H.M.S. Ulysses

H M S Ulysses The story of men who rose to heroism and then to something greater H M S Ulysses takes its place alongside The Caine Mutiny and The Cruel Sea as one of the classic novels of the navy its men and it

  • Title: H.M.S. Ulysses
  • Author: Alistair MacLean
  • ISBN: 9780449125823
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The story of men who rose to heroism, and then to something greater, H.M.S Ulysses takes its place alongside The Caine Mutiny and The Cruel Sea as one of the classic novels of the navy, its men and its ships, at war It is vintage MacLean and unforgettable High powered dramatics San Francisco Chronicle

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    1. I must have been about 14 when I first read this book and I can remember being blown away by it; it was the best book that I had ever read. I recently found a copy in a second hand bookshop and it was with some trepidation that I began to reread it, afraid that it would not live up to my expectations. I am glad to report that I needed not to worry; the novel was all that I remembered it as being. It is, along with The Cruel Sea and The Cain Mutiny, one of the best explorations of naval warfare i [...]

    2. I was excited to read this book, because I used to love Alistair MacLean. But I was also nervous to read this book, because I used to love Alistair MacLean, and what if he wasn’t as good as I remembered? I did enjoy the book, but it took me a while to get into it. I think that’s because the protagonist is the crew as a whole, so it didn’t feel like there was a main character, just a lot of secondary characters. But as with most novels, by the middle, even secondary characters can be compel [...]

    3. Alistair Maclean was on to a winner with his first novel HMS Ulysses portraying the plight of British Navy in the harsh winter conditions during Arctic Convoys which were under constant danger of German U Boats and Warships.Maclean's writing is so engrossing that you feel that you are there with the crew. You will face their peril, endless nights devoid of sleep and extreme cold. The characters are clearly etched. As the survivor Lt Nicholls points at the end to Admirality " The situation we fac [...]

    4. HMS Ulysses is a ship badly in need of rest Having already been on several Arctic runs to Murmansk, she and her borderline mutinous crew are being sent on another high-speed convoy with supplies desperately needed by the Russians. It’s FR 77; the weather is deteriorating, and the Nazis know the convoy is on its way. No rescue ships on this convoy; given what happened to the Stockport and Zafaaran, (both torpedoed with a loss of all hands and many who had been rescued from other ships that had [...]

    5. I first read this brilliant heart-stopping book years ago many times over and recently bought it again. This is the author's first book and he has written many more excellent sea stories too, but this one stands out for me; much in the way of the novel "The Cruel Sea"HMS Ulysses is a frigate which is part of the arctic convoy runs during World War II to Murmansk. These convoy runs were fraught with constant danger from the atrocious weather conditions at sea but also from the risk of destruction [...]

    6. Calling this a harrowing tale of war time heroism would be a huge under statement. It does a good job of portraying what life must have been like on one of those arctic convoy runs. As a reader you are worn down by the enormity of what these men had to endure minute by minute, hour by hour. A good read but not an enjoyable one.

    7. AM's best book (that I've read), but sadly overshadowed in popularity by a number of his other novels. A truly fine piece of historical fiction that has warranted several reads on my part.

    8. It’s revealing when a review starts out with a reference to a different book. In fact, The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monsarrat remains my favorite novel about life in the Royal Navy during the years that comprised World War II. HMS Ulysses has many of the same elements as Monsarrat’s novel, but Monsarrat practices control over his writing, he knows that magical point where language needs to stop so that the reader’s imagination can complete the imagery and feelings being conveyed. In Ulysses, [...]

    9. This was Alistair MacLean's first book, and surprisingly (IMHO) also his best. With MacLean's easy understanding of the military and its technology/jargon, as well as his well-justified "a star is born" reviews, HMS Ulysses was probably the Hunt for Red October of it's day. It's lack the complex plotting of his later thrillers for which he is more famous, and doesn't have one easily identifiable lead character. In total, it's really much closer to Michener's The Bridges at Toki-Ri (which perhaps [...]

