Jellaby: Volume 1

Jellaby Volume Quiet brilliant Portia has just moved to a new neighborhood with her mom Adjusting to life without a father is hard enough but school is boring and her classmates are standoffish and even Portia s m

  • Title: Jellaby: Volume 1
  • Author: Kean Soo
  • ISBN: 9781423103370
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Quiet, brilliant Portia has just moved to a new neighborhood with her mom Adjusting to life without a father is hard enough, but school is boring and her classmates are standoffish and even Portia s mom is strangely distant But things start looking up when Portia mounts a late night excursion into the woods behind her house and discovers a shy, sweet natured purple moQuiet, brilliant Portia has just moved to a new neighborhood with her mom Adjusting to life without a father is hard enough, but school is boring and her classmates are standoffish and even Portia s mom is strangely distant But things start looking up when Portia mounts a late night excursion into the woods behind her house and discovers a shy, sweet natured purple monster Life with Jellaby is a lot exciting, but Portia s purple friend has secrets of his own secrets that may even lead to the mystery of Portia s father s disappearance

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    1. grumble grumble.i grabbed this off of netgalley because i thought it was a new jellaby adventure, but it turns out, it is just a reissue of the first book that i already read way back in 2008. i can't read!! i just saw a giant purple jellaby on netgalley and i get excited and grabbed it! when will you write a third one, kean soo?? when??if you are like me, and cannot read, this book will still be fun for you, because it has a lot of pictures like this:and it is cute enough that you can enjoy it [...]

    2. You ever been in love? I don't mean the passing fancy of a crush or the slight flutter you feel when you're fifteen and desperately trying NOT to make eye contact with the object of your affection. I'm talking gut-sucking, heart-churning, complete and utter abstraction, distraction, fractal, fantastic obsession, elation, and absolution. The love that sucks out your breath and leaves you a hollow shaking wreck until you see your beloved again. That kind of love. I don't get that kind of feeling v [...]

    3. Aww total cuteness. 4 stars~! So excited this is a series.Portia is a little girl who lives in Toronto. I can't tell if she is new to her elementary school or not, but she doesn't have any friends. One day she has a nightmare and wakes to a sound of someone/something walking outside toward the woods. She decides to follow and finds a cute purple monster. The monster follows her around and Portia helps save a boy named Jason from some school bullies. He ends up meeting her monster too and they na [...]

    4. Holy crap, why has it taken me this long to read this book?!?!This is So. Cute. Portia is living her underwhelming life when she meets a monster in the woods behind her house. It is an ADORABLE monster. And it is hungry. So Portia feeds it. Adventures follow. I love Soo's cuddly, accessible drawing style. It doesn't surprise me that he thanks Hope Larson and Kazu Kibuishi in the Acknowledgments - his aesthetic seems closely related to both of theirs. Plus Little Orphan Annie eyes. His color work [...]

    5. Yesterday. while waiting to go see this: Chris and I decided to wander around the Superstore. Whilst perusing the bookshelf I spotted this book. and I went full Gollum and proceeded to intone "mine, my precious" in a most creepy way. However, the laughter this situation created - at my expense - was well worth it! Jellaby is amazing! I want one, I will hold him and love him and never let him go!!Kudos to both Erica and Karen for making me long like a small child for this book. It lived up to and [...]

    6. The "Jellaby" story has been a favourite with my child for some years; imagine how neat it was when he got a chance to meet the writer/artist at the Toronto Comic Arts Featival in 2016. Kean Soo was great, and this story was cute with some dark undercurrents, while also being kind of sweet.

    7. I've been following Kean Soo (and "Jellaby") since 2005 when this story was part of a webcomic series. Soo has improved as an artist since then, though many of the designs still feel disconcertingly like rip-offs of Bill Watterson's work. The heroine in particular is so similar to Watterson's characters in design that I often find it hard to focus on the story Soo is trying to tell. The story itself is sweet and Jellaby is a likeable monster of the "well-meaning-and-innocent" variety. The relati [...]

    8. Full review at: unleashingreaders/?p=5670Summary: Portia is lonely. She doesn't fit in at her school and her mother is always working. Then one day, as she is wondering in the middle of the woods, she comes across a purple monster that tries to eat her flashlight. So, what does she do? Takes him home to feed him because he is obviously hungry. It is now up to Portia to take care of her new friend and to find out where he is supposed to be. What I Think: How did I not know about Jellaby?!?!? When [...]

    9. Argh. Would've been 4 stars if I had known this wasn't a stand alone. I don't hate cliffhangers but this book really has no ending. I know the info IS on here this time that it's the first of a series, but it's nowhere on the actual book so I thought I was getting a complete story when I grabbed it at the library. The drawing is very simplistic but honestly, not all that great. At times the colors of the main character's jacket changes colors from one panel to the next (and I'm not referencing t [...]

