The Girl from Berlin: Gruppenführer's Mistress

The Girl from Berlin Gruppenf hrer s Mistress Gruppenf hrer s Mistress is book two in the series The Girl from Berlin which continues to follow Annalise s story Caught up in a dangerous game between the Allies and Nazi Germany Secret Service the

  • Title: The Girl from Berlin: Gruppenführer's Mistress
  • Author: Ellie Midwood Melody Simmons
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gruppenf hrer s Mistress is book two in the series The Girl from Berlin, which continues to follow Annalise s story Caught up in a dangerous game between the Allies and Nazi Germany Secret Service the RSHA she s torn between staying faithful to her husband and yielding to the demands of her American superiors and starting a romance with the unpredictable Chief of Gruppenf hrer s Mistress is book two in the series The Girl from Berlin, which continues to follow Annalise s story Caught up in a dangerous game between the Allies and Nazi Germany Secret Service the RSHA she s torn between staying faithful to her husband and yielding to the demands of her American superiors and starting a romance with the unpredictable Chief of the RSHA Ernst Kaltenbrunner, who she finds herself attracted to and every day Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers Favorite The Girl from Berlin Gruppenf hrer s Mistress is the second book in Ellie Midwood s historical fiction series, The Girl from Berlin Annalise realizes that she is playing a very dangerous game when she asks for Gruppenf hrer Dr Kaltenbrunner s assistance in exacting revenge on her boss, Reinhard Heydrich, but she s mad with grief over his complicity in the suicide death of her brother Norbert and the resulting miscarriage of her and her husband s first child While the leader of the Austrian SS has an evil reputation as a monster and a sadist, Dr Kaltenbrunner has always been oddly gentle and attentive with her And while he s initially taken aback at the audacity of her request, he agrees to start the process that will result in Heydrich s death Ellie Midwood s World War II historical fiction novel, The Girl from Berlin Gruppenf hrer s Mistress, is an outstanding and enthralling tale recreating the lives of Annalise and her husband as they work for the American Secret Service in the guise of loyal Germans working in the Reich Main Security Office The depth of the author s research and her expertise on the subject of Nazi Germany is evidenced on every page of this thrilling and suspenseful tale I would urge new readers to begin with the first book in the series, Standartenf hrer s Wife, to get the full impact of this most impressive series Gruppenf hrer s Mistress is impeccably researched and beautifully written, making the workaday world and intrigue surrounding Annalise and Heinrich s lives feel real, and the psychological thriller aspect of Annalise and Ernst Kaltenbrunner s growing attraction to each other is masterfully played out While the title does let prospective readers know that there is definitely romance, some of which is steamy, in this novel, The Girl from Berlin Gruppenf hrer s Mistress is historical literary fiction at its finest It s most highly recommended.Other books in the series Book one The Girl from Berlin Standartenfuhrer s Wife Book three The Girl from Berlin War Criminal s Widow

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    1. This is a romance novel set in Nazi Germany with a love triangle involving a high-ranking SS officer who’s known to have signed off on the extermination of thousands of Jews. So this is not a light-hearted story. As in book one, there are moments of suspense, but this second book in the trilogy fully develops the relationship between the main character, Annalise, and the aforementioned Nazi officer, despite being happily married to her husband. Her husband is also a Nazi officer, but he’s ri [...]

    2. I loved this second book in the series and have already purchased the third book. I love the way the author combines real events and characters from history with a fictional story. The plot around Heydrich and Kaltenbrunner is a genius bit of storytelling! Despite this being a great page turner, which I really couldn't put down, it is the characters, even more than the plot, who compel you to keep reading. Annalise flourishes as a fantastic heroine and her relationship with her husband and Kalte [...]

    3. The saga continues… Again in this second volume of “The Girl from Berlin” trilogy, the story within the story is at least as important as the obvious plotline. On the surface, in “The Girl from Berlin: Gruppenfuhrer’s Mistress,” we are once more treated to the high adventures and close calls of the character Annalise Friedmann. Annalise is a seemingly innocuous Nazi officer’s wife and military secretary. However, she is secretly (with her husband) an Allied secret agent, collaborat [...]

    4. Gruppenführer’s Mistress is the continuation of the story of Annalise, a Jewish girl and a spy deep in the offices of the SS. Along with her husband, a highly placed SS officer, she is using her job to get information to the allies while doing everything in her power to redirect as many captive Jews and POWs away from the death camps. It is a precarious road she walks. Threat of discovery stalks her every move. Old enemies, and new ones, make it that much harder for her. She has found an unex [...]

    5. “For a month already I was carrying on my affair with him, the whole month behind the closed doors of his office with hot wet kisses, with top secret papers scattered on the floor thrown off the table in haste, Georg rolling his eyes at yet another cancelled meeting and the order not to disturb the Chief of the RSHA, winks and hidden smiles through the half opened door, and the two of us smelling of each other’s perfume. And with every day I was sinking deeper and deeper in that swamp, and d [...]