    10. My favorite Maclean book. The author vividly portrays the awful conditions and paralyzing fear suffered by sailors in the Arctic seas during the Second World War. His descriptions of the conditions will have you shivering yourself! In my opinion this book ranks with the best of war fiction.

    11. The author describes the H.M.S. Ulysses as "The complete, the perfect fighting machine, man's ultimate, so far, in his attempt to weld science and savagery into an instrument of destruction. The perfect fighting machine---". Impressive, but its reputation has been unjustifiably sullied. The story places the reader on board as an observer in this intense telling of a naval story out of World War II. It can be a stressful read. So much so that the reader must look away from time to time and take a [...]

    12. I worried that the years might have aged this book a bit, but happily that was not the case.July 2016 rereadThis is the only book I can recall dealing with life or adventure on the high seas that I have cared much for, and it turns out it's probably my favorite book, period.It is the tale of a light cruiser on an arctic convoy to Russia - a punishment issued to an already fatigued crew by an infuriatingly cold and punitive Admiralty for mutinous actions on their prior convoy run. MacLean subsequ [...]

    13. "Things are bad indeed, when only the enemy can save us."An excellent, nerve-wracking classic on the perils of naval warfare during WWII. The H. M. S. Ulysses is assigned to assist a merchant convoy on its re-supply mission to their Russian allies in Murmansk. Their mission is hampered by their own leaders. An admiral who shows favoritism to some and disrespect to others. The men of the H. M. S. Ulysses are expected to perform and survive despite the extremely cold Arctic weather, small rations, [...]

    14. Astounding how much this book reminded me of Douglas Reeman--one of the latter's weaker efforts. Too drawn out, too psychological; too many "black hat" characters. But as where Reeman always integrated those elements in the plot, many here were tacked on as afterthoughts--e.g the Rating who sacrifices himself for the ship to atone for a murder that took place before the book starts! And Reeman never killed off so many "white hats."Still, MacLean knows boats, and served in the "wavy Navy" during [...]

    15. Alistair MacLean’s “H.M.S. Ulysses” is an entertaining tale of the horrors of the Arctic convoys to Russia during World War II. It is, just that, entertaining -- while sometimes lapsing into “soap opera.” A back cover blurb states “H.M.S. Ulysses is in the same class as The Cruel Sea.” I disagree. MacLean’s novel is more akin to a Douglas Reeman book, but while Reeman concentrates on action, MacLean concentrates on characters. Neither, as an author of nautical action tales, is in [...]

    16. This book wasn't a part of my usual genre, so my review may be slightly prejudiced. But I read it for 3 reasons- a) To broaden my options as a reader. b) I have read Alistair Maclean previously and I haven't been disappointed And c) Mostly, because my father who had previously introduced me to several amazing books insisted I read it. So maybe I may be prejudiced but there's an equally likely chance that I have tried to keep an open mind about it.The story itself is simple- HMS Ulysses is a ship [...]

    17. I'm left speechless by this story. A truly amazing story of heroism of men tired beyond belief fighting a war in conditions unbelievable but true. The HMS Ulysses is a Royal Navy cruiser whose crew have recently mutinied and are tasked once again to meet and escort a convoy on the Murmansk run to Russia. The crew is beaten, tired and the Captain is dying. They sail to meet the convoy of merchant ships at Iceland to take over from the warships escorting the convoy from Canada. The result is a fas [...]

    18. MacLean's first book drew from his real-life experiences on a war ship during world war II. It is a very effective book and it's success is no surprise. Brutal and relentless, the description of the borderline crew fighting the enemy as well as the elements during an Arctic convoy is both thrilling and exhausting and had MacLean continued upon this path, he would be remembered differently. Now, he did give us some good thrillers, such as The Guns of Navarone, Where Eagles Dare and Night Without [...]

