Disavowed The government trained her to kill Briar Jones has lived most of her life in the shadows carrying out secret ops to eliminate some of the United States most dangerous enemies She s devoted her life t

  • Title: Disavowed
  • Author: Kaylea Cross
  • ISBN: 9781928044086
  • Page: 224
  • Format: ebook
  • The government trained her to kill Briar Jones has lived most of her life in the shadows, carrying out secret ops to eliminate some of the United States most dangerous enemies She s devoted her life to serving her country so when a faceless enemy targets her and kills someone close to her, she ll stop at nothing to bring them down With her life in danger and criticalThe government trained her to kill Briar Jones has lived most of her life in the shadows, carrying out secret ops to eliminate some of the United States most dangerous enemies She s devoted her life to serving her country so when a faceless enemy targets her and kills someone close to her, she ll stop at nothing to bring them down With her life in danger and critical intel leaked during an off the books op, she has no choice but to go on the run with a disturbingly sexy man she barely knows While in hiding they learn that the agency responsible for turning her into a lethal weapon is now out to destroy her What they don t know is why, or who has set her up As they unravel the mystery Briar must trust this near stranger in order to stay alive and expose whoever is behind the plot She never expected to lose her heart in the process Now it s coming after her Matt DeLuca has survived devastating loss and risen to become commander of the FBI s elite Hostage Rescue Team When a top secret mission goes awry and he s tasked with protecting Briar, the last thing he anticipates is falling in love with the beautiful and deadly assassin But now intelligence officers are dying and Briar s name is at the top of the hit list With her life at stake they race to end the threat and clear her name, battling the shadowy killers sent to silence her forever.

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    1. 4 stars. Review posted January 8, 2015Very straightforward and great entertainment from start to finish, sprinkled with some emotional detours.In a nutshellTo Matt's surprise, B is yet again interfering with one of his assignments, this time in the cold and wintry landscape of Colorado. After B's mission has kind of gone awry and she ends up in even deeper s@it when some bigwig set her up, Matteo DeLuca, commander of the FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team, is willing to help clear her name. A dange [...]

    2. The fourth book in the Hostage Rescue Team series by Kaylea Cross. Commander of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team, Matt Deluca lost his wife years ago and has never really gotten over her. Until now. B, or Briar Jones, as he now discovers, is an assassin for the government and someone is apparently setting her up as a rogue agent. She now has a hit on her and its up to Matt to keep her safe.There is a slight age difference of 12 years between the main characters. Thankfully, the author didn' [...]

    3. I absolutely loved this book!! There is action from beginning to end. The characters are amazing. This series get better with every book. I highly recommend this book and series!!

    4. An ok read with just an ok storyline and ok leading couple. Get the trend here this book was OK! I didn't really connect with the leading H/h. There was just something not captivating about them, I had to push myself through this book. The last half to end of this book was were it really became good but for the most part it just seemed hum drum! Here's hoping the next book is better entertainment or I might take a break from this author for awhile.

    5. In the last book I was intrigued by B, who seemed to have skills that matched the HRT guys. So when she showed up, firmly in the path of Matt and his HRT team, I knew we were up for an interesting ride with this book.I really hate it when "bad" people go after "good" ones and manipulate things to make the good look bad and that was the heart of this one. It was nice that Briar had the support of Matt, that they were able to team up to figure out what was going on and go after the bad guy. The HE [...]

    6. 4 DeLuca Stars! Full review to come, but while I liked it and the chemistry was smoking, the apprehension of the main suspect was anti-climatic to me

    7. Disavowed is absolutely amazing!!! Kaylea Cross again knocked her book out of the park by giving us the perfect mix of romance, adventure, sexy times, and suspense. She had me sobbing by the middle of the prologue and kept me intensely hooked with the Bourne-type adventures B and Matt lived through. 2nd chance romances have to be written *just so* in order for me to fall in love with them (view spoiler)[and believe that the ghost of the dead spouse isn't still hanging over their heads. And Kayle [...]

    8. 4.5 starsProbably my favorite of the series. I loved everything about this one! Matt and Briar were so well suited for each other and their chemistry was absolutely blazing. I really enjoyed how Matt was so affectionate and tender with Briar, even though she was a badass. She absolutely flourished under his attention and I really liked that she let herself be vulnerable with him. Loved the appearance of some other characters from another series Ms. Cross writes- great crossover! Cannot wait for [...]

    9. I think it's the volume I preferred in the series. The hero is really understanding, protective without being overbearing. The heroine is strong, emotionally closed but she opens quite fast to the hero. The plot is interesting, and I liked that they're not afraid to ask for help. The only things I regret is that we don't see much the other HRT members, and I thought the feelings evolve too fast.Now I'm intrigued by the Valkyrie program, and I hope we'll learn more about it.

    10. The opening broke my heart and made me cry even knowing it was 4 years before the story starts.On instinct her grabbed her hand, laced their fingers together and placed them atop her softly curved abdomen where their child lay tucked inside her. Gone. They were both gone now. Forever. It broke him.Then, lines like this made me laughShe was flying her control freak flag high and proud and refused to apologize for it.“Come on, boss, that’s actually kinda hot,” Schroder said on a laugh. “Al [...]

    11. I have a real problem focusing with this book. I kept nodding off and gotten distracted. It happened for so many days, I decided to sit myself down and get this book over with.I skim and skip all the way to the end, but I couldn't focus on the details. All I know is bad guys are dead and good guys won. Everybody is happy at the end and hero and heroine is happy.There is nothing really wrong with the writing, it's simply that this book just isn't my cup of tea.

