retired football player comes back to town and uses his past history with Gabi to convince her to become his nanny. Gabriella owns her own Nanny business but is convinced to become Conner's nanny. This was a great book. I totally recommend reading it.I really enjoyed the sizzle between the two main characters as they learned to love each other againd to remember what is really important. Love and family.I am on review crew and wanted [...]

    21. This book begins with a meeting of two lovers who broke up on bad terms.Gabi runs a Nannie service and her old lover Kingsley hires her to sit with his son Connor after popping in out of the blue .Kingsley and a friend were accused of a murder and they want to find out who did it because they didn't.This is a fantastic story .Kathern Garbera the author gave me this for an honest review and I have to say I couldn't put it down until I read the whole thing .Check out the book .You won't be disappo [...]

    22. As usual for Ms Garbera's books, I couldn't put it down until I finished reading it!Kingsley Buchanon was a former NFL quarterback and Gabriella de la Cruz's first lover. Unfortunately, King was arrested the day after being with Gabi for a murder he didn't commit and rejected Gabi when she showed up to help him. Now he's back with his adorable 3 year old son looking for a nanny and revenge on whoever framed him. He wants Gabi back for both he and his son and to find out what really happened that [...]

    23. "Gabriella and Kingsley are like fire and ice, with distinct personalities that clash until the intensity of their feelings brings them full circle. Kingsley’s interactions with his son are adorable, and readers will fall in love with these characters before the book is done" (4 stars @ RT Book Reviews)Miniseries: Billionaires and Babies

    24. Gabi and King have a past that is sneaking it's way into the present. Can she work for him without letting their future be compromised? I fell in love with this story but my disappointment came with the cliffhanger on their past. But not too dissatisfied because I'm sure all will be revealed in the story of their friend. A great read.

    25. I love my harlequin Desire's. Used to get them monthly, but since moving to a farming town three years ago. They don't sell them here close by. Anyway i finally got a hold of some and this book kept me distracted from everyday stuff for a few days. Thanks for a great book.

    26. Loved the second chance this couple got to find their happily ever after. The chemistry between the two jumps off the pages. I loved this book, by the end of the book I was wanting to keep reading. Can't wait for the next book to come out!

    27. love it. love a single man who love his kid. i hoping they have a book for Kingsley friend Hunter do find out who killed his girlfriend????

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