    6. Okay. I think I'm obsessed with part two. Brilliant job Ellie!!!! I love it when authors can write a character so well, Dr. Kaltenbrunner, and make me want to punch them. He's my fave perv lol. On some chapters maybe, then he surpasses the perv category and heads into dangerous territories. The perfect description for him is how Ellie calls him, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.Moving on, because I'm distracting myself. We regroup with Annalise and Heinrich who are still spying and trying to save as many [...]

    7. Wow! Okay, I loved the first installment of The Girl from Berlin so my expectations with this one were high. Very high. And as expected, Ms. Midwood raised the bar even higher!This is an intense thriller. It's edgy, sexy, and suspenseful throughout. Downright shocking at times. It picks up where the first book left off, with the main character Annalise. She's married to Heinrich, but she faces a tough choice. Stay faithful and get convicted of being a war criminal, or have an affair with a terri [...]

    8. ***** DR> JEKYLL AND MR. HYDEPicking up from the first book in this series, two of the main characters, Annalise and her husband Heindrich, deepen their anti-government work and by doing so, learn valuable lessons: how making the choice to kill to protect one’s own family can take its toll, and following the edict, “For the better good” can have some unexpected consequences.But to me, this book is ultimately a portrayal of a woman’s attraction to her boss, someone she herself readily [...]

    9. I am becoming seriously addicted to this series. Full of intrigue and suspense, this is a fast-paced story that keeps those pages turning. The Girl from Berlin: Gruppenführer's Mistress is not an easy ready, there are scenes of grotesque violence, sexual abuse and murder. However, the story is incredibly compelling. Cheif of the RSHA Ernst Kaltenbrunner, is the most feared SS interrogator, and he is known for acts of extreme violence, but Annalise (who is a double agent, along with her husband) [...]

    10. Espionage, Sabotage, and CounterfeitingAs in book one, Miss Midwood has done a masterful job of blending the telling of her story into the documented history of the NAZI efforts that made up their attempt at the “final solution.”Annalise, who is thought to be Aryan, but is Jewish, lives a confusing life of secretly opposing the extermination of her race, while forced to work in the office that dictates the operation.This is an intriguing book to read on many levels. It is fast paced with all [...]

    11. How can I give anything but five stars? I was wondering how the author would make me understand how Analise turned out to be Gruppenfuhrer's mistress when she had her amazing husband Heindrich and now I know. This book continues from where the first book left off taking us as far as the year 1944. Analise and Hendrich continue to work for the allies in this book. But, there was more than espionage or WW2 going on in this book. This was also a love story, it was about a woman's guilt and helpless [...]

    12. I had read The Girl from Berlin and promised myself to read the other books in the series by author Ellie Midwood, because I wanted to find out whether or not Annalise and her husband survive the Nazi regime.The plot deepens as Annalise, a Jew married to a German officer, both who are spies for the American Intelligence, get involved in the treacherous game of hide and seek. The story gains momentum as Annalise and her husband make the decision to kill the leader of the resistance, and Annalise [...]

    13. Amazing follow up to book 1, the spy games continue. As Annalise's journey continues, you find that her story was far from over. Vengeance, espionage, lies and love are all entwined through this story. There was one scene where I was worried how it would play out. But, as expected, it twisted from what you (and Annalise) originally thought it was and became more. I cannot wait to start book 3 and complete the journey!

    14. After finishing the first book in this series, I ordered the second book without delay and eagerly awaited its arrival (not at all helped by the super slow shipping process). When I finally received it, I immediately dived into it and was quickly obsessed with finishing it. I loved everything about this book, but especially the relationship played out between Annalise and her boss, Dr. Ernst Kaltenbrunner, the head of the RSHA. The book primarily focuses on their very dysfunctional relationship [...]

    15. A beautiful storyOh good lord, where do I start? Lol. This is truly a love triangle in every sense of the word in this book. I'm so mad at the author right now but I HAVE to read the next book. Ugh And that's said with all the love I have for this series. <3

    16. Actual rating would be more like a 3.5When I write a book review I always focus on the positive elements, even when the book might not be my kind of story. This book really wasn't for me, but that doesn't make it a bad book. I'll focus on the positive first. Everything I enjoyed about the first book was still evident in the second book. The writing was good, although there were still some editing issues (not as much as with the first book, though). The author did a fantastic job illustrating how [...]

    17. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series, so much so that I went right after this second installment. Once again I was taken on a remarkable, often chilling journey into the dark underpinnings of Nazi Germany, as seen through the eyes of the story’s beautiful and courageous heroine, Annalise. Together with her husband, Heinrich, a Nazi officer working undercover for American intelligence, Annalise continues her quest to help save as many of her Jewish brethren as possible from certai [...]

    18. Gruppenfuhrer's Mistress is the second book in The Girl from Berlin series, by Ellie Midwood. I read the first book, Standartenfuhrer's Wife, several weeks ago and was inspired to read the second one because I needed to know what was going to happen to our heroine, Annalise. This series is a trilogy and the third book, War Criminal's Widow, has already been published and is available. Often when an author attempts a trilogy like this, you can find the story start to dip by the second book, or wo [...]

