Mystery of the Map

Mystery of the Map Based on a concept by Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney comes Poptropica a brand new graphic novel adventure series by Jack Chabert and Kory Merritt In Mystery of the Map Oliver Mya and Jorge take a ri

  • Title: Mystery of the Map
  • Author: Jack Chabert Kory Merritt Jeff Kinney
  • ISBN: 9781419720673
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Based on a concept by Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney comes Poptropica, a brand new graphic novel adventure series by Jack Chabert and Kory Merritt In Mystery of the Map, Oliver, Mya, and Jorge take a ride in a hot air balloon, only to crash land on an unknown island filled with extinct animals and a horde of angry Vikings Welcome to Poptropica, an uncharted group of islaBased on a concept by Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney comes Poptropica, a brand new graphic novel adventure series by Jack Chabert and Kory Merritt In Mystery of the Map, Oliver, Mya, and Jorge take a ride in a hot air balloon, only to crash land on an unknown island filled with extinct animals and a horde of angry Vikings Welcome to Poptropica, an uncharted group of islands whose existence is hidden from the rest of the world As the three friends embark on a perilous search for a way home, they quickly discover the shocking reason they were brought there something that threatens the very existence of Poptropica and their ability to ever make it off the island

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    1. Book based on an on-line game   The Poptropica series is based on an on-line role-playing adventure game imagined by Jeff Kinney. In this book Oliver, Mya, and Jorge are on a hot air balloon ride that crashes on an unknown island. They soon realize the island is filled with Vikings and the balloon’s pilot has a sinister reason for bringing them there. The graphics are bright and the story is fast-paced and exciting. There are four books in the series. Reading the books may encourage kids to [...]

    2. In the first book of a new series called Poptropica : Mystery Of The Map, three kids are dropped off a mysterious island and have to find a way to get back home. Oliver, Mya & Jorge are taking a balloon ride when the operator of the balloon brings the kids to a island that is very mysterious and leaves them to fend for themselves. As the kids explore the island and discover that vikings are very much alive and a map that the balloon guide left behind on what he is looking for. The kids end u [...]

    3. This is the first book in a new series called Poptropica. In this graphic novel, Mystery Of The Map, three children, Mya, Oliver and Jorge, are dropped off on a mysterious island that seems to be years in the past. They find dodo birds, sabre-toothed tigers and a viking ship. While running from the sabre-tooth, they find a type of fort inhabited by vikings. Meanwhile, the balloon operator is sneaking around looking for a map. How are they going to get off this island? Can they get back to the pr [...]

    4. Reseña completa--> bit/2dW6j4aCuando yo era más pequeña (#recuerdosdeinfancialectora) mis mejores recuerdos, en cuanto a libros me refiero, son de cuando mi mamá leía conmigo novelas o tenía la oportunidad de leerlas por mi cuenta (la sensación de “ya soy grande”) ¿Por qué les cuento esto? Para recordarles que es importante fomentar en los más pequeños el hábito de la lectura ya que este dura para toda la vida y en el futuro serán posibles lectores ávidos. Este tipo de libro [...]

    5. No le pondré calificación por la evidente razón de que mi mentalidad no es la adecuada para este tipo de literatura, solo diré que estoy seguro de que es una excelente propuesta literaria para los niños. Tiene unas ilustraciones increíbles, bastante bien cuidadas. La historia es interesante y llena de aventuras y los personajes tienen un muy buen sentido del humor. Sin duda lo recomiendo para esos lectores pequeños.

    6. Welcome to Poptropica, where the heroes (Oliver, Mya, and Jorge) explore an island filled with Vikings and dodo birds as they alternately hunt and dodge the villainous Octavian! This graphic novel is a great introduction to the worlds of Poptropica, the popular gaming website for the 6-15 crowd. It's brief, but with enough intrigue to hook kids (and enough history to interest parents in future volumes).

    7. De nuevo una agradable sorpresa, esta pequeña novela gráfica resulta muy divertida y sumamente fácil de leer por lo que sin duda es altamente recomendable para los niños.Las ilustraciones son muy buenas y los personajes se dan a conocer en este primer libro.Una lectura ligera si buscas un descanso entre lecturas un poco pesadas.

    8. Es un libro súper chistoso, te alegra el día :D & que puedo decir de las ilustraciones están preciosas fue lo que más me gustó.

    9. Three kids are on a hot air balloon trip with the parent. But after a snafu with an unreliable balloon operator, the kids end up on a mysterious island. They do not know where, or maybe even when they are located. But with the help of a peculiar map, maybe they will find their way home. A great all ages graphic novel. Short, and no real end, so have book 2 and 3 handy.

