Match Me Later

Match Me Later He s ruled by responsibilityRyden Wentworth doesn t do casual But when the fox spirit Naya stalks him at a nightclub and lures him into her bed she awakens desires he s long suppressed She s fiery s

  • Title: Match Me Later
  • Author: Rachael Slate
  • ISBN: 9780994876416
  • Page: 149
  • Format: ebook
  • He s ruled by responsibilityRyden Wentworth doesn t do casual But when the fox spirit Naya stalks him at a nightclub and lures him into her bed, she awakens desires he s long suppressed She s fiery, sensual, and powerful enough to fend off his darker side Yet initiating her means he can only have her for one night, and sharing Naya isn t something he can reconcile.She sHe s ruled by responsibilityRyden Wentworth doesn t do casual But when the fox spirit Naya stalks him at a nightclub and lures him into her bed, she awakens desires he s long suppressed She s fiery, sensual, and powerful enough to fend off his darker side Yet initiating her means he can only have her for one night, and sharing Naya isn t something he can reconcile.She s bred for promiscuityNaya of the Fox Spirits has chosen the perfect human male to initiate her Ryden is strong, sexy, and the potent energy rolling off him leaves her craving Her destiny lies ahead, yet she can t forget that tantalizing encounter in her past She tries to leave him, but staying away from Ryden isn t just torture, it s killing her.One night of passion binds themTheir night together has complicated consequences Ryden can t forget Naya, and she can t live without him Her race is dying, and Naya must team up with Ryden to fend off enemies preying on her weakened sisters But the secret he hides has the power to shield the fox spirits from extinctionor to destroy them all.Chinese Zodiac Romance Series Reading Order Book 1 Trancing the TigerBook 2 Rematch Standalone novella Book 3 By the HornsBook 4 Match Me Later Standalone novella Book 5 Reining Him InBook 6 Matching Dragons Standalone novella Book 7 Never Match a Dragon Standalone novella Book 8 In Wolf s ClothingOther books by Rachael Slate Halcyon Romance Series Reading Order Halcyon Romance Book 1 Moon BorneBook 2 Earth BorneBook 3 Water BorneLords of Thessaly series now complete Book 1 Wicked Lord of ThessalyBook 2 Brutish Lord of ThessalyBook 3 Masterful Lord of ThessalyBook 4 Untamed Lord of ThessalyBook 5 Lost Lady of ThessalyCursed Immortals Book 1 Shadow Borne

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    1. I was given and ARC of this book for an honest reviewI have to say I went into this with and open mind because I have not readany of Rachaels books before and this is part of a series,The books is very very good, I was a little lost on just a few things only becauseI have not read any of the other books in this series, but Rachael has an amazingtalent as an author, I know I will now read the other books, IF you read series books and you have ever accidently picked up a book that is not the first [...]

    2. A Review of Match Me Later by Rachael SlateFox Spirits - 5 starsIn this book, we meet Ryden, who is the brother of Price. We also learn a little bit more about Price and find out he is not quite as bad as I thought he was from the previous book he was in. We meet Naya, who is in line to be the new queen of the Fox Spirits, when she chooses Ryden to initiate her. The only problem with her choice is that Ryden doesn't do casual, which is all Naya has to offer him. Although she goes home with him, [...]

    3. I received this from the author in return for an honest review. I don't do any other kind!From the first page of this novella, the reader is under no illusion whatsoever of the strength of the sexual attraction between Ryden and Naya. This builds up throughout the story. Excellently executed!Ryden's brother is a horse spirit, but what spirit is Ryden? Why did his mother make him wear a protective talisman? What does it protect him from? What does it protect others from?If you love hot, hot fanta [...]

    4. Seeking a reprieve from a bad day, Ryden goes to the bar that his older brother usually frequents. But instead of getting lost in the music and drink, he finds one of the fox spirit girls his brother has always bragged about. Tempted beyond anything either has felt before Ryden and Naya agree to go back to his place. Steamy, sexy times ensue, but get interrupted and things go awry. Twists and turns reveal all sorts of secrets on both sides. Read on to find out the truth behind what the attractio [...]

    5. I was given an ARC for an honest review. This book just sizzles. It was hard to put it down. The story was fast pace and just kept you going. Some of the scenes were hot enough to burn my fingers. Great Read!!!!

    6. I received this book as an ARC for a honest review.The story of Ryden and Naya is so hot. Naya being a fox spirit she needs to feed off males. Naya chose Ryden to be her first. Ryden can't forget Naya. Wonderful story line, I will have to read the rest of the series.Great job Rachael.

