Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet Not the book upon which the screenplay was based it s a novel based on the screenplay so you ll find it quite faithful to the plot of the classic movie

ForbiddenPlanet International KEEP YOUR FINGER ON THE stores in the UK and Ireland selling a huge range of toys, collectibles, graphic novels, comics, sci fi, movie and TV merchandise since . Forbidden Planet Forbidden Planet is the world s largest and best known comic, science fiction, fantasy and cult entertainment retailer Forbidden Planet At a time when science fiction movies were invariably cheap rubber monsters attacking our cities and scaring our women, Forbidden Planet offered an usually thought provoking plot Forbidden Planet Two Disc th Anniversary FORBIDDEN PLANET was the first movie to insightfully elevate the sci fi cinema sub genre to an intelligent and respectable degree and place in our American culture. Forbidden Planet Rotten Tomatoes Critics Consensus Shakespeare gets the deluxe space treatment in Forbidden Planet, an adaptation of The Tempest with impressive sets and seamless special effects. Return of the Forbidden Planet Now touring the UK The adored and critically acclaimed Olivier Award winning rock spectacular is returning on a much anticipated th anniversary UK tour.Inspired by Shakespeare s The Tempest and packed with rock n roll classics such as Heard It Through the Grapevine, Young Girl, Good Vibrations and GLORIA with stunning special effects and a brilliant cast of actor musicians this is THE great night out Out of This World Facts About Forbidden Planet The iconic sci fi adventure Forbidden Planet is celebrating its th anniversary today Featuring stunning visual effects for its day and the beloved genre icon Robby the Robot, the film followed Planet of the Apes The Forbidden Zone You Have Entered The Forbidden Zone One of the oldest and most complete Planet of the Ape sites on the Net Your source for everything you want to know about the Apes from the movies and TV series to the comics and books. Robby from Forbidden Planet jeffbots My site has gone long enough without paying tribute to the great Robby from the film Forbidden Planet I have been wanting to add this page for quite some time, but was in Forbidden Planet Script transcript from the screenplay Voila Finally, the Forbidden Planet script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Leslie Nielsen movie This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and or viewings of Forbidden Planet I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I ll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line.

  • Title: Forbidden Planet
  • Author: W.J. Stuart
  • ISBN: 9780839824091
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Not the book upon which the screenplay was based it s a novel based on the screenplay, so you ll find it quite faithful to the plot of the classic movie.

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    1. Il libro è stato tratto dalla sceneggiatura, opera di Cyril Humeed, dell'omonimo film di Fred M.Wilcox del 1956. Conduce meglio alla scoperta finale circa natura ed essenza del mostro, ma non è molto diverso dal film, c'è poco in più: qualche descrizione e qualche fatto non essenziale, manca qualche scenetta inserita nel film per alleggerire la tensione, tipo il dialogo del cuoco con Robby il robot.

    2. Il libro è stato tratto dalla sceneggiatura, opera di Cyril Humeed, dell'omonimo film di Fred M.Wilcox del 1956. Conduce meglio alla scoperta finale circa natura ed essenza del mostro, ma non è molto diverso dal film, c'è poco in più: qualche descrizione e qualche fatto non essenziale, manca qualche scenetta inserita nel film per alleggerire la tensione, tipo il dialogo del cuoco con Robby il robot.

    3. Science fiction story regarding events that place between 2351 to 2371 regarding the mission of the space cruiser C-57-D to Altair 4 as recounted in a school textbook. The story is told via narrations by 3 central characters. This is the story the 1956 movie Forbidden Planet is based upon. For a change, the movie follows the the novel plot line fairly closely.

    4. I remember watching this movie nearly every weekend when we first got cable back in the early eighties. Then, somewhere along the way, I discovered there was a novelization based on the movie! So after searching for a while, I finally came across a copy [in bad shape]. A few years later, I found another copy [in a little better shape]. I finally got around to reading one of my copies! It was a fast book, which makes sense, considering it is only 160 pages [and that is being generous]. It is base [...]

    5. One of my favourite science fiction films is 'Forbidden Planet' made in 1956 starring Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis and a young Leslie Nielsen. Of course the special effects were naff and the acting a little cheesy but I remember seeing it as a child and being both thrilled and terrified by the inspired 'Monster from the Id' Imagine my excitement when I discovered there was a book written in 1956 to be released in conjunction with the film and that there are still copies around today!Forbidden Pl [...]

    6. This story is of course the `book of the film' of the same name. Forbidden Planet is arguably the best Sci-fi film of all time ranking closely with Star Wars, Alien and Blade Runner; for it's age, filmed in 1957, the effects, acting, style and scope of dramatic story is unquestionable (retelling of `The Tempest' by Shakespeare apparently). So how does the book compare? The basic story, if you don't know, is that a spacecraft arrives twenty years later to planet Altair 4 to discover the fate of t [...]

