One thought on “The Yellow Umbrella”

  1. I have been reading Henrik Drescher’s works for awhile now and I always loved the bizarre nature of his illustrations! But in “The Yellow Umbrella,” the illustrations take on a more tranquil approach as we are treated to the adventures of a mother monkey, her baby and a yellow umbrella!The story starts off with a father and his daughter going to the zoo to see the monkeys when suddenly, the father dropped his yellow umbrella into the monkey cage and the two monkeys ended up grabbing the ye [...]

  2. One of my favorite children's books. The illustrations are magical, and the story is , too. I always cry at the end.

  3. A father and daughter go to the zoo and head straight for the monkeys. As they are leaning over looking at the monkeys, their yellow umbrella drops into their ring. The monkeys grab the umbrella and make it back to the top of their hill. When the monkeys open up the umbrella, a gust of wind comes by and carries them into the sky. The monkeys leave the zoo and begin their adventure - and so their adventure begins as they soar through the sky, encounter lightning, fish in the ocean, a crocodile, a [...]

  4. This book is a wordless picture book and convinces with its significant illustrations. A good book for children who cannot read but want to look at a book on their own because they can understand the story without a text.

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