    7. Rachael is an awesome storyteller from the very beginning to the very end you 'll be on the edge of your seat leaveing you wanting more

    8. I received this as an arc in exchange for my honest reviewI was super excited to read this and then wham I got to the end and hated that I for there already. :(I am loving the Zodiac twist to the romance book's.Fox Spirits, Chosen, The Matchmaker. WOW.Price married to the Queen of the Fox Spirits, wow who would have ever thought that Price would be married and had brother. wow how was he kept secret sp long, no complaints I'm glad he got his story.Ryden always wore an amulet to contain the beast [...]

    9. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Anyone who has read the Chinese Zodiac Romance Series will undoubtedly enjoy this expansion on the world in which it is set. Faces both familiar and new introduce a part of the Jade Emperor's world touched on in several of the earlier books, enriching the story as well as deepening the reader's understanding of several characters.Those who have not yet read any of the series will still find this an enjoyable story as while it is rel [...]

    10. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This was an amazing read; fast-paced, well developed storyline with complex characters and world. It was the first time reading this author's work and it shall definitely not be the last. There was hardly any difficulty in catching up and figuring out what was taking place since I hadn't read any of the prior books in this series; I just jumped in, feet first and went on a fabulous reading adventure. Kudos to the author for such an awesome jo [...]

    11. Naya is a Fox spirit. A sort of succubus who feeds off the sexual energy of humans. The problem is she only wants one.Ryden is a responsible, in control man. A rough day leads him to an uncharacteristic night out at his brother's haunt. One look at her and his whole world shifts.An amazing story that took me to a new world I didn't want to leave. A unique plot and engaging, well developed characters kept me engrossed all the way through. I would love to read more!

    12. *** This review was originally posted in book blog Will Read for Feels.*** Actual review rating: 4.5 stars.It seems like foxy ladies are in now, if some of my recent reads are anything to go by. This is the third book featuring fox-related mythological creatures I’ve read in as many weeks, and I’ve got to say, it’s my favorite of the lot! But then again, that should come as no surprise, as it’s no secret I’ve been a Rachael Slate fan since I read her debut novel, Trancing the Tiger, ea [...]

    13. She was a fox spirit. He was a human. 5 GOLD FOXESThey weren’t meant to be paired for more than one night. HOLY FOXES BATMAN!! What a FANGTASTIC story!! The concept of it all from the fox spirit to their promiscuity, her initiation to his desires and the secrets they both have, makes for one helluva ride I never wanted to end! At the same time I wanted it end so that I could learn their secrets!! Hello? Ryden? Need I say more? Well, read the book (and series) then I won’t have to! :) Needles [...]

    14. Another fab book by the awesome Rachael Slate!!!The CZR romances continue with Ryden and Naya's story! Ryden, the brother of Price, who we find out a bit more about in this book, making him much less of an elusive and mysterious presence than he has been in other books. Naya, has been selected to be the new queen of the Fox Spirits but she's kind of a virgin and needs to be initiated into her sensual new role and she has her mind, and heart, set on Ryden. The only wrinkle in her plan is that Ryd [...]

    15. An Exciting novella in the Chinese Zodiac series!! Ryden doesn’t do casual. Delivering something for his brother Price, the Horse member of the Chosen – he can recognize the Fox Spirits there, as his brother always keeps a few on-hand. Naya (calling herself Megan) is a fledgling Fox Spirit is looking for a human to initiate her. Ryden is strong, sexy and potent, but not supposed to recognize what she is, or be able to take over the seduction! They have a steamy session, but Naya runs out as [...]

    16. First, I received this book as part of Rachael’s ARC review team and found it to be a wonderful addition to the Chinese Zodiac Romance line.This book continues the story of Ryden and Nayla. As the next queen of the fox spirits Nayla must find someone to initiate her into her new sensual role as the queen but Ryden is not willing to settle for a one night stand. Because of this Nayla leaves and after searching for her for a couple of weeks Ryden is taken to the current queen’s house by his br [...]

    17. I loved Match Me Later-the mythical theme along with the eroticism is wonderful with the story and MC. We meet Ryden, who is the brother of Price. We also find out more about Price in this story and things were not as they seemed about Price. He isn’t as bad as we, the readers thought. We also meet Naya who is due to be Queen of the Fox Sprirts when she selects Ryden to bring her fox spirit out. But there is a problem—Ryden doesn’t do casual—and Naya is wanting only casual and that is ON [...]

    18. I received an ARC of "Match Me Later" from Rachael, in exchange for an honest review.This was the first book I've read by Rachael Slate & what do I do? I start at the 4th book (by reading order) in the series. I can honestly say, this was an excellent start, a wonderful teaser for what came prior to this book & now I NEED to read the first few books in the series. Once I started, I found myself intrigued, I couldn't put my ereader down. 'Match Me Later' is book 2.5 (4 via reading order) [...]

