The Year at Maple Hill Farm

The Year at Maple Hill Farm This is a book about farm animals and what happens during one year on a farm In January the cows stay in the barnyard and the chickens don t lay many eggs By March you can tell spring is coming th

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  • Title: The Year at Maple Hill Farm
  • Author: Alice Provensen Martin Provensen
  • ISBN: 9781613835067
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is a book about farm animals, and what happens during one year on a farm In January, the cows stay in the barnyard, and the chickens don t lay many eggs By March, you can tell spring is coming the barn is filled with baby animals Month by month, the animals at Maple Hill Farm sense the changing seasons and respond to the changes Through gently humorous text a This is a book about farm animals, and what happens during one year on a farm In January, the cows stay in the barnyard, and the chickens don t lay many eggs By March, you can tell spring is coming the barn is filled with baby animals Month by month, the animals at Maple Hill Farm sense the changing seasons and respond to the changes Through gently humorous text and charming illustrations, Alice and Martin Provensen capture one year at their beloved Maple Hill Farm in a way sure to delight city slickers and country folk alike.

    One thought on “The Year at Maple Hill Farm”

    1. With an informative text, and expressively detailed illustrations, this is in many ways a perfect introduction to farming life (although with the caveat that there is quite a bit of rather dense narrative featured and thus, Alice and Martin Provensen's The Year at Maple Hill Farm might well be a bit tedious and possibly distracting for toddlers or even for older children with short attention spans). Now personally, I was more than prepared to give The Year at Maple Hill Farms four, and perhaps e [...]

    2. This is a lovely companion book to Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm. Either of them can be read independently, but I think it's nice to know about the animals on an individual basis first.This book is different from "Our Animal Friends" in the sense that it has a broader scope, and takes a step back from the more intimate look at the animals. In this one, we don't learn animals' names, and they are generally spoken of collectively ("the sheep," "the chickens," etc.) rather than individually [...]

    3. I really like this book that tells about the different animal and farm activities during each month of the year. I love how appropriate this story is for little kids who want to learn more about farm animals and farm life. There is plenty of information (what do animals eat, what do they do to keep warm in winter, what if they are sick, etc) and less pleasant aspects of farm life are glossed over or completely ignored (some animals are sold at the end of the year, but it is not mentioned to wher [...]

    4. Bought this from because I loved these books as a kid (Gen Xer). Last night, I read it to my first grader. This afternoon, she read it to me. Not as amusing for the parents as "Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm", but still a good glimpse into life on a farm for city slickers like us.

    5. My three-and-a-half year old son asked me, "What IS a farm?" and I thought, "Oh, crap. How did we miss this?!" I assume a lot about my youngest child, too much; he doesn't pick up near as much as the oldest did, probably because the oldest got a lot more direct attention. So I looked through my favorite booklists and found this title. We enjoyed reading through this book over a couple of bedtimes. Almost none of the language took explaining; word like "moulting" and "rooks" were explained when u [...]

    6. The Year At Maple Hill Farm is a vibrant, heavily illustrated informational text that discusses a multitude of events that happen on a farm in a 12 month span. The book addresses the changes that the land and water go through, the animals, the crops and even the humans. This is a WOW book for me because it is so detailed and yet child friendly. I believe this to be a K-3 text because it has so many layers and a great deal of information. This could be a book that teachers pull out at the beginni [...]

    7. This book is written in 2 fonts. Across the top of each page there are a few sentences in a larger font that describe each month of the year and what the weather is like during this month. The text on the bottom of each page or by each small illustrations is written in a smaller font and describes life on the farm, including animal descriptions, plants, etc. The illustrations are simple drawings in muted colors, mostly neutrals. The text follows the illustrations closely. Pages have many differe [...]

    8. My son and I read this book as a part of Sonlight's P4/5 curriculum. We absolutely loved Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm and so we were really looking forward to reading this. The illustrations, humor, and no nonsense explanations are perfect for preschoolers. I found this book to be a great supplement for reviewing months of the year and the seasons. Not only do we live in an urban area, but we also live in Southern California, so this is a great way to introduce rural life and typical se [...]

