Kat Greene Comes Clean

Kat Greene Comes Clean Eleven year old Kat Greene has a lot on her pre rinsed plate thanks to her divorced mom s obsession with cleaning When Mom isn t scrubbing every inch of their Greenwich Village apartment she s boili

Customer reviews Kat Greene Comes Clean Kat in Kat Greene Comes Clean by Melissa Roske quickly learns that life isn t perfect and that imperfection starts at home Kat is dealing with her mom s OCD and all its indignities. Rip Tide Kat Falls Books I picked up Kat Falls Dark Life on a whim and was very pleased to find it to be well worth the money Falls is a relatively new author to me, anyway and Dark Life was her debut novel. Temper Tantrums When to Worry by Dr Alan Greene Temper tantrums can be a normal and common part of early childhood, but sometimes they are a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed Parents often ask me whether their child s tantrums are beyond what is normal When is a red faced preschooler screaming and flailing about normal when is the Powerful Lessons In The Art Of Mastery Addicted Success Here are of the most important things learned from Robert Greene s powerful new book, Mastery Robert Greene conducted many interviews with accomplished individuals and studied the biographies of numerous influential figures, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Darwin, Ben Franklin, Cent and so on Robert Greene is the author of a number of very popular self development AS A SOLDIER AND A SAILOR WERE WALKING ONE DAY Notation Note The tunes below are recorded in what is called abc notation They can easily be converted to standard musical notation via highlighting with your cursor starting at X through to the end of the abc s, then cutting and pasting the highlighted notation into one of the many abc conversion programs available, or at concertina s incredibly handy ABC Top TV Shows, Recaps, New Movies Us Weekly Get today s top entertainment news, TV shows, episode recaps, and new movie reviews with pictures and videos of top celebs from Us Weekly. Google Plans Not to Renew Its Contract for Project Maven Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene announced the decision at a meeting with employees Friday morning, three sources told Gizmodo The current contract expires in and there will not be a follow up HornyWhores Free Sex, Free Porn, Free Direct Download Jade comes over fucks you, and you cum on her face Jade is here and ready to fuck She sees you looking at her tits and wants to show you how she can stroke your cock with them. Popoholic Alexandra Daddario Here s True Detective Baywatch babe Alexandra Daddario looking like a supernova of hotness and ultra stunning at last night s When We First Met special screening, and inducing a drool fest with a jaw dropping display of her insanely sexy legs, and her cute little booty, and her ginormous bosom in a formfitting short dress wowzers Hot damn, this peach is a drool fest from head to toe. Beautiful women in sexy lingerie that barely cover there This chick Yarina is a dark haired beauty in a sexy sheer top and cute little panties, and she s showing off those perfect tits and perfect pussy for us on a

  • Title: Kat Greene Comes Clean
  • Author: Melissa Roske
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 235
  • Format: None
  • Eleven year old Kat Greene has a lot on her pre rinsed plate, thanks to her divorced mom s obsession with cleaning When Mom isn t scrubbing every inch of their Greenwich Village apartment, she s boiling the silverware or checking Kat s sheets for bedbugs It s enough to drive any middle schooler crazy Add friendship troubles to the mix, a crummy role in the class productEleven year old Kat Greene has a lot on her pre rinsed plate, thanks to her divorced mom s obsession with cleaning When Mom isn t scrubbing every inch of their Greenwich Village apartment, she s boiling the silverware or checking Kat s sheets for bedbugs It s enough to drive any middle schooler crazy Add friendship troubles to the mix, a crummy role in the class production of Harriet the Spy, and Mom s decision to try out for Clean Sweep, a competitive cleaning TV game show, and what have you got More trouble than Kat can handle At least, without a little help from her friends.

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    1. Things aren't going well for Kat Greene. Her mother doesn't seem to want to do anything but clean, and it's getting so bad that now she's cleaning the tops of cans at the local grocery store! Adding insult to injury, her class is performing a play based on Harriet the Spy - Kat's favourite book - and she's gotten the completely unforgettable role of boy with purple socks. As Kat's mom's cleaning compulsions get worse and worse, she's forced to try and take care of the two of them. But she's just [...]

    2. The highest praise I can personally ever give a book is to compare it to Judy Blume. This is that book. Kat is right at home with Margaret, Deenie, Peter Hatcher, and Sheila. I loved the authentic tween voice, how Kat struggled realistically with her mother's condition, and the secondary story arc of repairing a friendship. Putting on my educator hat, I LOVE that there is a very positive portrayal of a school clinician and that Kat eventually seeks help for her problem, gets help, and realistic [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book about Kat Greene. She's eleven years old, and knows something is wrong with her mother, who cannot stop cleaning. To make things worse, her best friend recently discovered boys, and can't stop talking about them. Sometimes stories like these (of parents unable to fully parent) can become very tragic and dark. In this case, it did not. I don't want to spoil the book for anyone, so let's just say that Kat has a good support system of relatives and teachers. With their he [...]

