The Purchased Wife

The Purchased Wife Xander Pascalis can buy anythingcluding a wife At millions of dollars Helen is lavishly expensive But Xander thinks he knows a good deal when he sees one However when Helen refuses to share his bed

  • Title: The Purchased Wife
  • Author: Michelle Reid
  • ISBN: 9780373124701
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • Xander Pascalis can buy anythingcluding a wife At millions of dollars, Helen is lavishly expensive But Xander thinks he knows a good deal when he sees one However, when Helen refuses to share his bed, Xander is forced to take his headstrong wife to his private Greek island to tame her into keeping her marriage vows He wants value for money she will give him thXander Pascalis can buy anythingcluding a wife At millions of dollars, Helen is lavishly expensive But Xander thinks he knows a good deal when he sees one However, when Helen refuses to share his bed, Xander is forced to take his headstrong wife to his private Greek island to tame her into keeping her marriage vows He wants value for money she will give him the wedding night that, so far, she s denied him.

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    1. Book Overview: Xander Pascalis can buy anythingcluding a wife! At millions of dollars, Helen is lavishly expensive. But Xander thinks he knows a good deal when he sees one.However, when Helen refuses to share his bed, Xander is forced to take his headstrong wife to his private Greek island to tame her into keeping her marriage vows. He wants value for money: she will give him the wedding night that, so far, she's denied him.Another story about the consequences of miscommunication. If only Xander [...]

    2. The Purchased Wife - alternate title: Two Immature People Get Married and Spare the Rest of the World Their Drama.This had a good premise: heroine is in love with hero when they are engaged and then sees him with an OW before the wedding. Instead of talking to him about it, she marries him, confronts him on their wedding night and when he doesn't explain himself, withholds sex for a year. The hero doesn't try talking to the h or even seducing her, he just reminds her that he married her as a bus [...]

    3. I should have loved this, but I spent so much time hating the hero and not in a "fun way". But MR kept me reading as usual and I was emotionally involved, so that's worth 3 stars. Maybe even more. I'm just mad (which proves I was emotionally involved)I guess I couldn't get past all the death threats and his overall rough treatment of her. I can handle and even be amused by a bunch of BS from these alpha heroes, but threats of violence (or actual violence) is hard for me not to take seriously. I [...]

    4. This one was nice. There was plenty of POV from the hero so you knew all along that he loved her and felt guilty about marrying her so young and forcing her to do this or that. Lots of angst on his part. In fact you really knew the hero much better than the heroine. The biggest problem I had with it was the hero kept threatening to kill the heroine if she ever slept with another man or even let one see her naked or what have you. That's just not right. Sure threaten to kill the other man, I'm be [...]

    5. What I loved: The super alpha, possessive hero. The heroine who could go for to toe with the hero. There was no infidelity and the hero got trashed in the media for being stupid and keeping a big secret from the heroine. The hero didn't actually do what he was accused of, but he deserved to be trashed for keeping this secret.What I hated: The secrets! Seriously, if the hero and heroine truly loved each other, why start off their marriage or even their engagement with these two big secrets that t [...]

    6. Why so flawless MR? She gives me everything I want. Innocent but strong heroine, super possessive and crazy jealous alpha hero, passionate love scenes and plenty of angst! Oh and epilogue was all kinds of adorable!

    7. While there were moments the H was extra harsh and controlling, you could always tell it was because of his fear of losing the h. And you could always tell how strongly he loved her. One thing that bugs me is (view spoiler)[the stuff with Vanessa. A) Like you would ever leave your own marriage on the brink of failure to protect your mother's pride. B) Like you would ever say something as ridiculous as "The mother (Vanessa) had the right to be treated with respect if nothing else." Really? Women [...]

