The Madmen's City

The Madmen s City Teen vigilante Gwen Kane uses her fists and a strict moral code to flatten any lowlife who dares prey on the innocents of Towton City Her rival Silas Snow opts for a pistol a silencer and a shot in

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  • Title: The Madmen's City
  • Author: Cady Vance
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 114
  • Format: None
  • Teen vigilante Gwen Kane uses her fists and a strict moral code to flatten any lowlife who dares prey on the innocents of Towton City Her rival, Silas Snow, opts for a pistol, a silencer and a shot in the dark To Silas, death is the only suitable punishment for the iniquitous criminals who prowl the seedy streets And to Gwen, Silas is just another murderer Working togeTeen vigilante Gwen Kane uses her fists and a strict moral code to flatten any lowlife who dares prey on the innocents of Towton City Her rival, Silas Snow, opts for a pistol, a silencer and a shot in the dark To Silas, death is the only suitable punishment for the iniquitous criminals who prowl the seedy streets And to Gwen, Silas is just another murderer Working together would only end in World War III When someone frames Gwen s father for a mob death that Silas actually caused, their paths seem destined for a head on collision Silas doesn t want an innocent man to take the fall, but if he fesses up to the crime, he ll only land behind bars himself But Gwen will stop at nothing to discover the truth The clock ticks down to her father s date with death row It s time to stop playing nice.

    One thought on “The Madmen's City”

    1. This was an enjoyable and engaging YA superhero novel. It was not a 5 star read, but I was happy with the story and will definitely be reading the sequel. This was a superhero story with a similar feel to DC's Arrow or Batman. The heroes had no superpowers and the story was quite dark at times and we had plenty of ambiguity and moral dilemmas. Towton City is ruled from the shadows by two rival crime gangs. The police and city officials are helpless to do anything to change this due to a combinat [...]

    2. This entire book was absurd.Everyone, and I do mean everyone, was tstl.How do you have a batman-like do-gooder running around telling his secret identity to a bunch of kids?How are you going to write My Immortal descriptions of what the characters are wearing?How are you going to dress up a crime fighting kid in a white trenchcoat and hat (I'm assuming fedora, from his behaviour) and have him say that no one ever sees him at night?How are you going to write said kid's dialogue in a noiresque way [...]

    3. This review was originally posted to Jen in Bookland*Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*Overall I really enjoyed The Madmen's City. It was a fun noir style book. It is like a dark super hero, Batman type story. I can just see Towton as a similar city to Gotham. I loved that aspect of it. Towton is a dark, gritty, corrupt city. There are two different families ruling different parts of the city. They have their hands in everyones pockets. The cops are corrupt an [...]

    4. The Madmen's City by Cady VanceThis novel helps fill out the growing number of super hero novels I've been reading lately. It's a tough job without all the panels of drawings; but when done right they read quite well. This one is definitely going into the well done pile. This novel is more about vigilante than super powered heroes; but that's what Batman started out as. And this novel fits well with that in that it is drawn in a dystopic world that has the noir mood and images that go along with [...]

    5. Gwen Kane’s dad is the famous vigilante Phantom and she is training with him. There’s another vigilante around town named Ethos and he isn’t afraid to kill. When Phantom is framed for a murder he didn’t commit, Gwen will do everything she can to prove his innocence, even going out on the streets at night and teaming up with Ethos.I absolutely loved this book. I am a huge fan of superheroes/vigilantes in stories, but this is actually the first book I’ve read about them. This book remind [...]

    6. Read the review in the blog.Note: I got this book to read in exchange of my honest review.Towton City is a corrupt city. The cops are corrupt and the mafia family gets away with whatever they want. But there are few people who are working together to keep the city safe and clean.Gwen Kane, Silas Snow, Phantom. The three vigilantes, whose only purpose in life are to take down the criminals and make Towton City a better place to live for the innocents. Though their ways are different. Phantom hand [...]

    7. First off, this didn't read like a dystopian. It was more like an Arrow/Batman comic world read, and I LOVED that feel! Seriously, Towton City is just like Gotham in my mind. This book was easy to fall into and keep reading. The only reason it took so long for me to finish was simply lack of time to sit and do just that. Last night I picked it up a little before 11 determined to find out how it was going to end. I finished right before midnight and then lay in bed another hour imagining out the [...]

    8. I got this book by signing in Read it and Reap program in exchange for an honest review. In the start I really The story is about Gwen whos father is the phantom of towtown,a city filled with mafia and douchbags. Something happened in past that made Gwen's father to be the hero and savior of town. But he is now framed for a murder that he didn't even commit. Gwen vowed to clear his name and get him out of jail. She is not alone in this. Silas, the Ethos, whom she calls murdere coz he doesnt show [...]

    9. Vigilante super heroes. They can be the same person, but usually it depends on which side of the situation you are standing. Gwen Kane’s father goes from super hero to vigilante to murderer in just a matter of hours, and she wants to clear his name.Towton City is run by two crime families, which would love nothing more than to see Gwen Kane’s father stay in prison and make the street just a little more accessible for them.To get to her goal, Gwen befriends the other vigilante in town, who ha [...]

    10. I devoured this book! The dynamic between Silas and Gwen kept me turning pages with their complicated relationship, the way they admire each other while still disagreeing, and the sizzling chemistry. I loved both of them and found their distinct voices to be a refreshing change of pace from most YA. The gritty atmosphere crackles from the page, enhanced by the skilled world building. With gorgeous prose and three-dimensional characters, this book is one to move to the top of your TBR list.

    11. I really liked this book. I thought the pace was nice and Silas and Gwen were pretty developed characters. I had a problem with the constant moral question of whether Ethos was right to kill bad guys or not. I definitely think he was right. I also thought the ending was very rushed. It just ends so abruptly. It could have been spread out a little bit more.

    12. This is a superhero story without super powers. It reminded me of the series "Arrow". It is well written and fun to read. I can recommend it to everyone who likes action, doesn't mind some violence and who is satisfied with a pinch of romance.

    13. ExcellentLoved the book and the characters. Wonderful story, written well enough to keep you hooked to the end. Hopefully there will be a sequel to this.

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