    19. I’ve been a fan of this author’s writing for some time now, and have read several of her historical dramas set during World War II. The tales are always very well researched, which helps the era to come alive on every page. And her dramas and characters always engaging. That said, I think this might be my new favorite. Quicker than ever I got swept away in the dangerous game our heroine was playing and her motivations for doing it. The odds of her surviving unscathed were infinitesimally low [...]

    20. The Gruppenführer’s Mistress is second installment of Ellie Midwood’s The Girl from Berlin series. What’s even better is that while looking at Ellie’s author page on , I was happy to see that there’s a third installment already available!! The Gruppenführer’s Mistress is the continuation of the story of Annalise Friedmann and her fight to avenge the murder of her brother and her battle to save as many Jews and POWs away from the German concentration camps.I read the first installme [...]

    21. Dying here! What a cliffhanger! My Kindle can't download book 3 fast enough! I absolutely LOVED this book. The author does such a fantastic job at weaving truths and lies that I forgot to breathe time and again, trying to untangle the web of deceit. The love story between Annalise and Heinrich is sweet and inspirational but the other love story (won't share any spoiler) is dark and sexy and as powerful as a storm brewing on the horizon - ineluctable and devastating. As a reader you forget what y [...]

    22. The tension was even more intense than the first book! It's a miracle I have any fingernails left!Ms. Midwood really knows how to weave a story of spies and espionage, and I was caught up from the very first chapter until the final page. I read the book almost nonstop because I simply could not put this book down.While in the first book Annalise starts out sweet and innocent, she is anything but in book two. She juggles her happy marriage and her double life as a spy at the same time she seeks r [...]

    23. As the Nazi regime continues its atrocities, Annalise and her husband have to make hard decisions for the sake of saving their country. Will they murder one of their own to save countless others? That's not the least of Annalise's troubles. She's torn between passion for her country and her growing attraction to her boss, a formidable Nazi. Only she can see the man inside the monster. She refuses to become his mistress to earn his trust and get information from him. But how long can she hold out [...]

    24. I highly recommend this three part book series and suggest readers start with book 1, The Girl from Berlin: Standartenführer's Wife. This is book 2 and I will definitely be picking up book 3 soon.There are two main reasons I like the series so much. Nazi Germany has been written about so many times before and yet the author has produced a story with a fresh, unique feel. I love the central character, Annalise a polish jew tricking the Nazi regime and operating from within. The second reason is [...]

    25. I was lured into buying all three books of “The Girl from Berlin” book series (romantic suspense set in WWII Nazi Germany) after reading their blurbs, and I had every intention of tackling them in order. However, I somehow wound up reading the second book, Gruppenfuhrer’s Mistress, first. I was not disappointed one bit by my mistake! Although the ending teases you into reading the third book, this second book could have otherwise stood on its own. My only dilemma is that I can’t decide w [...]

    26. The Girl from Berlin: Gruppenführer's Mistress by Ellie Midwood continues the story from Book 1 and within seconds of reading the first few pages, I’m at the edge of my seat. There’s no waste of time in setting up the conflict and the story’s tension burns off the page as a plan for revenge, a plan devised by two unlikely allies (one extremely dangerous) is set in motion. The plan is kept secret even from Annalise’s husband, which is something new as she has confided all earlier secrets [...]

    27. War, spies, espionage, international intrigue, and romance—‘The Girl from Berlin: Gruppenführer's Mistress’' provides everything an avid suspense reader could want. As far as thrillers go, it's up there at the top of my list.I'm a sucker for WWII stories. I don't know what it is, but that era fascinates me. This is the second Ellie Midwood book I've read staged during this time period and I felt myself drawn in from the first paragraph. It takes up exactly where the first one left off, fo [...]

    28. This is the second book of The girl from Berlin Trilogy. Again I read this as a beta read, and I count myself very lucky to be in this position and work with Ellie and give my feedback. It takes us through the time period when Annaliese finally succumbs and becomes a mistress to a high ranking officer. This was primarily done to allow her and her husband to infiltrate into the German army and look as though they were pledging their allegiance to Hitler, when in fact it is all an elaborate smokes [...]

    29. A fantastic book, and the next in a series I recently started! It was awesome as a suspenseful story with a lot of spying, intrigue, manipulation, and other details floating around to keep the reader interested. Ellie Midwood does a terrific job of keeping the story suspenseful and delivering details just when the author needs them, and I was pleasantly engaged with this novel from the beginning to the end.If anything, this builds upon the action and excitement of the first novel and we can real [...]

    30. I have been a fan of Ellie Midwood since I first read the Austrian, and have since been making my way through the series in order and I am so pleased I did. The story begins with a Jewish girl able to pass as an aryan and is not your usual romance of the time. The espionage and twists and turns to the story make for an excellent love story but also a glimpse into what it would be like to be a normal German in those times. The story pulls you in and keeps you turning the pages desperate for more, [...]

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