    7. This is one of my all time favorite books. I saw the movie when I was five and vaguely remembered the attack on the ship all my life but not much more of the movie. When I was a just a teenager, I found Stuart's book in my hometown library and was fascinated with it. I checked it out at least twenty times. What I liked about the book was its plain but imaginative descriptions and the characters. Telling the book through chapters by Adams and Ostrow (and one by Morbius) gave insight on the views [...]

    8. Okay, I admit it, I'm old enough to remember watching this movie on TV. Not old enough to see it at the movies, but young enough to have been scared silly. It's also one of my favorites. This was the movie that took Science Fiction from the B category into the A category. A plot based on Shakespeare's "The Tempest", an A-list cast (especially Robby the Robot), great writing, and state of the art (at the time, this movie was made in 1956, but they still hold up well) special effects.So when I fou [...]

    9. 'Forbidden Planet' is one of my favourite all time Sci-fi films, so I had to check out this book, which is based on the film. The story is that Commander Adams, played by a young Leslie Nielsen in the film, arrives at the planet Altair-4 to investigate the Bellerophon which disappeared there twenty years previously. They find that the only survivors are a Dr Morbius and his daughter Altaira. The book is told in first person from three viewpoints, that of Doc Ostrow, Commander Adams and Dr Morbiu [...]

    10. Okay, this is pretty much what I expected for the novelization of a classic 1950s science fiction movie. Silly, clunkily written 2-D space opera. The main plot was fine; pretty similar to the film. It was a quick easy read that moved and, for the most part, made sense. I was rolling my eyes a lot at the "romance," though. Brig-bait and unicorns; that's all you need to know, really. So stupid. Very much of its time and genre. Heaven forbid women actually be real in movies and books aimed at teena [...]

    11. Il comandante Adams e l'equipaggio dell'astronave C-57-D si recano sul pianeta Altair-4 con la missione di rintracciare e riportare sulla Terra gli eventuali superstiti di una precedente spedizione. Altair-4 è diventato però regno assoluto del professor Morbius, che lo abita con la figlia e con un robot. Morbius non accetta volentieri l'interferenza dei terrestri e a complicare le cose si aggiungono una creatura assassina e una misteriosa scienza sviluppata dai krell, antichi abitanti ormai es [...]

    12. Quando l'astronave C-57-D avvista il pianeta Altair-4, il comandante Adams e i suoi uomini pensano di dover compiere una missione umanitaria: rintracciare e riportare sulla Terra gli eventuali superstiti della spedizione precedente. Ma Altair-4 è diventato il paradiso privato di un uomo scaltro e pericoloso, il professor Morbius, che lo abita con la figlia e un robot. Non è solo la diffidenza di Morbius a mettere in allarme i terrestri: l'enigma più inquietante è costituito dalla scienza kre [...]

    13. Arguably the best and most famous pre-Star Trek (or Wars) film, this novel is copyrighted 1956 by Loew's International. Rather than a direct novelization of the film, the novel is told in first-person sections by the doctor, the commander, and Morbius himself. There are several subtle differences between this and the filmed version, and there are some interesting little bits thrown out that didn't make it into the movie, too For example, you learn on the last page that Anne Francis and Leslie Ni [...]

    14. Una piacevole sorpresa. Ovvero, chi mi conosce sa che non amo particolarmente i libri "troppo vecchi" (e questo è degli anni '50), e in più questo è un romanzo tratto da un film, e non viceversa (cosa che ho scoperto solo poco prima di iniziarlo a leggere, ero convinta di aver trovato il romanzo da cui era tratto il film visto anni fa quando l'ho comprato XD). Eppure l'ho letto in una giornata, ed ero davvero presa, sebbene qualche considerazione moralistica (soprattutto verso la fine) mi abb [...]

    15. I would consider this book to be more of a parallel to the movie. The movie may be my all time favourite sf movie. But I thought the book handled some of the Freudian issues and some of the logical flaws that were in the movie fairly well. It's readable and a pretty good novelization. Good luck finding a copy.

    16. Una missione di soccorso scopre il pianeta natale di una razza potentissima, l’inevitabile storia d’amore tra il capitano e una sopravvissuta conclude questo classico romanzo d’avventura dalla trama comunque abbastanza gradevole e con qualche idea interessante.Ma le pagine ingiallite e il lessico d'annata fanno forse sognare più di quanto raccontato nel libro stesso.

    17. I enjoyed the Hell outta this book. Forbidden Planet is one of my all-time favorite movies, so it was great fun reading the story. There were some scenes added to fill out some background that made it fun for this Aging FanBoy.

    18. In some ways, the book is better than the movie. It explains the interior life and motivations of Dr Morbius better than the movie. However the movie is more fun because of it's retro look and cool (for the era) special effects.

    19. As a stand-alone sci-fi story it was only decent. As a supplement to one of my favorite sci-fi movies it was enjoyable.

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