    19. There is a reason the WWII generation is called the greatest generation and a lot of it is shown in this book.I haven't read many novels about WWII navy experiences but this one is amazing. The depth of experiencethis author has shows that research could not give one the ability to write about how things were at this timeand place in such a detailed, heartfelt level. It is not just the history, the workings of the ships, or theauthority figures power over the lives of lesser beings, but the work [...]

    20. probably the greatest first novel EVER written,if you can read this without tears in yours eyes,especially at the end,you are probably socio or psycho pathic! anybody who thinks that any war is glorious,or heroic or has any good in it at all,should read this book and have all of thoese illusions shattered.i have literally read at least 30,000 books,and this has been reread many times,and still moves me.

    21. One of the most vivid and emotionally impacting war stories I've ever read. Makes you feel as if you are on the Murmansk run, enduring sleepless nights and sub-zero temperatures while German U-boats, planes and surface ships are trying their best to kill you.

    22. Ak mám hodnotiť príbeh, tak no comment. Ak spôsob jeho podania, tak som na miernych rozpakoch. Čítala som novšie diela z military, ktoré mali lepšie vyváženú zložku dokumentárnu a military. Čo sa mi pozdávalo,bola snaha nebyť primárne patriotický, autor tam nenapchal zbytočné prejavy pátosu a podobných výplní. Čo mi trochu prekážalo, bol metaforický jazyk, miestami pre mňa osobne rušivý, ale čítala som český preklad z r. 1973 takže možno je to aj rokom vznik [...]

    23. This is a story about the men who sailed in the H.M.S. Ulysses, a one-of-a-kind light cruiser, during World War II and covers, in detail, their third run on the dreaded convoy excursion from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Murmansk, Russia. The convoy was carrying much needed lend-lease war materials from the United States to Russia. Lying in wait for the thirty-four ships of Fast Russian convoy (FR77) was the worst winter storm anyone could remember, and German aircraft, surface ships, and submarines [...]

    24. HMS Ulysses Alestar MacleanA WWII British navel tale. The Ulysses a British navy cruiser in charge of a Freighter convoy of military supplies bound for Russia port in the far North Atlantic. Beset by German submarines and aircraft. Gave it 4 stars

    25. The thing I love about Powell's books is that you can ask the much-pierced 20-something at the desk about the location of bestsellers of the 60s and 70s, and they will answer you without so much as a pause for thought.Anyway, Powell's: a great source for the pop-action-stories of bygone decades.I picked up an omnibus of full-length novels. I already own /Where Eagles Dare/ and /When Eight Bells Toll/, but can you believe I did not actually own /Ice Station Zebra/ or /The Guns of Navarone/. But I [...]

    26. Well, it took me two months to get through this oneat should tell you that it wasn't one of my favorites. Why didn't I just give up? My friend has been trying to get me to read this book for years. His daughter has been telling me not to waste my time because it's a horrible book. My summer reading goal was to read the book and decide for myself. My vote would fall somewhere in the middle. The story of the boat, it's battles, and the sailors was interesting enough to keep me plowing through the [...]

    27. A bit tough to rate this book 4 stars.nce there I went through lots of personal hurdle to read this,and at many points thought of giving it up because of countless descriptions about ships and their parts,which I had no idea about.Still, it was Maclean's writing which just dragged me slowly into the book and it were the descriptions of the ACTUAL war and the action which just blew me away. Its NOT a very light book as I guessed. It required hell lot of concentration with some JAWDROPPING descrip [...]

    28. It would be a crime to give this piece of work just 5 stars. It is not just captivating but also very moving. I have read quite a few books that are loosely based on ww2 but this is the first that caught my full attention. The story starts with a mutiny ship and when the story ends you are left with just one question why do all good things come to an end? every character in this book speaks volumes of the valor and dedication of their work ( and this is a mutiny ship mind you!)I have come across [...]

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