Basta un ragazzo

Basta un ragazzo For the first time teen innovator and scientist Jack Andraka tells the story behind his revolutionary discovery When a dear family friend passed away from pancreatic cancer Jack was inspired to crea

  • Title: Basta un ragazzo
  • Author: Jack Andraka Giuseppe Maugeri
  • ISBN: 9788811688204
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For the first time, teen innovator and scientist Jack Andraka tells the story behind his revolutionary discovery When a dear family friend passed away from pancreatic cancer, Jack was inspired to create a better method of early detection At the age of fifteen, he garnered international attention for his breakthrough a four cent strip of paper capable of detecting pancreFor the first time, teen innovator and scientist Jack Andraka tells the story behind his revolutionary discovery When a dear family friend passed away from pancreatic cancer, Jack was inspired to create a better method of early detection At the age of fifteen, he garnered international attention for his breakthrough a four cent strip of paper capable of detecting pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancers four hundred times effectively than the previous standard.Jack s story is not just a story of dizzying international success it is a story of overcoming bullying and depression and finding the resilience to persevere His account inspires young people, who he argues are the most innovative, to fight for the right to be taken seriously and to pursue their own dreams Do it yourself science experiments are included in each chapter, making Breakthrough perfect for STEM curriculum But above all, Jack s memoir empowers his generation with the knowledge that we can each change the world if we only have the courage to try.

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    1. I love our local thrift store.where I found this hardcopy- 'Like New'r 50 cents. AWESOME KID! AWESOME STORY! Jack Andraka was just 15 years old when he invented an inexpensive early detection test for pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancers. I HAD TO LET THAT SINK IN!!!! I read that sentence-'several' times!!!! Jack grew up in Maryland in a family that was bursting with creative energy. He had so many positive things to say about his parents, his older brother, Luke, and his uncle Ted, whom he had [...]

    2. This is a book about Jack Andraka, a 15-year-old boy wonder and geek who invented a test strip sensor for detecting early-stage pancreatic cancer. It probably also has other medical applications as well - and is considerably cheaper than other (later stage) tests available for this cancer.This book is his autobiography, encompassing broad aspects of his life.*His childhood - with his parents doing a huge amount to foster interest in the sciences, for both him and his brother Luke. From their hom [...]

    3. Jack lives and breathes science--and some experiments he breathes more than others. His family is super-supportive; his magnet middle-school is supportive but his classmates aren't. Jack is already depressed and being bullied when he comes out as gay, but even then he has other things on his mind: his Uncle Ted has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and it was already pretty advanced when it was discovered. After Ted's death Jack throws himself into science: what if he could create a test th [...]

    4. I really need to go grab someone and say "Read this book!" What a wonderful innovator Jack is, and he's at the very tip of his iceberg, getting ready to build a power base under it for the rest of his life. I don't know what was more endearing when his family thought they killed Morley Shafer or when he met the (then) Pope.I wanted to jump and down when he won the ISEF, I wanted to cry when the stranger thanked him for his discovery.Jack, i am sorry for your struggles, but so proud of how you ha [...]

    5. Simply put, Jack Andraka is amazing -- and is my hero. Jack, who lives about 5 miles from me (though unfortunately I have never met him), invented a new method of detecting pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer. As if this weren't amazing enough, Jack's preliminary results suggested that his sensor could be 90 percent accurate, 1/26,667th as expensive, 168 times faster, and 400 times more sensitive than current methods. The test costs three cents vs. the approximately $800 for the current standar [...]

    6. Jack Andraka is such an incredible human being. He is an inspiration to all, from kids to adults. Seeing an intelligent gay teen in the science industry making changes in the world is amazing. This book follows Jack's life so far while giving encouragement and insight into how such a young man has made such a change in the world. He is still so young. I can't wait to see what he does with the rest of his life. I really enjoyed this audiobook. I give it a 4/5 and recommend it to everyone, especia [...]

