The Other Side: Shorter Poems

The Other Side Shorter Poems A collection of poems reminiscent of growing up as an African American girl in Shorter Alabama

  • Title: The Other Side: Shorter Poems
  • Author: Angela Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780531071670
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • A collection of poems reminiscent of growing up as an African American girl in Shorter, Alabama.

    One thought on “The Other Side: Shorter Poems”

    1. I sat down and read this short (44 pages) book of poetry in about a half hour--not the ideal way to read poetry, I realize, but this is clearly intended for a younger audience--an audience who perhaps hasn't had much exposure to other poets or poems. If I was teaching middle or high school, I would absolutely use this, but none of the poems in this collection are appropriate for university classes.Johnson's bittersweet poems tell her stories of growing up in Shorter, Alabama and moving north. Th [...]

    2. Young readers will enjoy this collection of poems committed to depicting the life of a young African American girl growing up in Shorter, Alabama. Each poem gives us a view of the life and people, along with the experiences of life in these times. The poems are simple to read, but powerful. Students can use this poetry book in a social studies unit on cultural diversity.

    3. Genre: Junior PoetrySummary: These poems tell of the love/hate relationship that the young poet has with her hometown of Shorter, Alabama, which is a city that was eventually torn down in order to build a racetrack. She tells stories of herself, family members, and friends. There are also photos throughout the book that help the reader connect with the characters in the poems.Critique:(a) The book gives accurate accounts of the way of life for young African Americans in this southern town during [...]

    4. Angela Johnson’s books always take me by surprise. She never fails to amaze me with how clear and efficient she is with words and with how she manages to tease deep meaning from her characters’ unique personalities. I particularly enjoyed her poem, “Party,” which I felt embodied the true essence of the book. In it, she describes a party thrown in her honor as she prepares to move north. The entire first half of the poem is joyful in tone, describing good friends and good food and capturi [...]

    5. In "The Other Side: Shorter Poems", Angela Johnson shares her life with readers. We learn about her through what seems like snapshots. Each poem reveals a little about her and the reader keeps going in hopes of piecing together Johnson's life. Along the way, we learn of her love for the red dirt of Alabama, her realization that you can't count on much, the effects of war on her father and the pain of racism. I recommend this book for grades three and up.

    6. This had some really interesting poems, I dont think you would read this aloud becuase it is more complex and the children may not find it fun. They are like stories of their life but in poem form and they go through different events. It was really cool to read and it won an award. It has a lot of memories of the authors life and reliving them. There isnt really any pattern to the poems. They have a lot of words and are more serious than they are funny

    7. 1999 CSK Author HonorInitially, I wanted to give this 2 stars because I've read much better titles on this same topic and style, however i took into account that the ones I really like were published more recently. I took into account the time period this particular book was publisheditable for teens as well.

    8. Angela Johnson tells about her life in Shorter, Alabama and moving away through poems. She describes the differences between the South and North. She also talks about how different it is for her to leave Alabama than it is for her Grandma.

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