    10. I read this to my kids and while I know I'm not the targeted audience I thought this was rather boring. My oldest got distracted during this and she is usually pretty attentive. Maybe the next installment will be better, we will give the second book a try.

    11. Three children are kidnapped while on a balloon ride and dropped on a strange island filled with Vikings. They must first escape the Vikings and then figure out how to get back home. This is the first of a series.Good for ages 8 and up.

    12. It was an exciting book. I was having fun reading the book. Then I played the poptropica island tied in to it and it followed the story nicely.

    13. If your child enjoys Dav Pilkey’s (Dog Man, captain Underpants) or Jeff Kinney’s work (diary of Wimpy Kid), he or she will probably like this series.

    14. Well paced, funny, adventurous graphic novel for mid/upper elementary. My son is demanding the sequels immediately.

    15. Me reí mucho, me entretuve mucho, disfruté mucho con esta historieta y todos sus absurdos. Me quedé con muchas ganas de seguir leyendo.

    16. 3 kids manage to land on an island, a place named Poptropica.I just knew from the start that the captain of the hot air balloon was up to no good. You just have some of those characters that just vibrate evilness, and this guy got a huge portion of it! I did love that the kids got stranded by hot air balloon, that is something totally different from portals, time travelling, cars, or other vehicles/ways. The island was great fun, and I laughed at all the things they encountered there. From dodo' [...]

    17. 'Poptropica #1: Mystery of the Map' by Jack Chabert art by Kory Merritt started life as a concept by Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney. It's a cute adventure concept and I think young readers will find it funny and engaging.The story starts with Oliver, Mya, and Jorge taking a ride in a hot air balloon. What they don't know is that their pilot has an agenda. When the balloon lands on a strange island, the kids find themselves surrounded by extinct animals, like dodos, and a group of cranky Vikings. T [...]

    18. My Review: In this graphic novel, Oliver, Mya, and Jorge takes a ride in a hot air balloon. When the weather became cloudy Captain Octavian was ordered to bring the balloon down. But he had other plans of his own and decided to fly direct into the storm. The balloon flew them close to an island and the kids demanded to know what happened as they were about to crash. Oliver and Jorge loose their balance and fell out of the balloon, while Mya held on to Octavian's bag which snapped as she fell out [...]

    19. Review with teaching guide and teaching tools: unleashingreaders/?p=9987 I love learning about new graphic novels because they are so popular in my classroom, and I think this one will be another one that will be loved by students. Although the Poptropica idea was made by Jeff Kinney, I see it more as a ladder rung for late elementary school/early middle school before students jump to Amulet or Doug TenNapel books. I also know that there are millions of Poptropica users who will love to explore [...]

    20. This is book 1 in a new series, but I felt as though I were coming to the series on book 2 or 3. The main characters' relationships to each other and what led to them being in the hot air balloon in the first place aren't explained much or well. Two of the characters are siblings, but it's not the two you would assume are related, based on their appearances in the illustrations. I'm somewhat curious to find out all the answers, but I doubt I'll read any more of the series.Note: I received a digi [...]

    21. The characters are Oliver, Jorge, Mya, and Octavian. These kids took a ride on a hot air balloon and they landed on an island. They are confused because they do not know what is happening in this island. All of a sudden they observe that the Vikings that are in that island already have their own civilization. It seems that Oliver, Jorge, and Mya are not welcomed in this place. They are trying to find their way back home. They encounter various obstacles along the way. The illustrations show a lo [...]

    22. *I won this in a Giveaway, but that is in no way affecting my review!Working in an elementary school, I know how popular graphic novels are becoming with kids! I think this one would be no exception. It has fun characters, with one in particular that will make kids laugh. It has some magic that will engage kids, as will the adventure for sure! The visuals are great, and I love that not every page looks the same or has the same layout. There are a couple of pages that are just one big picture, w [...]

    23. Typically, I find graphic novels very hard to read. I am not a graphic novels kind of gal. That being said, I truly enjoyed this graphic novel! The illustrations were wonderful, it was easy to follow along and there were not too many words (or word bubbles) throughout. This equals close to perfection in my book for a great graphic novel. This graphic novel was not only easy to read, but it was entertaining as well. Once you begin this graphic novel, you will not want to put it down until you fin [...]

    24. I requested this book because I thought it might be a playful book for my small children. Upon reading it I was not too impressed with the story nor the characters. Bratty pre-teens just aren't my thing. The book has a weak storyline which leads you to believe the next book or books will reveal what is going on. As for the first story, it leaves you with a lack of understanding (complicated for small children) with no real reason to continue reading, unrelatable characters, and down right unsati [...]

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