Rory the Dinosaur Wants a Pet

Rory the Dinosaur Wants a Pet When Rory meets his friend Sheldon s pet crab he realizes he wants a pet of his own He searches high and low from tree tops to sand pits for a creature to love It s at the end of a long day when Ror

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  • Title: Rory the Dinosaur Wants a Pet
  • Author: Liz Climo
  • ISBN: 9780316277297
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Rory meets his friend Sheldon s pet crab, he realizes he wants a pet of his own He searches high and low from tree tops to sand pits for a creature to love It s at the end of a long day, when Rory least expects it, that he meets George Comic artist Liz Climo celebrates the bond between child and pet with her adorable, deceptively simple illustrations and her timeWhen Rory meets his friend Sheldon s pet crab, he realizes he wants a pet of his own He searches high and low from tree tops to sand pits for a creature to love It s at the end of a long day, when Rory least expects it, that he meets George Comic artist Liz Climo celebrates the bond between child and pet with her adorable, deceptively simple illustrations and her timeless story of a child s quest for companionship.

    One thought on “Rory the Dinosaur Wants a Pet”

    1. It's hard not to love Rory and his dad. Their simple lives, so delicately drawn by Climo, are genuinely touching and heartwarming but Rory comes across as being a little bit too simple in this story about finding a pet. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to laugh or cry at Rory's solution to the pet problem. Perhaps his dad's helicoptering parenting style (as seen in the first book) isn't allowing Rory to make good choices for himself?The solution is clever and tragic at the same time.Making do, com [...]

    2. After play with his friend Hank's new pet, Rory decides he wants a pet too. He looks around for a pet, but can't find one. Just when he's about to give up, though, a pet finds him.Parents who don't want all the work of a real pet will love the pet Rory finds. It is a coconut. It's very low maintenance and Rory loves it. A cute story with an unexpected solution. Pair this one withSophie's Squashfor a compare/contrast activity about kids who love an edible friend.

    3. Truth time - I follow Liz Climo on social media because her illustrations are so adorable, however until today, I'd not read one of her picture books.Rory leaves his Dad for the day to play with his friends. On discovering his friend has a new pet, Rory quests all over to find one of his very own.A delightful story about searching for something you really want, and problem solving how to get it.Spoiler alert: this ends a little like the movie CastAway and Tom Hank's pet "Walter"

    4. I must admit that I think a coconut makes a strange pet; I'm getting major Castaway vibes, but I guess I had a pet rock as a child so maybe kids would be into a pet coconut these days. I loved the page where Rory asks if another creature wants to be a pet because a) it's important to ask for consent and b) we should consider if animals would be happy as our pet. Many creatures aren't happy as pets, such as foxes or tigers, and often end up at rescues.

    5. Honestly, I never picked up this book because the illustrations just don't appeal to me. My co- worker handed it to me and said you've got to read this. She was right! This book is amazingly cute. A definite storytime read.

    6. Cute, funny story about a little dinosaur who has trouble finding a pet of his own, until a coconut "finds" instead and becomes his new pet.Bright, comic-style illustrations.

    7. He names him GEORGE! Like my puppy George! And he has red and white striped pajamas, like my puppy does!Oh, and I completely adore everything Liz Climo does, so there's that.

    8. Rory is looking for a new pet now in this newest Rory the Dinosaur series by Liz Climo.Cute illustrations and sweet little message at end. Published by Little Brown & Company.#dinosaur #friends #pets

    9. I just love Liz Climo's artwork, and when I saw she had a new book about Rory the Dinosaur, I just knew I had to pre-order it, because I loved the previous Rory book. Then it came in on Friday, but I had to wait because of Animecon, but yesterday, after Animecon, I finally had time to snuggle up and read this book. It was just super adorable, super cute, and I just loved it a lot, however I did think the pet was a bit weird, and the ending felt a bit sudden. Rory is out with his friends, one of [...]

    10. I received this book, and an adorable children's (Rory) ball hopper and pump, as a gift from the publisher. This is an adorable little tale, that would entertain any child. The illustrations, while basic, are still rich in colour and detail, and I personally loved all of the little quirky items Rory and his pet play with later in the book. (The interior decor of their tree house is also cute-sy!). It also tackles that memory everyone has from being young, "I want a pet!", and made me think of al [...]

    11. Originally published on my blog, Nine Pages.I was surprisingly pleased by this book. Rory has shown up in one other picture book: Me and My Dad. Liz Climo’s illustrations of cartoon animals however are familiar from her Tumblr, and I have seen them passed between friends on Facebook. Rory’s friends introduce him to a new pet hermit crab, and Rory decides that he too wants a pet. He tries to coax several animals into being his pet but they are too busy, not interested, and he almost gives up [...]

    12. Rory’s friend Hank has a pet. He is fun to play with and now Rory wants a pet. All the way home he looks for a pet, but all of them are wrong (too busy, to hard to get to, not interested in being a pet) but then a coconut rolls by and Rory thinks it followed him home and wants to keep it for a pet. This funny story could start discussions about what a pet is, and how to acquire one. It was strange but funny seeing an animal with another animal as a pet. Particularly when Rory asked a Tortoise [...]

    13. This is a super quick book for parents who don't want their kids to have pets. Rory the Dinosaur features a dad charged with childcare and cooking and a pet that is a coconut. Victories for all!Also, Climo illustrations which are always impeccably cute. Could it have more substance? Sure! But if you just want to con you children into thinking hermit crabs and coconuts are legit pets, this book is for you!

    14. Anyone that's ever wanted a pet of their very own will be able to relate to this book. Rory's friend has a new pet, and they all have a terrific time playing with him. Rory decides he really wants to find a pet, too. This is easier said than done. Young readers will enjoy finding out if Rory is ever going to have his own perfect pet. The digital illustrations are very sweet and help make this a fun book for younger children.

    15. Rory is inspired to get a pet after he sees how much fun his friends have with their pets. It takes a while to find the perfect pet, but after many misses the right pet finds Rory.Digital illustrations. PreK-2.

    16. Rory's friend has a pet and Rory wants a pet, too. None of the little animals he sees want to be his pet. His dad gives him a coconut and it's the perfect pet for Rory. They have lots of fun together.Dolls aren't just for girls and they don't have to look like the child, either.

    17. Rory the dinosaur wants a pet and after searching in some usual (and not so usual) places, one finds him instead (kinda)!

    18. The best thing about this book is how flexible Rory is. I love that he did what he could with what he hadD *spoiler* he didn't end up getting a different "real" pet in the end.

    19. A dinosaur tries to find a pet, and ends up with a coconut, which he is very happy with. Upbeat, posative, funny, and kind look at how to have fun.

    20. The artwork is great and the story itself had potential to be cute but the narrative ended up feeling kind of pointless to me.

    21. I thought this book was really dumb and looked like I had made it. I couldn't believe it got published or got good reviews! Or was done by a major publishing company!

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