Without a Front: The Producer's Challenge

Without a Front The Producer s Challenge When the Voloth invaded Alsea Lancer Andira Tal thought the hard part would be fighting off a technologically advanced army It wasn t In the aftermath of war Alsean society is deeply divided and Tal

  • Title: Without a Front: The Producer's Challenge
  • Author: Fletcher DeLancey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When the Voloth invaded Alsea, Lancer Andira Tal thought the hard part would be fighting off a technologically advanced army It wasn t In the aftermath of war, Alsean society is deeply divided and Tal is facing issues no Lancer has ever dealt with before How to rebuild, what to do with the Voloth prisoners, when and how to release the new technologies the pressure is buWhen the Voloth invaded Alsea, Lancer Andira Tal thought the hard part would be fighting off a technologically advanced army It wasn t In the aftermath of war, Alsean society is deeply divided and Tal is facing issues no Lancer has ever dealt with before How to rebuild, what to do with the Voloth prisoners, when and how to release the new technologies the pressure is building and Tal is showing cracks, which her enemies are glad to exploit The most divisive of the new technologies are the matter printers, desired by some castes and feared by others, especially the producers When a challenge gives Tal the opportunity to bring the producers to her side, she leaves the capital to work in the fields of Hol Opah There she finds an unexpected sanctuary and the promise of something she has wished for all her life But sanctuary and dreams are distractions, and Tal s inattention may cost her everything.

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    1. When I heard that this book was not very different from the original fanfic version and I had read that already, I thought to myself I was going to skip this for now and at least wait for the last book to come out before starting on this one. But dang, a few pages in and I was hooked, lol. I couldn't stop reading, even knowing that the book won't have an ending.Plotwise, this is very different from Caphenon. While the first book was predominantly action and thrills, this is more of political man [...]

    2. A very promising start.It has been about a year since the events of The Caphenon, but its legacy remains. Lancer Tal is emotionally pretty rough. The military decisions she took to save her world have caused her spiritual turmoil (echoed in the minds of those she conscripted). To boot, they have proven politically controversial as well. Alien technology is still restricted from everyday use, but the average person on the street is feeling fear and greed of it in equal measure. Tal (as leader) is [...]

    3. A great second book in the Chronicles of Alsea series. I enjoyed every minute of reading it, and now am waiting impatiently for the third one to come out.

    4. This novel is indeed the lull before the storm!It's not even an entire book; it's just a half. 1176 pages of the free version are challenging, but still I'm quite tempted to download it to go on with the story immediately! How on earth am I supposed to survive six weeks leaving everything in such a trouble? This splitting is cruel!I've read this novel immediately after the first one of the series, the Caphenon, and to give you an idea of how much I am involved in the world of Alsea, one morning [...]

    5. When I first finished this book, I rated it at 3.5 stars. Then I finished Without A Front – The Warrior’s Challenge and rated that at 5 stars. The problem with that is that they are not two separate, 500-page, nine-dollar novels; this is a single, 1000-page, eighteen-dollar story that's been torn in half and sold in pieces, and that's exactly why I rated The Producer's Challenge so low. Normally in a series, there's a main plot and some subplots that continue from one book to the next, but t [...]

    6. 4.5Loved the moral dilemmas and the political struggles.And also Salomen. Because Salomen is just too ♥♥♥

    7. A bit disappointed - compared to the Caphenon, I found this book slow-moving and the middle chapters a bit long-winded. It reads more like a romance that the sci-fi I was expecting. (view spoiler)[Its hard to stay interested when you can see clearly from a mile off that the two main protagonists are going to end of together(hide spoiler)]. I possibly set the bar too high after not being able to put the Caphenon down. The word-building and character development are still beautiful, but I was expe [...]

    8. Incredible -- so much angst! And a very nicely done enemies-to-friends evolution. All the political intrigue and guard dynamics are wonderful. What a wonderful story. I put it on my Outdoor shelf because the Hol-Opah setting is so much a part of the story. I will be coming back to this book again.Second Read: Even better - picked-up more of the details of the story. What a cliff-hanger ending. I am so glad I didn't read this before The Warrior's Challenge was released. I wouldn't have been able [...]