    7. I truly enjoyed reading about Jack and all his accomplishments. I love the fact he has found a way to find pancreatic cancer in earlier stages. I also had a relative who passed from this disease. I hope they have this on the market soon. I also loved reading about all the HS kids throughout the world who are working on so many wonderful things to help this world. We usually only hear of the kids who get in trouble. To all this kids who are working so hard on their projects I that you.

    8. I don't suppose this book will win any literary awards, but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it - mostly for its complete candor and resounding enthusiasm. Jack almost bursts out of the pages and says, "Care about this!!!!!!!" His absolute commitment to science is a joy to experience.

    9. I am beyond honored to call Jack Andraka my friend (at least over social media). As a gay student who always wanted to be more immersed in math & the sciences, but found much of the rote teaching uninteresting, Andraka's breakthrough is not just when it comes to combating pancreatic cancer; it is one of the ongoing fight for open/accessible higher-quality education, one of recognizing LGBT people's contributions to a hetero-normative society, and it is one which destroys the stereotype that [...]

    10. The book was an entertaining read, if just for finding out how a teen can make such an important discovery.Turns out this boy had a real bent for science and had been entering science fairs, both school-based, regional and national, for years. That, in and of itself, is unusual. He seems to have an unlimited budget for his experiments, which also veer from the norm. That said, he has a keen desire to make a difference in the world. A close family friend, whom he refers to as "Uncle", develops pa [...]

    11. As soon as school started, this book came into my life like a whirlwind: the story of a teen science geek who proceeds to discover a groundbreaking detection method of pancreatic cancer. This book is written by Jack Andraka, who is the very teen innovator who managed to save, or has plans to save thousands of people. One fascinating fact about this candid memoir is that Jack doesn't exaggerate, or sugarcoat his accomplishments. He makes his arduous journey seems so lightweight and easy to read, [...]

    12. I wish the cover and subtitle of this book didn't feel quite so puffed up. The book doesn't read that way at all. It's a great read, pretty down-to-earth, and (at least to me) a fascinating story. Kid (albeit privileged, in most ways) wins science fairs. A lot of them. And makes serious scientific history, too. Also is bullied for his sexuality. But mostly wins science fairs. And does scientific research.At the back of the book, he includes science experiments and some extra information about Op [...]

    13. So much in this book to ponder and share!! Science, bullying, LGBT. Some of my favorite quotes:p. 5 "I was born into a house that looked, from the outside, like the other houses on our block in suburban Maryland. But inside, our house was bursting with creative energy. My parents believed that life was a giant puzzle, and we had the happy task of discovering its infinite mysteries."p. 50 No matter how many times I told myself I was being paranoid, the evidence kept piling up. During the third we [...]

    14. 1. Just stop with the word "hater."2. He's really whiny and tends to blame everyone else for his problems. I understand bullying but he also pulls himself away from people. Does he try his hardest to get along with others? The kids won't accept me, the teachers won't accept me, the doctors won't accept me, my brother won't accept me. The world doesn't revolve around you, bro. He asks Valerie Jarrett, "Are you are peasant, too?" He's just kind of a rude kid. Be grateful. Omg.3. I'm totally on boa [...]

    15. What an amazing young man. This is the type of story that makes you want to start a science project, even if you think you don't like science.

    16. Jack Andraka is truly an inspiration not only to kids his age but for adults as well. His story personally encouraged me to summon up the guts to tackle the much feared Extended Essay. Delving into scientific exploration, with its numerous areas of exploration, despite its frightening misconceptions (ex. you have to be a mad genius to be a researcher), etc. is hard to do especially during one's teenage years. Although reading his writing made me breath a sigh of relief after a bold attempt to re [...]

    17. Nee, geen 5 sterren voor dit boek, maar wel voor de jongeman over wie het gaat. Een ventje van amper 15 dat een manier ontdekt om pancreaskanker in een vroeg (en nog behandelbaar) stadium op te sporen. Mijn moeder is aan deze verschrikkelijke ziekte overleden dus dat zorgde meteen voor een band met het onderwerp en dat de jongen openlijk homo is, is een bijkomend pluspunt.Dit is de eerste biografie die ik ooit las en het zal wellicht nog een hele tijd duren voor ik me er nog eens aan waag. Maar [...]