    9. I end up not reading picture books to my little boys very much. When the oldest children were young, I read a lot of picture books to them, but gradually, as they grew older, my read-aloud selections followed their level and the little ones don’t get the same type of stories as the older ones. For that reason, I’ve scheduled a few picture books into our read-aloud time for the younger ones so that they get some!Read my full review here.

    10. This is such a neat book that goes through one complete year on a farm, mentioning each month and season, and what's going on during those times on a farm. What's noteworthy about this book is the little-known details about farm life included in this book. I found them mentioning things about real farm life that other cutesy little farm books never recognize, like the chickens laying fewer eggs in the winter, and having to give animals medicine. Living in the country with a few animals, my son c [...]

    11. 5* art5* story/conceptJust as awesome book for learning the months of the year and understanding how the seasons work. Squirt loves the cover, and repeats the names of the months after me. I also like how it has simple text for younger kids and more descriptive text for older ones (or, if you like, the short version for "you-need-to-get-to-bed-QUICK!" and the longer one for - well, Those People who haven't (yet) been blackmailed into reading 10 other books as well).

    12. This is a book of months and seasons and happenings on the farm during a year. A pleasant summary is on the top of each page for the younger reader. Much detail for the older, more attentive reader is near the bottom of each page.Lots of illustrations, that encourage lots of discussion.Well worth reading again!!

    13. This is a nice picture book about what happens on a farm each month of the year. I like how it has an overview in big print at the top of the page and more details in smaller print throughout the page-- handy for reading to several ages/attention spans. I'd give it 5 stars, but it has some funny wording in a few places.

    14. It's a nice summary of the seasons, but I'm not sure it's really that applicable in today's world. I'm just starting to realize how weird the obsession with farms in children's books is. There are more important things to teach children! Some of the illustrations are nice, but I'm actually not a huge fan of the Provensons illustrations.

    15. Recommend this highly. Loads of ways of reading this (there is a sort of 'short' version at the top of the page or you can add in the longer detailed descriptions of what goes on each month too or mix). Lovely illustrations with lots to talk about. Lots to learn about farm life, months, seasons and weather.

    16. The Year At Maple Hill Farm is a picture book that goes through a year on a farm. It teaches about the month of year, seasons of year as well as what each month feels and looks like. It explains what the animals do in the seasons. It is a wonderful book for teaching students about farm animals and the month and seasons of the year

    17. We got this book as a companion to 'Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm'. I have to say, I love 'Our Animal Friends' best, but this is a great book. I like it as a companion to Our Animal Friends. The book goes through the months of the year, and what happens with the animals in each month. Humorous and interesting for my 4 year old.

    18. We read this many times and it was very helpful for learning about different seasons and months. There are some parts that the book could do without, though - little joking insults toward some of the animals, for instance.

    19. We used to borrow this from Whittwood Branch Library. I love the illustrations of the animals across the seasons, though the lifestyle portrayed is of a bygone era--including gender stereotyping of jobs on the farm.

    20. I have a very old copy of this book and was happy to find a large paperback edition at Barnes & Noble today while browsing in the children's books. Of course, it came home with me. Maple Hill Farm? What's not to love?

    21. After reading the Animals at Maple Hill Farm, we were very excited for another book. This one focused on the seasons and months of the year and how that affects the farm and the animals. Great illustrations.

    22. Not as totally charming as the other Maple Hill Farm book but still - such illustrations! And quirky, interesting, true text.

    23. An old children's book, but one of my favorites. It educates children and adults as well on farm life and the changing seasons. A well-designed book with detailed and clever illustrations.

    24. I recall finding this boring as a child--perhaps because Grandpa had a farm, which we visited several times a year. However, the illustrations are wonderful!

    25. Beautiful books, so much content in the words and pictures. Very calming to read to children, detailing the workings of a farm through each season.

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