    9. 3.6 stars. After a really good first book I didn't expect to read about living on a farm and dealing with elementary school bullies. I mean how? It went from an adventure on a if not galactic then planetary scale to a slice of life with a little bit of political subterfuge in the mix. I didn't learn much more about Alseans in this book either, it covers mostly the same things the first book did. If it would've expanded on their culture I'd rate it higher but nothing much happened in that aspect [...]

    10. 4.5 if I could but good enough to round up. I loved this book. I was lucky enough to proofread it but don't feel any ownership in the story or production so I feel like I'm able to review it without bias.This one has a much different feel than The Caphenon. Where that book's fight scenes and drama were pretty intense, this one is more romantic intrigue. The writing and storytelling is just as good as the first book in the series and I have no doubt that SciFi and romance fans will absolutely lov [...]

    11. I'm always a little dubious when I know an online story I enjoyed has been revised for publication. Sometimes the changes aren't for the best or parts that I loved are changed or removed. Not so here. Everything I loved about Without a Front remains, and the additional content adds to the story.I enjoyed Lanaril in the first story, she was one of the few intriguing aspects of Caphenon for me. Here she's even better, it's good to see Andira with a friend other than Micah. She was very isolated in [...]

    12. Loved it, but I'm really glad that I knew about the cliffhanger. Part of me had hoped that Tal might end up in a triad relationship with Lhyn and Ekatya in The Caphenon, but her relationship with Salomen is so satisfying that I was happy she didn't. I love the enemies to lovers angle of this book. It also has the same excellent worldbuilding that I loved in The Caphenon.Full review here: thelesbianreview/witho

    13. WaF: Producer is only part 1 of the book. so it's hard to review only that part and note comments on later event. But I'll do my best. And trust me, you'll read them back to back.Here it goes.The writing is awesome, soon in the book the first seed of a wonderful political intrigue is plant in the reader's mind to be somewhat pushed aside -but not really. WaF: Producer focus on Lancer Andira Tal personal life -personal love life- making the core of the plotline a romance. Or so you thought until [...]

    14. This second book in the ‘Chronicles of Alsea’ series is just as impressive as the first. It is set in the aftermath of Alsea, a pre-faster-than-light-flight society, fighting off an invasion from the technologically superior Voloth. The Alseans may have had help from the Gaians - humans of the future – but the final victory was won by using Alsean empathic abilities to destroy Voloth minds. The novel deals with the mental and emotional trauma suffered by the veterans of the Battle of Alsea [...]

    15. The seventh book that I’ve read by Fletcher DeLancey. Second one in the Chronicles of Alsea series. I’d actually read the first book in that series, ‘The Caphenon’, before I had read the five Star Trek Voyager books. Meaning that it’s been a month and roughly 20 days since I read the first book in this Alsea series.I had initially planned to read the second book immediately after the first, but then I noticed that the Captain and her bonded mate weren’t in the second book. Which conf [...]

    16. "Without a Front" is every bit as good as "The Caphenon". However, where the Caphenon is a classic SciFi with a spaceship and a foreign planet and FTL and Prime Directive dilemma and all, Front is more of a SciFi romance. It's not sappy, though, and the focus is still on Alsea and the Caphenon aftermath, but the romance plays a major part in the second half of the book. (For the interested + potential male reader: yes, there's women kissing and women touching but alas, still no hot lesbian sex, [...]

    17. Book 2 of the Chronicles of Alsea follows on from Fletcher DeLancey’s excellent SciFi action novel, The Caphenon. Lancer Tal finds herself beset for the decisions she has made, decisions she knows were critical to the survival of her world and her people, but which, in retrospect, have laid her open to a wide range of criticism.One of those criticisms is about her decision to introduce alien technology, and when. As part of her efforts to include and educate the population about the impact of [...]

    18. I had a little trouble rating this, and I might have to come back and give it the fifth star out of sheer guilt because I DID love it! It is 100% required reading for anyone who enjoyed the first book in the series. ButI don't think I loved this one quite as much as The Caphenon or the book that follows. This one doesn't lean quite as hard into sci-fi as the first, and isn't as action-paced as the third, settling into a story that centers on a blossoming romance.een two amazing alien women! Yay! [...]

