Exposed Sometimes the one you were meant to be with Marisol Lorenzo landed her dream job as an Assistant U S Attorney and is working on the case that could make her career now she s determined to put away the

  • Title: Exposed
  • Author: Kaylea Cross
  • ISBN: 9781928044116
  • Page: 140
  • Format: ebook
  • Sometimes the one you were meant to be with Marisol Lorenzo landed her dream job as an Assistant U.S Attorney and is working on the case that could make her career now she s determined to put away the most dangerous drug lord in the country But his incarceration has opened up a lethal turf war among his lieutenants Their enforcers are out hunting their enemies, and anSometimes the one you were meant to be with Marisol Lorenzo landed her dream job as an Assistant U.S Attorney and is working on the case that could make her career now she s determined to put away the most dangerous drug lord in the country But his incarceration has opened up a lethal turf war among his lieutenants Their enforcers are out hunting their enemies, and anyone who gets in their way When one of them sets his sights on Marisol, she turns to a man she grew up with and has wanted for years a member of the FBI s elite Hostage Rescue Team Even though she thinks he ll break her heart when he leaves town, it s a risk she s willing to take Has been right in front of you all along Special Agent Ethan Cruz is back home in Miami with his team to take down a dangerous fugitive linked to the case Marisol is working on He s focused on his job and not looking for a relationship, until she captures his attention so completely that he s consumed with the need to make her his Though he knows he should keep his distance, the explosive attraction sizzling between them makes it impossible He s always had a soft spot for her but now his feelings are so intense he can t shut them off What starts off as desire quickly runs deeper, becoming something powerful than he s ever known And when Marisol winds up in the crosshairs of the most lethal enforcer of all, he ll put everything on the line to save her.

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    1. I liked the romance in this one better, but quite a bit of it was predictable. I knew when Briar showed up that she would have some answers on a different character. Just as it was easy to see how things would go with Ethan and Marisol. What I really liked was Vance and Ethan's mom and their mutual affection for each other. Should make things interesting if he ever steps up to who he's lusting after.

    2. A somewhat disappointing read after the buildup of Marisol and Ethan in the last book. Yes, there's suspense, and loads of action and a strangely sympathetic villain who got me going more than the main characters. I'm not a fan of instant-love and it seems doubly unbelievable when a man whom Marisol has grown up with all her life suddenly takes notice of her and decides he has feelings so deep that's called love - after telling her that a hookup he had with a friend a decade ago was someone he c [...]

    3. This was my favorite of them all!When Cruz fell he fell hard and for the right girl.Cruz and Soli started slowly but when the came together it was hot!Packed with HRT action this book had me on my toes for the wrong reasons: I wanted the bad guy to live. Imagine that!So my favorite character, unfortunately, was Miguel, El Santo. Kaylea Cross managed to create a sweet, tender bad guy who in the end just wanted to be loved. What a twist to the story to have his romance with Georgia. Their ending - [...]

    4. Can't believe I was rooting for the bad guy.Kayla has a way of making you root for the "bad guys" in this book. Else Santo made me cry for Julia. Exposed is one of the better stories in the HRT series. Loved it.

    5. Another hit in this series, it's as if each book just gets better and better. The characters are Amazing the stories hold your interest cover to cover. Each story seems to sadly mimick events that are happening today in the news. Sadly our men and women forced to combat evil in this world are on the front lines not just in a book and for that I am Thankful everyday! As for me I love military type books with continuation of characters and strong men and women to make up brilliant stories and thes [...]

    6. Amazingly, gripping good read.Another HRT member bites the dust, and what an action packed edition. Ethan and Marisol have history, but circumstances throw them into a dramatic series of events. Ms Cross loves to play with her readers hearts and this doesn't disappoint but also in an unexpected twist.Highly recommended this edition of the HRT team, alpha guys and the ladies that make them fall exceptional read. Try it!

    7. This was a good book, but didn’t hold the suspense and non-stop-attention grabbing as the books prior.For rating and review breakdown, please feel free to read my blog review of this book at:flidaisdail/2017/07/14/e

    8. Woahh.!! what an amazing book that is some intelligent writting but some things that bothered me mainly it was just one question towards d end that i had why didn't Maisol accept then Miguel was trying to save ? why didnt she tell everybody. aparrt from this i loved dbook amazing climax with such a cute epilogue . best in d serious till now.

    9. 4.5/5.0 starsI genuinely love this series. The men of the HRT are all hot military men with special training who would not only die for each other, but also for the women and others in their lives that they love and care for. This is Ethan Cruz's story. The team is in his hometown of Miami tracking a man with connections to the most dangerous drug lord currently in the country. When he runs into his old neighbor Marisol, Ethan is shocked at the possessive feelings he has towards her. He always l [...]

    10. Fast, toe curling, action, characters that you fill fall in love with and relate to, a plot that keeps you glued to your book. I absolutely love Kaylea Cross' style of writing, and her romantic suspense and military stories are some of my all time favorite ones. The suspense in the story built through the tale, and the tension get higher as the story progresses. The plot is well thought out, there's twists, and combinations, that puzzle your mind, and the interest to the story doesn't fade throu [...]

    11. I've Got Your Back!!!Special Agent of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team, Ethan Cruz is back home in Miami. He's there to take down on of the most dangerous drug lord, Diego Fuentes. Marisol Lorenzo an Assistant U.S. Attorney is working on a big case, one that could make her career. She found herself in danger and the only man who could help keep her safe is the one man she has always wanted, Etan Cruz.It turned out that while the big fish Fuentes was behind bars, the lieutenants and their enforcers [...]