    18. The Breakthrough was an inspirational book to read. Jack overcame many obstacles to achieve what he set out to achieve. It was interesting to see how Jack wasn't the popular guy at school, but quite the opposite. Jack didn't have many friends at school and was looked down upon for who he was at the time. That didn't prevent Jack from doing what the loves and achieving one of the greatest inventions that helped millions of people.What I get out of this book and Jack's life story is that you can a [...]

    19. I really liked this book. It's about a boy named Jack Andraka who finds a way to detect pancreatic cancer in it's early stage. I rated this book 5 stars because it's hard to put this book down and read another book once you have started it and It's interesting from start to end all the way through although, it's just a little bit more exciting at certain parts of this book such as the climax and end of this book. My favorite part of the book was the chapter before the last chapter because it was [...]

    20. It's very rare that oh come across a book where all you want to do is read and read and you never want it to be over. This is how I feel about Breakthrough, by Jack Andraka. In this mixed emotional autobiography of a boy, Andraka dicusses his problems with his sexuality, being bullied, and even trying to commit suicide in a school bathroom. But he never let his problems affect him. He would go on to leave all of his worries behind and start high school, and high school was the time of his life w [...]

    21. Breakthrough was a really quick read, I read it on a 2.5 hr drive and I liked it a lot. The writing is to the point, yet funny when it needs to be and focuses readers on what matters the most, Jack Andraka and his story. Reading about all of his accomplishments was nothing short of inspiring and will leave you with a good feeling because upon approaching the end of the book, you realize that Jack still has so much to do. Being that he's only 18, it's encouraging to know that he'll go on to keep [...]

    22. I would highly recommend this book be included in all middle school and high school libraries. Jack's scientific achievements are amazing. What I liked best about this book is that it goes through so many of the steps (planning, research, writing proposals, experimentation, presentation) of experimental design yet it does it in a way that is not overwhelming to students. Reading about the other kids that Jack competes against at these science competitions gives me lots of hope for our future gen [...]

    23. Jack Andraka is just a normal kid with a desire to make a change in the world with science. Every year he entered the science fair since sixth grade, he had won first place. Right before freshman year, he lost a close family friend to pancreatic cancer. So, as his freshman year science fair project, he decides to research on a way to detect pancreatic cancer early. His end result was a paper strip that was only nickels and was 100% accurate. He won the Intel ISEF science fair, which is a huge ho [...]

    24. A truly enjoyable book. Jack Andraka was from my neck of the woods. He was a remarkably intelligent child with an amazing passion for science. It is hard to believe that such a young man (whether he is in middle school or high school) can think of and follow through with such mind boggling (to me) ideas. His parents raised a great kid - 2 of them, actually. Luke was also very talented. If this was not a true story, the gay bit could have been eliminated or he could have been teased/bullied for b [...]

    25. An encouraging account of a brilliant young scientist who perseveres through middle-school mania to conduct science experiments in the family basement, which will ultimately save human lives through early detection of various cancers (especially pancreatic and ovarian, which usually are so deadly because they are discovered too late in the disease's progress to treat effectively). A particularly poignant aspect of Jack's story is his struggle with anti-gay bullying throughout his school years, a [...]

    26. Love this book! I had the amazing opportunity to listen to him speak in June of 2016. He is such an optimistic & inspiring person. For someone who loves science, this was a great book. The concepts weren't too difficult to understand unlike many other science readings. It also had the touching family/personal aspect to it that really brought it all together. I recommend everyone read this! It is an eye opening & inspiring book that makes me excited for what I am capable of doing.

    27. Breakthrough is a thrilling biography about a teenage boy on a mission to make the world a better place-through his scientific discoveries and experiments. Jack Andraka manages to find an easy way to detect pancreatic cancer after the death of a close family friend, despite the hardships, personal problems, and negativity that come his way. Join Jack on this scientific mission to see how difficult life can get, especially for one 15 year old boy who changed the world! This is a book that leaves [...]

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