    19. I love rachael slates work and especially the Zodiac series so when I picked this up I knew I would love it but I did not realise how much I would utterly fall in love with the charachters.Before reading this book I had certain ideas and opinions of the Fox spirits but this book just blew all of those away, I can't believe how surprised I am by this book and finding out more about their history, it just blew me away!!!If this is the first book you have read by Rachael Slate then I suggest readin [...]

    20. There are a lot of reviews for this book. In any one of them, they tell the story of this novella. So instead of repeating the same things, I'm just going to tell you what I thought of the book.Rachel Slate is a new author to me. I can see that this is a piece of a series and she has written many more. That makes me happy because I enjoy her writing style. She has a wonderful imagination and she makes sure that you can visualize every word she writes. When a book has that ability to make all you [...]

    21. This is the first book I have read of Rachael Slate. I really enjoyed this read.Ryder Wentworth had always felt empty. He never been with a woman that made him feel alive. His brother Price who was a Chosen (human warrior) had enjoyed the company of the fox spirit. He had let Ryder know there was nothing like it. The problem with a fox spirit is they only did one night stands. Naya who was a fox spirit was getting her first feeding. See a fox spirit feeds off of men through sex. Well they actual [...]

    22. By chance or fate Ryden is at a bar his brother Price frequents when he sees her and she sees him! Can I say wowwho'd a thoughtx spirit Naya (Megan) would cut right to the chase and Ryden is feeling it! From the very beginning we jump right in to Megan's need to feed for the first time, and fox spirits feed off sexual energy. Ryden has never been with a fox spirit it was his brother that was the one to tell him about these special women. This my first time reading from this author and let me say [...]

    23. Fox spirit Naya has finally reached the age where she can join her sisters and seduce men in the Earth realm, feeding off the sexual energy created. Unfortunately for Naya she chooses Ryden. Ryden knows all about mystic spirits such as Fox spirits, after all his brother is a Chosen (people chosen to maintain balance in the universe by receiving animal spirits of the Chinese zodiac giving them special abilities). When Naya sets her sites on Ryden he’s all down for what she offers, however thing [...]

    24. Match Me Later is the latest installment in the Chinese Zodiac Romance series. Very sad this was a novella, as Ryden and Naya are fascinating alone and as a 'couple'. Ms. Slate doesn't disappoint with sizzling hot encounters with them. Their strength is a battle amongst themselves. Even though Naya has amazing abilities, she still has to relent to having Ryden help her. Just wait until you find out what Ryden's secret is. I was pretty shocked. We see some of the characters from previous books. P [...]

    25. Naya is just looking for a man to feed off his energy when she meets Ryden. As a fox spirit, she needs to have sex with human males to survive. Ryden knows what she is but he wants so much more than one time. His brother has ties to her community and he suspects more and more that there is a secret about him as well. They can't forget that one night and have a craving for one another that they can't satisfy. It is a very sensual story about two people that know immediately they are connected. Na [...]

    26. This is a novella in the Chinese Zodiac series. Every time I read a book in this series the more I fall in love with it. The characters are awesome and engaging. I love the mystery surrounding what Ryden truly is. He definitely has alpha tendencies especially when it comes to Naya. Some previous characters in the series make a cameo something I always enjoy. You can tell it will get very steamy between these two, but the question is with Naya a fox spirit needing what Ryden has to offer will she [...]

    27. This is the story of Ryden and Nayla .Nayla is next in line to become Queen of the Fox Spirits.But first she must find someone to initiate her into the role.But there's a problem Ryden isn't interested into having a one night stand with Nayla. This leads to Nayla leaving and Ryden being taken to the current Queen's house by his brother Price. Once Ryden arrives there he bumps into Nayla who is nothing but skin and bone and nothing like the woman he knows. Nayla cannot feed as Ryden is the only m [...]

    28. I got this in exchange for an honest review, I must say I was very surprised in this one it is not what I am used to reading its fresh and unique I liked that a lot I loved the connection that is formed between Naya and Ryden I must say aloha hotness in all ways and more I hope to read more of this series and I recommend it to everyone so full of action that will drive you insane to know the next one

    29. This was a great read. The characters are well developed and interesting. They have hot chemistry and make you want to keep reading to end the suspense. This is a topic I haven't seen written in regular reading before. I know fox spirits from anime and I found this story line to be fantastic. The story is 1 that grabs you when you start reading and leaves you wanting it to keep going. I loved it

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