    12. What a WONDERFUL installment to the H.R.T. Series. This book focuses on Ethan Cruz and Marisol Lorenzo.I am so happy to learn more about Ethan Cruz. He has been in most all the previous books and I loved his personality and strength and passion.The H.R.T. is in Miami for training with the DEA and to get a member of Fuentes, one of the largest drug lords in the country.Ethan grew up in Miami and when he visits his mother he helps Marisol get a cat out of the tree and was surprised at how she was [...]

    13. I love KC books. She creates manly men that are so unbelievably hot you just have to have more. I have not liked all the books in this series and there are some I haven't even read but after reading the blurb on this one I knew it would be up my alley. The idea behind the book is girl grows up with hot neighbor but he doesn't return the obsession. It broke my heart when Marisol brought a plate of cookies as a surprise when he came home on leave and he is getting it on with another girl. To make [...]

    14. 4.5* I really enjoyed this story, and the series itself has just got better and better. I was a little worried to start as sometimes with a series that has got to 6 books, they can start to meld together, and become pretty much the same. However this isn't the case with this series, they are all individually gripping for many reasons and the characters although all alpha males are very different to each other and so are the female lead characters too. As for this story, although a little slow wi [...]

    15. I just couldn't get into this one! The plot was a bit boring and predictable. The relationship between I just finished reading this book about two hours ago and for the life of me I can't remember the names of the main characters which, I think, speaks for itself. It was one of those "insta love" stories where you stop to think if you missed a chapter where they fell in love. They had no contact for over four years, then he suddenly noticed she had breasts, fell in lust and then they had sex. Af [...]

    16. the on going background story of Fuentes, the drugs, guns and other crimes lord. due up on trial witnesses testimony is being gathered, but trouble as always is round the corner. Ethan's up in this one along with Marisol a child hood friend, someone he has always felt protective of. She's part of the trial team and has been targeted, threats, shots fired, kidnap. a paid assassin is another friend from her past, he feels bad that he may have to kill her but he's not going to let someone else do i [...]

    17. Another great installment in the HRT series. I love that each book in this series still dabbles quite a lot in previous characters and their plot-lines. Kaylea Cross really knows how to carry multiple layers through without it becoming too much for the reader to handle. The villain in this story was done differently to previous books, which as I once again found myself getting totally wrapped up in the characters made for quite conflicting emotions. It was impossible not to get completely sucked [...]

    18. This addition to the HRT series was awesomeEthan Cruz and Marisol Lorenzo were neighbors in Miami but when Ethan moves away to join Marines, they lose track of each. Flash forwards to present day, Marisol meets up again with Cruz when he comes home to visit his mother. She is an Assistant US attorney who is trying to make a case against Fuentes, one of the most notorious drug dealers on the east coast.Throw in two hired enforcers, a.k.a. assassin's, and Marisol's protection who are ambushed duri [...]

    19. Great seriesI've loved this series from the beginning, and this edition is no exception. I love all the HRT guys and their strong women. In this story, Ethan is reunited with the "girl next door". Marisol has had a crush on Ethan for as long as she can remember, but he has never seen her as more than a little sister. Marisol is all grown up now though, and Ethan starts to take notice. Just as he places Marisol at the center of his thoughts, a killer begins to focus on her as well. Ethan is deter [...]

    20. I've be come such a huge Kalyea Cross fan because of these HRT series book. This one totally lived up to my expectations. The female characters in the HRT series are strong female leads, this book is no exception. Marisol is not only strong, but funny. I certainly don't want to give any plot points away, but this book is definitely worth the read. It's hard not to fall In love with these characters.

    21. This might be a first for me. Along with the main story there was a side story that I found myself looking forward to reading, sometimes more then the main H and h's. I was hoping for something different and Cross actually surprised me with her choice. In the end it was all about setting up a new story and I get it, butdang! :) I recommend you read the whole series. It helps you understand the HRT group and their different roles and relationships that come up in each book.

    22. So wonderful!!!What an incredible book! And the most wonderful ending!!! Wow this book had it all: incredible action, STEAMY HOT sex, and such a sweet love story. I can't wait for every book by Kaylea Cross and every one of them live up to what I expect from her, a TERRIFIC story! And Exposed was definitely a TERRIFIC read! I highly recommend it!

    23. Wow that was pretty good although I wanted to slap marisol for not being more careful! And don't you just love it when the two that are destined to be together, actually pulls their heads out of their asses in time to do just thatI love it? I can't wait for vances story.s sure to be interesting.;)

    24. This was another great installment in the Hostage Rescue Team series! I always enjoy reading about the team and following their ops and their romances. Ethan and Marisol are a great couple and I love their history of growing up together. If you like romantic suspense, give this series a try. Each book is a stand alone so you can start anywhere!

    25. Action packed romanceSolid 8 stars!! Love reading this series and this book rocked. Full of action packed suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat, hard to put down. Several twists to story, plenty of rock hard bodies, alphas, and romance. Love it.

    26. Kaylea Cross' books never disappoint! Once again, her storyteeling ability made me keep turning pages, late into the night. Her books, especially the HRT series, are the ultimate blend of suspense, steam and romance. I am anxiously awaiting the next book, Vance's story!

    27. Loved it!I liked every single thing about this book. The characters, the dialogue, the action was just great. If you like romantic suspense/ military romance this is the book for you. KC 's books never disappoint me. I highly recommend all of her series.

    28. CruzAnother amazing romantic suspense that involves the amazing hostage rescue team, this time we get an insight into Cruz with little snippets from past characters we love so much.

    29. Kaylea Cross is the author that i read in one sitting! Love the way she tells her stories, showing both sides of the coin, view from the goid and bad guys! Akways lots of suspense, hold your breath action! Love her books and i love that she inter mixes her series!

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