An Unfinished Life

An Unfinished Life You have my past I need my future Two men Two pasts Two goals One connection Both men have suffered tragedies they wish they could forget But can t and won t Not without a fight One has made a promise

  • Title: An Unfinished Life
  • Author: Mary A. Wasowski
  • ISBN: 9780996960502
  • Page: 305
  • Format: ebook
  • You have my past I need my future Two men Two pasts Two goals.One connection.Both men have suffered tragedies they wish they could forget But can t and won t Not without a fight.One has made a promise of revenge The other an oath of justice.These silent vows have haunted them both for years.Which rival will prevail Or will they both succumb to An Unfinished Life

    One thought on “An Unfinished Life”

    1. I love reading Mary Wasowski's stories. This did not disappoint. The story begins years later after her first novel, A Changed Life, while Nicolette and Simon are not the central characters, their circumstances play a big role for main characters, Jacob Paulson, brother to Simon and an FBI agent, and Jack Vanelle, Uncle Jack/biological father to Nicolette. The story has three parts, Jacob, Jack and both, each told in their own POV. Jacob is assigned a case that hits too close to home. It is a mu [...]

    2. Jacob was living the life he always thought he would. That is till a Career ending injury took it all away. So his career went in another direction not a way expected first a Cop then a Top FBI agent. Life was good great job and a new future with his fiancee, but she was taken from him to soon and he checked out from family devoting to bring down the bad guys.Jack had it all as he thought his beautiful Sara and the restaurant they ran together. But his pass wasn’t not staying in the pass. When [...]

    3. ** Warning: Tissues are required** An Unfinished life was by far an amazing read. It's a stand alone, BUT at the same time it can also be considered book 2.I'm saying this because we are revisited by characters from a Changed life. As we all know Nicolette and Simon are living a very happily ever after. Michael St. Claire is in prison. BUT things change.Uncle Jack ( sigh) Vanelle is living his life in Chicago with his lovely wife Sara. Word gets to Jack that Michael is about to get released. But [...]

    4. I've waited anxiously to know more about my beloved couple Simon and Nicolette and it was worth it!!! I love this book because it explains uncle Jack' life and the way that love can change your life. I love the way Mary write!!! She is so attentive and describes perfectly all the scenes and all the feelings. It is obvious that I love Sarah too, a very patient and loving woman, and this new couple Jacob and Zoey. They remind me Simon and Nicolette.I love the happily ever after and Mary is a maste [...]

    5. What a fantastic book. Mary A you outdid yourself with this book. I loved uncle Jack & Jacob. I think it's my best read in 2016 so far. Well done if I could give 10 stars I would. Congratulations

    6. And she does it again This author is amazing you can feel the emotions coming off the pages 5* just really isn't enough for this book Uncle Jack is a former enforcer for the mob Jacob is an FBI agent connecred by family both men have a past that haunt them their two worlds collide and it is upto them to determine their futures this book is filled with love, family, decrption and redemption neither man will be the same I really enjoyed catching up with the characters from All Roads Lead Home an [...]

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