A Reluctant Enterprise

A Reluctant Enterprise Groomed for high stakes business since her childhood in Sweden Sylvie Thorn resides in Manhattan As Thorn Enterprise s US branch president she goes into business with Maeve DeForest a party loving

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  • Title: A Reluctant Enterprise
  • Author: Gun Brooke
  • ISBN: 9781626395008
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • Groomed for high stakes business since her childhood in Sweden, Sylvie Thorn resides in Manhattan As Thorn Enterprise s US branch president, she goes into business with Maeve DeForest, a party loving socialite.Aeron DeForest, Maeve s clandestine daughter, was brought up by nannies and sent off to boarding schools and has always been invisible to her mother After college,Groomed for high stakes business since her childhood in Sweden, Sylvie Thorn resides in Manhattan As Thorn Enterprise s US branch president, she goes into business with Maeve DeForest, a party loving socialite.Aeron DeForest, Maeve s clandestine daughter, was brought up by nannies and sent off to boarding schools and has always been invisible to her mother After college, Aeron moves to the Adirondacks and becomes a successful horror novelist.When Maeve dies, Sylvie learns Maeve has a daughter, and she needs Aeron to sign vital papers After an initial clash, they reluctantly start working together Just when they start to believe in love and their all consuming passion, outside forces threaten to keep them apart forever.

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    1. Gun Brooke is one of my favorite authors. Her style of writing corresponds to almost everything that I love in romance novels. I have read fourteen published books of hers which I rated with an average score above four stars. Her specialization are tender, warm love stories with some angst and drama, and with an age difference in relationships between the protagonists.A Reluctant Enterprise is exactly so. If you liked Course of Action or Fierce Overture, you will like this story too. Moreover yo [...]

    2. Aeron DeForest had a childhood void of love. Her mother a rich Manhattan heiress Maeve DeForest spent more time partying and chasing men, than she ever spent with her daughter. Aeron was sent off to boarding school and was basically raised by her mother’s housekeeper and then the school administrator. Now as an adult Aeron has become a reclusive but successful horror novelist. One phone call uproots her comfortable life that she has spent years protecting. Her mother is dead, and her will must [...]

    3. Sometimes a little angst adds to a romance novel. The reader wishes that happiness with a new love can somehow make up for the sorrow the character has experienced in the past. Finding true love makes everything bright and shiny and we readers are right there glowing along with the happy couple.Aeron DeForest lives as a recluse in the Adirondacks pounding out horror novels under the name A.D. Solo. She has major abandonment issues courtesy of her (now dead) wealthy single parent Maeve. Maeve was [...]

    4. I'm not going to bother recapping the story or talking in depth about the characters because Agirlcandream, Tiff and Lexxi Kitty already said everything I would. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Gun Brooke's books, especially her contemporary fiction. Unfortunately, this one left me disappointed. The premise came across as contrived, the characters were difficult to connect with, and while the romance itself was fine, the book's construction--particularly with the flashbacks--didn't work fo [...]

    5. Very intriguing to say the least,two highly intelligent flawed characters treated badly by their parents because that's how they themselves were also treated growing up,this book had so much risky topics of substance that the author dealt with like dyslexia,statutory rape,abandon mother,teen pregnancy,father's verbal abuse etc.eir love making scenes was well done,love the POV back and forth from both main charactersgood ending and i recommend to all

    6. Gun Brooke continues to keep me captivated with her stories and their characters. The women in her stories can be funny, strong, smart, wacky and always intriguing. This story of dysfunctional families who shape the lives of these two women with self doubt and low self-esteem gives Drama new meaning. I enjoyed reading this and am looking forward to much much more.

    7. I usually like Gun Brooke's books, but this one just wasn't for me. Too much drama, too many flashbacks, too less chemistry. I wanted to like the story, but I head a hard time finishing it. I expected something totally different (maybe that was my problem)

    8. I really liked the first 80% of this book. It was the last 20% that almost caused it to go from a 4 to a 3-star. But I liked it quite a lot, and it was better than other 3-star books I've read so it stays at 4-star despite the weak ending. I will probably read it again. It was very angsty, and a good listen for my commute.

    9. I received this book from NetGalley in return for an impartial review. I usually like Gun's stories a little more than I liked this one. It suffers from trying to do too much. There are a plethora of flashbacks in the story that honesty didn't add that much and could have been summed up in a couple of lines of dialogue between characters instead. And for all the time spent dwelling on why Mauve sent Aeron away, and why they weren't close, the diary really didn't clear that up, so it felt like mu [...]

    10. 3 1/2 starsIt wasn't my favorite Gun book, but it actually made me want to read Fierce Overture and Course of Action again. It was a little too many flashbacks and not enough "real time" for my taste.

    11. I truly enjoyed this even though both characters had their flaws they did't use it as a crutch.Given by NetGalley for a honest review

    12. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.This is the fourth book that I have read by Gun Brooke. And the second, I believe, in that ‘secret’ ‘undisclosed’ series. Some authors have series that involve friends, close or distant (Galli’s friends might interact with each other, but more distantly than those in, say, Brayden’s friend series – who actually work together; Brooke’s unnamed, ‘hidden’ series involves friends slightly mo [...]

    13. Raised in affluence but with no parental approval, Sylvie and Aeron try to establish their independence while longing for a meaningful connection. Each with an emotionally impoverished childhood causes difficulties with trust as well as personal insight. Aeron struggles with understanding her deceased mother’s life and the reason for rejection. Sylvie strives to succeed on her own in a different enterprise than that dictated by her family. The women challenge each other and themselves for acce [...]

    14. This had an interesting set up, with the main characters drawn together by the conditions of a will. As usual for a Gun Brookes romance, there was an age difference between the couple and the "all lesbians everywhere know one another" support network that meant Aeron and Sylvie interact with characters who got together in a previous books. I'm a sucker for the whole "opposites made to work together and falling for each other despite themselves" trope, so this was right up my street.

    15. Very disappointing read, but then again Gun Brooke is either hit or miss with me. The setup for the story was illogical and I would be able to suspend disbelief if given compelling characters with chemistry or a serviceable storyline but neither occurs here. Basically upon the death of her mother, estranged daughter Aeron finds out about dead mom's business partner--Sylvie--and in order for Sylvie to receive mom's shares she has to teach Aeron about business while Aeron has tohell, I have no ide [...]

    16. I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is the first book by Gun Brooke that I've ever read and unfortunately I didn't enjoy it much. I appreciate the author's efforts and a good edition (as usual) by this publisher but I have a few issues with this book. One is that I didn't find believable the way the main characters got to know each other (the strange conditions of the will). Normally I wouldn't mind much if the characters have chemistry or if the st [...]

    17. It was an average book for me. I'm not sure why I feel differently from the other readers/reviewers but it felt a little bland. I don't think there was enough depth for the leads to be "in love". I think I like the author's other books more.

    18. An honest review thanks to NetGalley. I love Gun Brooke and have read all of her works, but I was left feeling very disappointed after finishing this one. I didn't connect to the characters at all; I feel that I would have if there were more connection between the two characters. Instead, there are many flashbacks of the two women's childhoods. I felt as if the connection and attraction between these two were nonexistent; I was surprised when they kissed the first time not noticing the building [...]

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