    4. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineKat lives with her divorced mother in Greenwich. She goes to a small, progressive school, and her class is working on a production of Harriet the Spy, and working on a project to go along with that. Kat is paired with Sam, and the two have their ups and downs of getting along. Her friend Halle is a bit obsessed with Michael, a boy in their class whom she thinks like her. Normal, everyday stuff-- except for the fact that Kat's mom is obsessed with cleaning, [...]

    5. Thanks to Charlesbridge for providing me with a review copy of this title! This is a very well-done middle grade story about an incredibly tough topic - a parent with OCD who has is obsessed with cleaning. Roske has managed to make the topic middle-grade appropriate, which does mean that this issue is essentially tied up with a bow, making it a bit unrealistic for an older, more jaded audience such as myself. However, for grades 4 - 6, this is a nice treatment of a parent with a mental illness. [...]

    6. Middle Grade perfection! This book is about family, divorce, friendship, puppy love, trusting adults, and mental health. I was approved for an eARC, via Netgalley, in return for an honest review.

    7. How could I *not* give my own book five stars? My mom would be very disappointed in me. Right mom? RIGHT? :)

    8. KAT GREE mixes humor and charm while tackling mental illness, and while Kat loses a bit of her innocence as she realizes the depth of her mother's struggles, she never loses her sweetness. Couple that with the message that friendship supersedes romance, and this is a great title for the young reader!

    9. Kat's mom won't stop cleaning. She cleans so much that her skin is cracked and peeling, and she seems to have forgotten how to be a proper mom. She forgets to look at Kat's tests and lets her walk the scary way home from the supermarket all by herself. Kat knows she should tell someone, but if she does, she might have to go live with her dad--and he's nice, but his apartment is just not home. My heart went out to Kat again and again in this book. Her mom needs help, and young Kat is put in the t [...]

    10. Kat Greene Comes Cleanby Melissa RoskeCharlesbridgeMiddle Grade, Children's FictionPub Date 22 Aug 2017 I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Kat Greene Comes Clean through the publisher and Netgalley:Kat Greene comes to New York City and attends the very progressive Village Humanity School. Her best friend has become boy crazy. Halle is always talking about boys.Kat' Mom suffers from OCD and is always cleaning, often throwing some of her favorite things away. Kat tries to get help for her Mother [...]

    11. This is such a lovely story. Kat’s character and voice are beautifully drawn as she navigates school and friends and tries to understand her mother’s cleaning obsession. This book will be entertaining to middle grade readers (a cleaning game show, Kat’s punny dad, her boy-crazy best friend and unconventional school) but will also be of great comfort to any young person who is dealing with something that they are hesitant to discuss with an adult.

    12. I loved this story of a girl and her mom, and the emotional turmoil that comes along with OCD. Kat is just at loose ends when her mom won't stop cleaning, and she feels her world is coming apart. She's afraid if things get worse, she'll have to go live with her father, and even though she loves him, she doesn't want that. Kat Greene is a character you will root for, you'll feel sad for what she's going through, and you'll laugh at the antics along the way to a rewarding ending. A cast of memorab [...]

    13. This touching story of a 5th grade girl who lives with her mom in NYC hooked me from the first chapter. Kat’s mom is struggling with OCD, Kat is struggling with the shame and confusion, and with hiding the truth from her dad and stepmom. Kat’s also upset that her BFF Halle is not supporting her in the way she needs. This was such a real story. The messiness of emotional disorders and how they affect the family was so poignant. Kat - and her family - were well developed, and the storyline was [...]

    14. Kat’s Mom and Dad are divorced; Kat’s best friend gets the part Kat wanted. Can Kat’s life get any worse? Of course. Kat’s Mom cleans and worries about germs until she embarrasses Kat. Kat’s best friend misreads a situation completely. Add to these complications, Kat’s Mom is a contestant on a game show and nothing goes as planned. This is a book about broken relations and trying to repair them. Kat is funny and caring but also confused about how to handle the changing relationships [...]