    8. Michelle Reid has done it again . . . and used the secrets trope. The author is a fan of this device, but I'm seriously not. It's difficult to rally behind characters who deliberately mislead or withhold information from their partners (Helen and Xander, respectively), particularly when doing so damages their relationship. They each had their own reasons for doing so, but it got old really fast because it made Helen appear petty and Xander foolish. If only they had been honest with each other. * [...]

    9. I don't think this is the best of Michelle Reid's work, but I think it's still a 5-star read compared to the bulk of the HPs out there. Very angsty reunion story. I love this kind of premise where the heroine is physically injured at the outset, forcing the hero to reveal (subtly) his feelings despite harboring whatever misconceptions he has about her. Downsides were that the hero was overly jealous (repeatedly telling the heroine he would kill her if she ever went to another man) and controllin [...]

    10. This was a true DNF. It would have been a wallbanger except it was electronic. I picked it up after reading raves about this author's work on Dear Author - Jane is a big fan. Maybe I picked the wrong book to start (I have 2 others on my reader which I haven't been brave enough to read so far) but this "alpha hero" took a wrong turn RIGHT AT THE START OF THE BOOK into asshatville and I couldn't see him redeeming himself. Apparently there is world class grovel at the end of the book but I didn't w [...]

    11. Después de haberle sido entregado a cambio de 50 mil libras Alexander Pascalis al fin desposa a la bella Helen. Un año después de haber estado encerrada en la lujosa jaula de cristal que él construyó para ella, la bella esposa se estrella contra un árbol en su intento de escapar de él. ¿Dónde estaba él todo ese tiempo? ¿Calentando la cama de una amante? El accidente le hace reaccionar y regresa decidido a convertir ese papel en realidad y tomar a su esposa como se debe. Ésta es una v [...]

    12. All the misunderstanding, hurtful words, and all those months of separation could have been avoided if they only talk. But where's the fun in that, right? And besides I’m a sucker for this kind of book. I love the jerky possessive hero, strong sassy heroine, jealousy, lots of misunderstanding, angst, great grovels and this book had it all. I was on the roller coaster with this book and loving it! And the epilogue pretty much killed me with its sweetness! Lovely!

    13. 4 Stars! ~ Helen thought she was marrying Xander for love. But weeks before the wedding she discovers that she's signed a prenuptial agreement that more or less has said that her father sold her to Xander. And on top of that she discovers tabloid articles of her soon-to-be husband's exploits with a mistress while he's on a trip to the US. So on her wedding night, she refuses to sleep with him. Xander was taken with Nell's beauty the moment he first seen her. Her innocence enthralled him and he h [...]

    14. Another wonderful classic HP where the H is an overbearing alpha and it's his way or the highway. I hated him through the beginning of the book, however, he became more like able as the book progresses.We meet in h in hospital after she crashed her car into a tree. She may seem meek and biddable at first, buuut she soon shows her true colors. She doesn't come off as being a strong woman/ character until you read a bit further. The H refers to her a witch quite a few times during the book and she [...]

    15. Xander took notice of his wife when she was caught in a vehicular accident only to find out things about her that opened his eyes. Its time to make their marriage a real one.This MR book is absolutely in my hall of famer simply because it was well written. The emotions of both characters were so vivid that you can feel their anguish. I love the fact that Xander was so possessive that I would probably choke on it if this happens I real life. But I love it on the basis that its only fiction.

    16. First, StMargarets did an excellent job of putting into words what I was thinking hereFrom the first, the tension was unbelievable! I would have liked to have the story start at the wedding as a prologue, but I can see that MR wanted the reader to get hit in the face immediately by everything going on. I really, really disliked Xander, even to the end. For someone who supposedly loved Nell, he really didn't show it at any time- threatening her time after time, humiliating her whenever he could. [...]

    17. I went into this book expecting drama and I was not disappointed. Here we have a wife, Helen, trying to leave her husband after a year of being apart. She loved Xander, but his actions before their wedding smothered her feelings. She gets into an accident trying to leave him and he shows up to take care of her. Well, in his own way. He takes her to his private island to seduce her, ready to finally kick-start their marriage. I had a hard time liking him, because I wanted to clobber him in the he [...]

