Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein The warm human story of the universally acclaimed scientist father of atomic physics and man of peace No ISBN

  • Title: Albert Einstein
  • Author: Arthur Beckhard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • The warm, human story of the universally acclaimed scientist, father of atomic physics, and man of peace.No ISBN

    One thought on “Albert Einstein”

    1. A very compact biography of Einstein. Very short and easy to read and I learned a few things about him that I did not know.

    2. This is a self-complete book and the only one on Einstein, you need ever read. Arthur Beckhard is a wonderful story teller and chronologist. Very much like Mitch Albom in that respect. He is very sensitive to the events of Einstein's' life and to all that matured him as a Being and humanitarian. The Humility aspect of Einstein certainly comes across well as were his early years, when he could find no one to employ him, except a patent office on Berne. There he is looking at the clock as a young [...]

    3. An interesting, very human look at a great man and symbol of 20th century science.This small volume could be read and understood by middle-schoolers. It is not the caliber of more modern biographies, but it is comprehensive of the person Albert Einstein. Not much science is in here. Though if one reads carefully, one can learn where/how Albert began thinking of relativity. I have not learned that from any other histories/biographies.

    4. Great small read considering the book was only 127 pages long. I also learned a few things about Einstein I didn't know before so that was very intriguing. I definitely recommend this book to someone who wants a small read and who are interested in Einsteins history.

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