    15. This charming novel is so well polished - no pun intended! Ok, maybe a little ;) - that it's almost a stretch to believe it's a debut novel. The characters are likable (even in their misguided moments) and believable (perhaps in part because of their misguided moments) and we're gently carried through the fears, thoughts, and emotions surrounding a mental health disorder (in this case OCD) and the general highs and lows that occur in preteen relationships of all kinds. As the mother of a preteen [...]

    16. Very helpful for kids in situations like Kat, having a parent struggling with a mental disorder. My own mom grew up with a parent who loved her very much but had psychosis, in Queens NY, and people were a lot less understanding then. No one offered to help and instead ridiculed them. If my mom had had this book as a child, maybe she would have sought help for coping with it instead of thinking it was simply her lot in life as a child.*I won this through a generous twitter giveaway sponsored by t [...]

    17. The characters all shine in this story (love the kids in Kat's class) and their dialogue sizzles with realism and humor, as does Kat's voice. I was right there with her every step of the way on her journey toward coming clean, connecting with others, and coping with her mom's obsessive compulsive disorder.

    18. This was a charming story about the complexities of relationships--both with parents and friends. Kat was a fab main character--likeable and realistic and just trying to do her best by her mum. KAT GREENE COMES CLEAN was funny, heartfelt and I whipped through it.

    19. This book touched my heart. Kat was dealing with friend problems, boy problems, and on top of that her mom has OCD. I fell in love with Kat and actually her whole class, they’re pretty hilarious. I think the author shines a light on mental illness while keeping it kid appropriate and interesting. My students have enjoyed this book as well.

    20. Such a strong middle grade book! Many great life lessons about family, friends, and emotional issues! Highly recommend! Kat Greene is a memorable character.

    21. Oh my goodness -- this middle grade novel is so cute. Kat's grappling with her mom's mental illness, changing friendships, and her rather underwhelming role in her school's production of Harriet the Spy, yet she's still utterly delightful. This debut's got the same timeless feel as Judy Blume's middle grade books, and it relays its themes in a similarly clever and entertaining way. Along with its winsome voice, I most loved the way author Melissa Roske empowers Kat and, as a result, her tween re [...]

    22. Kat and this cast of characters will worm their way right into your heart! I'm glad to have a book that handles OCD so brilliantly on my classroom library shelf.

    23. From the first chapter, I was rooting for Kat. She's smart, funny, warm-hearted and authentic. This is an expertly written story about a girl learning to deal with circumstances she can't control, yet she persevers for herself, her family, and her friendships. It's both fun and deep on many levels.

    24. Kat Greene is your typical 5th grader. She has a pretty normal life in NYC but then things start to get a bit complicated. Her best friend is fixated on her crush, her partner on a school project becomes totally infatuated with her and to top it all off her mom's obsession with cleaning is escalating to an unhealthy level. What's a girl to do? Melissa Roske shares Kat with her readers and even though I am not a middle school aged reader I loved this book and her masterful way of capturing everyt [...]

    25. E-ARC provided by EdelweissThis is a great middle grade story about a girl whose mother has OCD, a topic not often found in stories for kids. In this case, it is addressed very well-not terribly sad or wrapped up with a perfect ending, and the girl gets help from adults who care.

    26. If you've ever had a crush, been embarrassed by a parent or fought with a best friend, you'll instantly identify with Kat Greene! This funny, heartfelt novel about a girl who has to navigate the minefield that is tweendom is right on target and will keep you turning pages. Melissa Roske deftly explores questions of friendship and family that would make for fantastic discussion in the classroom or during at-home readaloud. I loved this book and am keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel! I'd be t [...]

    27. I loved this book in so many way, not the least of which, was me having a daughter the same age as Kat and I saw a lot of parallels in their feelings about things. Played very true, to me, and because of all of that, made me really feel for Kat. She is an endearing main character and I enjoyed the little references to other classic books. I think any parent of a middle grader, will want to pick up this book for their children. I also think, those parents will want to read it themselves too. I hi [...]

    28. Great read! Great realistic fiction book for those in 5th and 6th grade. No overly sad parts--no one dies; however, the book deals with realistic problems a child would see a parent go through and realistic friend problems also. This reminded me of the Judy Blume and Beverly Clearly books I use to love.

    29. Kat Greene Comes CleanBy Melissa RoskeIllustrated by Nathan DurfeeWhere do I begin to tell you about this wonderful book? Kat is a sixth grader who is dealing with so much in her life, but she is also very fortunate to be surrounded by lots of caring and supportive people, both children and adults. She is also a girl I so admired. Kat shows strength, compassion, bravery and flexibility throughout the story. I admired her relationship with her divorced parents, as well as her stepmother and her r [...]

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