    19. Without a front, part 1We happily come back to Lancer Tal and Salomen Opah. This book is centered on their mutual acquaintance and serves primarily to prepare the ground for the next installment.One can reproach a slow pace and no action scenes, whereas this is one of the strongest of the author. One can note some Mary Sue intrusions, but it’s not really damaging. Otherwise, I hope you like it sweet, because it’s very gooey!The sequel, "The Warrior's Challenge" keeps rising in intensity and [...]

    20. I loved this book. I would have read it faster but daily life interfered. I enjoyed the way the plot was a smooth transition from The Caphenon, I enjoyed the character development and growth, the world-building, the relationships, the characters themselves were so well-layered.There wasn't a thing I didn't enjoy.Oh waitI wasn't thrilled when I got to the end. I didn't want my time in Alsea to end!Good thing there are more books in the series!

    21. Really enjoyed this. It's quite different from Caphenon in that the focus is on interpersonal relationships far more than it is on world events, but I liked that. It was nice to get something different, and the focus on the Alseans allowed the world to develop into something much deeper and richer than it was in Caphenon.

    22. Without a Front - Chronicles of Alsea - Fletcher Delancey.The Caphenon. Producer’s Challenge and Warrior’s ChallengeThis trilogy arose from a Voyager fanfic written many years ago. It was a story arc I read avidly and could not put down. I had many a sleepless night being determined to go to sleep after the end of this chapter no avail!When I discovered that Fletcher was writing a prequel, The Caphenon, I initially had mixed feelings that it would in some way detract from the on line version [...]

    23. I'm rating this on a reread.Thank Fahla the first one wasn't a fluke and this second book is just as awesome as the previous. I really can't complain about much. The same level of care is given to crafting the new characters, and the new plot is just as engaging. The world-building is still top-notch, too. I even think this one might be better crafted than The Caphenon, because it flows more consistently and I have a better picture in my head.The plot of this one is less action-packed than the l [...]

    24. After repelling an alien invasion, Alsea’s leader Andira Tal now has the really hard work to deal with. Plenty of veterans and other civilians question her methods used to defend Alsea. She has squabbling castes who have differing views on what to do with the matter printers Alsea now has access to. How and when should they be introduced into the economy? The producers are afraid it will destroy their livelihoods. One such producer issues a challenge to Tal to live as a field hand for a month. [...]

    25. The Chronicles of Alsea is a series developed and written by Fletcher DeLancey. Without a Front: The Producer's Challenge is the second book in this set and took me on a beautiful flight to the next galaxy. It's a science fiction series and the first one I have read in this genre. I'd heard great things about Fletcher DeLancey's work in several groups on Facebook, but I kept ignoring them (shame on me) because I thought I wouldn't like the genre or I wouldn't understand it.Oh, my goodness, HOW W [...]

    26. *Wistful Sigh* This is the one I was waiting for. Well, this one and book 3. I have been a huge fan of Alsea and the Alseans for a long time. As much as I loved "The Caphenon", I loved "Without a Front: The Producer's Challenge" much, much more. Call me a sap. Call me a hopeless romantic. But this is the story I fell in love with. I honestly didn't think I could love it more than I already did, but the published version is so much richer. At first, I'll admit, I was resistant to the story in "Th [...]

    27. This is the second book in the ‘Chronicles of Alsea’ series and continues the story of Lancer Tal. It is tagged as Science Fiction but is really a mixture of a Romance and a Political Thriller. The pace of the story is quite slow and there is very little action, with the developing relationship between Tal and Salomen being the main focus of the story.The book was a slow but enjoyable read until the cliff-hanger ending. Cliff-hanger endings are fine on the TV were the next episode is in a fe [...]

    28. After the nail-biting pace of the first in the series,"The Caphenon", I was a bit impatient with this tale as I am more an action fan. However, this storyline hooks one deep into investing in more characters without really trying. Fletcher Delancey simply is a master at creating worlds to escape into. By the end, I was amazed at the emotional depth that simply overwhelmed. SciFi, fantasy, Romance, action, whatever this falls into, doesn't matter, Ms. Delancey has me hooked. And yes, there is a c [...]

    29. What a place to leave us! Very well written, slower pace then book one, but it worked for this and setting up book three. Can't wait for Without a Front - The Warrior's Challenge to get here!! Well done Ms Fletcher DeLancey!!

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