    10. This book is more than it appears. Sure, it's a super-cute story about a girl who discovers a monster in the woods behind her house and names him (it?) Jellaby. Sure, it's simple and quick to read and almost all drawn in purples. But I didn't realize how much it had hooked me until the cliffhanger ending! Augh! When will Vol. 2 be out? I especially admire the author's drawing style, and how well he shows motion (often by drawing lighter, ghostlike versions of the movement in the same panel -- no [...]

    11. Graphic novels are a great way for reluctant readers to pick up a book. Filled with colorful illustrations, graphic novels have just as much story to them as a novel, and are far less intimidating. Jellaby would be a good book to give someone who isn't so familiar or comfortable with the comic book format, and is a great introduction to graphic novels. The story is interesting, and a lot of readers can connect with Portia's discomfort when it comes to making friends, getting along in school, and [...]

    12. Hvor var den virkelig cute! Jeg elskede virkelig Jellaby (monsteret), som simpelthen var alt for nuttet. Desuden elskede jeg både stemningen og tegneseriens historie. Illustrationerne var endvidere også skønne. Jeg skulle lige vænne mig til, de var holdt i lilla toner. Men det endte med at være virkelig fint, og passe super godt til historien.Dette er uden tvivl en tegneserie, der skal hjem og bo i min samling.

    13. This is a really sweet story and I was not expecting a cliff-hanger ending!! A girl meets an odd looking creature and then a boy who is being picked on meets him also and the three set out to take Jellaby home which is where the story ends, again, unexpectedly for me. It took me a while to get used to the illustrations because the children look like miniature adults.

    14. I don't know. It has barely circ'ed at the library, I haven't been able to get anyone in my Graphic Novels club into it, and I myself found it a bit of a snore. I will bet that mine is a minority opinion though - I can SEE what's appealing about it, and I especially like the artist's line just didn't click with me.

    15. Auugggh I can't get over how cute Jellaby is!!!!!Also, this book ends on a total cliffhanger. It's really like half a story. So make sure you have the second book right nearby to read when you've finished.

    16. December 29, 2008So cute. I'm not sure what Jellaby is, besides adorable. I love the burgeoning field for graphic novels for kids, though. Library copy

    17. Summary:Readers will fall in love with Jellaby. He's cute, he's adorable and he is a giant purple baby monster with big blue eyes, what's not to love? It all started on the night when Portia had a dream where she is surrounded by a mysterious magician. Whether his intentions are to protect her or harm her are unclear, and that's just the moment when Jellaby arrives! Portia wakes up from her dream and goes out to find Jellaby. In her moment of shock and terror she drops her flashlight. But instea [...]

    18. Title: Jellaby - The Lost Monster - Jellaby Book 1Author: Kean SooPublisher: Stone Arch BooksPublished: 3-1-2014Pages: 162Genre: Children's FictionSub-Genre: Dragons; Comics; Chapter Books,ISBN: 9781434264206ASIN: B00JEFEPYEReviewed For NetGalley and Stone Arch BooksReviewer: DelAnneRating: 4.5 StarsPortia is lonely since moving to a new neighborhood. Life without her father is hard and she doesn't fit in at school. She is so sad. That is until the day she takes a wak in the woods behind her hom [...]

    19. every once in a while I get into a reading obsession which could end up becoming expensive. My discovery of all-ages comics, also known as kids comics and I'm not afraid to admit it, is one of these! This comic is so so so so cute! The monster is so adorable, it had my heart melting with every panel. I love the sound effect of when the monster's walking, shuf shuf shuf. and I really like the way that the monster nods or shakes his head vigorously. also I like the fact the monsters purple! And th [...]

    20. Cute! The kids adored the story, immediately requesting that I find Jellaby: Monster in the City at our local library. I was successful, and we'll continue the Jellaby saga beginning this evening.My primary beef is with the ending. Soo leaves readers on the railroad tracks heading into Toronto. It's not so much a cliffhanger, but more like a call for kids to convince their parents to buy another book as soon as possible. I understand the impulse, but hate it at the same time. Jellaby may be cute [...]

    21. The coloring of this graphic novel is superb and the creation of our friend, Jellaby is super-cute. So when Portia finds herself being followed by this purple dinosaur-looking creature with tiny wings, she decides she really wants a friend like them. In one happening, her and another boy might have discovered where he came from and take off on an adventure. But it's pages like 49 where Jellaby "shoof"'s through the leaves that increase the adorableness factor and showcase this as a magically rea [...]

    22. The story moves kind of slowly, and I feel as if the writer is trying too hard to make the readers feel sorry for the two kids for their situation. I hate bullying, but I feel that writers use that sympathy card far too often without showing any kind of solution or resolve.As for the main plot, it is intriguing, and I will be reading more just to see where the story goes.As for the art, the monster is kind of cute, but the children are drawn weird. They all look like they have adult heads, which [...]

    23. Jellaby is a very cute but very quick read. I literally read the book in less than an hour. In this graphic novel, we meet a young girl who has trouble fitting in at school. One day, while walking home, she encounters a giant purple dragonlike creature who follows her around. With the help of the creature, she makes an actual friend. But where does this creature come from? The book has very interesting art design as it is done in mostly purples and pinks. The plot is very simple yet some of the [...]

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