    18. Ok, so I juust finished this book today and what can I say? Well, for starters, I don't wanna spoil the story and neither do I wanna discourage the readers but, this book is just full of angst. Lies here and there and hatred here and there It pays though that the charcaters' attraction to each other is fatal but then, the story is kind of all over the place I love Michelle Reid, and she's one of my fave authors of angsty stories, but this one made me dizzy (sorry) There are times I'll hate the h [...]

    19. One intense alpha male. d:)First things first, he didn't cheat! The H was older and lived hard/loved hard, the h young and inexperienced, The H had intense feelings for the h but he didn't really know how to "dial it down", so his solution was to remove himself, when he should have been there. Naturally, the h took this as rejection. now throw in a heap of jealousy, lots of angst, accusations of cheating on both sides, secrets and a bunch of family drama, and you have the makings for an intense [...]

    20. An attempt in angst romance that didn't quite work. Entire book and all pointless suffering that was going along were based on a wrong assumption that could be easily explained by the H. His reason for not explaining didn't make much sense.

    21. Found it hard to get into this book at first and didn't particularly care for male character Xander but I really warmed to him mid way through the book and Helen was just a bit wishy-washy also at the start too. But a good story and very passionate with a great setting but ending just a bit rushed.

    22. Another of those "I'm in love with her, but she's too young and there was a big misunderstanding"Why do authors keep using this trite and tried and overused template. Throw SOME sort of curveball into it. SOMETHING. ANYTHING!PLEASE!

    23. It's a very typical Greek tycoon love story that can be found every where. The Greek tycoon forces to marry a girl. The girl agrees because she's deeply in love with the said Greek man. Wife hates tycoon because of mistresses or learning she was not married for love. Private islands, private planes, private bodyguards. Same old, same old.(view spoiler)[It was still entertaining but I find it lacking with the characters. Granted that it has a very interesting and unique plot but I also find that [...]

    24. Helen “Nell” and Xander had married a year ago. On their wedding day she went in to a tirade because it appeared that Xander was keeping a mistress, Vanessa. He never disabused her of this idea and he HAD to know that she thought Vanessa was his mistress. Yet, later he claims he didn’t. Really? Since that time, Xander had come in and out of her life to keep up “appearances”, but now that she has been involved in an accident he has flown to her side. Xander didn’t like to hear that He [...]

    25. See, I loved this one the first few times I read it, even with the useless drama and over bearing man but it's losing some of its shine.Point one it really boils down to polite human trafficking. Lucky they were in love anyway ;). But I guess arranged marriages still happen all over the world. It's just that she wasn't really let in on how big it was until after the fact. She is in effect a brood mare who is kept in an isolated pasture unless he's breeding her. And he can't see it, or see that w [...]

    26. Married but he makes her live in house away from him under guard by his security team for a year. Story in paper about him and lover. She gets angry and takes off with secret brother and they crash.She outsmarts him and tell brother to hide. He takes her to island where they finally consummate the marriage but he still thinks she was trying to leave him for other man.

    27. I'm not sure what was wrong with it. May be that heroes were not logical at all. Xander is always threatening to kill Helen (where this insecurity came from?) and Helen not knowing what she want and changing her ways every 5 sec. "Kiss me! No, leave me alone!" It was just not my cup of tea.(view spoiler)[And if that boy was her brother how he helped her with her sexuality? (hide spoiler)] Too much unanswered questions were left to hang in the air.

    28. The first time I tried to read this book I couldn't finish it. One of the very few books I found I couldn't continue. The hero was awful. At the point when he arrogantly talked about sleeping with his mistress I quit reading. Disgusting.The second time I read it right through to the end. It was okay but I am still disappointed in both the hero and the heroine for certain things that they did. Not a book that I would recommend unfortunately.

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