A Horse Called Dragon

A Horse Called Dragon Also published under the title A Horse Called Dragon

  • Title: A Horse Called Dragon
  • Author: Lynn Hall Joseph Cellini
  • ISBN: 9780813661162
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • Also published under the title, A Horse Called Dragon.

    One thought on “A Horse Called Dragon”

    1. What was the point of this book? Apparently the moral is "Just give up." What a great thing to teach! Pass the ketamine, please.Nice cover, though.This book is supposedly based on the life of a real wild stallion, Dragon #103, used as a foundation sire for the Pony of the Americas breed. (An awesome breed, may I add.) Thought to be foaled in 1946, he was found starving in Mexico by an American lawyer and horse breeder Leslie Boomhower. This is the best photo of Dragon I could find on the Interne [...]

    2. possibly the best TAB Books purchase of my life, i've read it a kajillion times, and named my first Breyer horse "Dragon."

    3. I read this with my daughter at bedtime for the last few weeks and it was long enough I decided to include it here. It was one of my brother's old books written in 1971 that happened to be sitting on my shelf and my horse-loving daughter saw it and wanted to read it of course. It's kind of a weird book written in an overly descriptive way for a juvenile book with a lot of big words. The story wasn't very appealing either. But the historical aspect of Dragon and what's come of his story was rathe [...]

    4. What I liked about this story was that it went beyond being another book about a wild stallion. It combines the history of one new breed of horse with the retelling of one horse's life. That retelling is done not strictly from the horse's point of view and not strictly from the human's point of view, but through a combination of both. As a reader, you are an outsider seeing life through a horse's eyes and mind. Dragon's actions are explained away from his way of thinking, the way he would see it [...]

    5. My childhood copy of A Horse Called Dragon showed all the wear and tear of a favorite; I probably read it ten times in 5th grade. Not a cozy wish-fulfillment horse story like my other childhood faves, but instead brings to life the fearful journey of a wild pony captured and transported away from the only life he's known.

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