    12. Awesome! I really like this book. For those that like thrillers, strong women and men, and alpha personalities, this really is a great combination of so many elements.For rating and review breakdown, please feel free to read my blog review of this book at:flidaisdail/2017/07/14/d

    13. Great bookI have read the first 4 books in this series, and Kaylea doesn't disappoint. I am trying to pace myself, so I know I will continue to have good books to read.

    14. This is a very entertaining book in this series. It has wonderful characters and a complex plot. It was a bit too long for me, but enjoyable and exciting and of course I love the HEA.

    15. Great storyline !I am loving the series thus far and this book had a good plot, backstory and suspense along with just enough romance to balance it out. I am glad Matt has gotten a second chance at love.

    16. I was probably most intrigued by Matt DeLuca in Disavowed. He is the HRT Commander and I was very curious about him in each book of the series. He takes his job seriously, has a lot of respect for the men under his command and has a love for his country. Why is he single? One of the books alluded to the fact that he had lost his wife but did not say how.The beginning of Disavowed provided us with the reason of DeLuca’s loss and set up why he is the man he is today. That was very heartbreaking [...]

    17. Rating: 4.5 out of 5The blurb sums up the story perfectly so I’ll jump into the review sans summary. Briar (29) made a brief appearance in HUNTED, and since Matt perked up and noticed her, I couldn’t wait for the story behind the mysterious woman. She was a great heroine—tough, deadly, a little damaged but bold. I really dug her Nikita-type background; I wasn’t expecting anything like it, but it explained a lot about why her inner circle of trust could be counted on five fingers. When sh [...]

    18. Another great book in this series. This is book four and I have to admit, I fall more in love with these guys after each book.Matt is the commander of the FBI's Elite Hostage Rescue Team and a man everyone admires. His wife tragically died four years ago when she suffered an aneurysm. No woman has even caught his attention until Briar. He's thought about her often, but hasn't tried to pursue her.Briar is a ghost for the CIA who carries out secret ops and assassinations very few officials know ab [...]

    19. I started this book on book number 4, because that is just where I happened to come in. Kaylea Cross is well known for her military writing. I started book 4 purely because the heroine has my name. Disavowed by Kaylea Cross will always be one of my favorite books of all time. From book for I kind of went on a spree and ended up buying all of her books. Kaylea has written a few different series all while keeping them connected. Each series and each book has its own storyline, but at the same time [...]

    20. Note: Spoilers of a minimal nature present.This is a great addition to the HRT series. Ms. Cross is a master of suspense and writes a damn good romance with it.Matt DeLuca lost his wife four years ago and hasn't been able to move on with his life. He feels like he should have been able to do more to save her.Matt and the HRT crew meet Briar in the previous book in the series but she is known only as B. We find out in this book that she is one of an elite female assassin group. Briar has found ou [...]

    21. Kayla Cross – Disavowed (Hostage Rescue Team – Book 4)A wonderful book about Matt Deluca, Commander HRT and Briar Jones who is a highly trained black ops specialist and trained killer, is a great heart stopping, suspense with a lot of Hot Passion!We have, of course, met Deluca in all the previous books. As the Commander of HRT, he is the best of the best. Deluca was previously married and after trying for 3 years, his wife was now 3 months pregnant. Then suddenly she died and they both were [...]

    22. Gripping tale of suspense, action, black ops, and conspiracy theories, mixed with an amazing love story.The prologue gives a great insight to Matt, and the loss and pain he has suffered. I fell for Matt in the previous books of the series, he is such an all around good guy, the perfect hero material, it's hard not to like him. The connection and curiosity between Matt and Briar was first introduced earlier in the series, and I have been looking forward to this story! It didn't disappoint. The at [...]

    23. 3.5 stars. Really enjoyed Matt - he's probably one of my favorites of the HRT series. I really liked the plot line too. I've read several of KC's books in a row and it was a nice break from the Middle East/Terrorist storylines. Those are great too but she wrote a slightly different book with all the action and heat you'd expect. Plus, lots of characters from previous books showed up which was fun. My only complaint is that he fell head over heels so fast, especially for someone so cautious with [...]

    24. AwesomeI love this series and love the covers. I also enjoy the little visits from favorite characters in past series. This is my 18th book by this author, and no one has her beat for military style romantic suspense. I was so happy to see Matt finally get a HEA. He had been a favorite of mine. Briar was perfect for him yet so different than what he probably thought he needed. The couple spends most of the book on the run from assassins with some help from their friends. Matt realizes he had roo [...]

    25. Against All Odds!!!Matt DeLuca CO of HRT suffered a great loss when his beloved wife passed away a few years ago.He never thought he would ever feel that way about another woman until he met the mysterious, Briar Jones.The attraction between Matt and Briar was beautifully executed, loved how the latter was trying to remain closed off but the former but he just wasn't having itd Briar found herself opening up to Matt like she's never done with anyone before.When all he!! breaks loose, Matt and Br [...]

    26. An entertaining, suspenseful and ultimately satisfying read, particularly because of the character crossovers from the Titanium 'verse and this one. If I enjoyed 'Hunted' a lot because of the richness of the different 'verse threads coming together (and I did), 'Disavowed' weaves these threads more tightly in a way that was unforgettable. I definitely liked Matt DeLuca more than I thought I would, having only vaguely remembered him as the shadowy leader from the rest of the books about the HRT a [...]

    27. I really liked it but still it was a tad bit inferior to the previous three in the series. Still, kickass, unimaginably lethal heroine coupled with super-dominant badass hero making themselves vulnerable to each other? Yeah, I'll lap that shit up!The one thing I had a teeny-tiny issue with was Matt seemed a bit way too in touch with his feelings for someone who'd gone through such a monumental loss. Still, I suppose being an older hero he'd had enough life experience to differentiate lust from t [...]

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