Today Every day is full of endless possibilities especially TODAY The simplest moment has the potential to become extraordinary in this beautiful book by Julie Morstad From getting dressed to having breakf

  • Title: Today
  • Author: Julie Morstad
  • ISBN: 9781927018682
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Every day is full of endless possibilities especially TODAY The simplest moment has the potential to become extraordinary in this beautiful book by Julie Morstad From getting dressed, to having breakfast, to choosing ways to go, Today has a little something to delight everyone.

    One thought on “Today”

    1. Beautiful illustrations! Pictures are of ethnically diverse kids, which is reflected in other choices in the novel (different cultures' breakfast foods, toys). Not really suited for storytime since it's more of a sit and look closely and learn some new vocabulary or share stories that come up.

    2. This is the kind of book I would have FLIPPED for as a kid. Julie Morstad (who is on a roll, by the way) presents a small girl waking up, and the reader gets to assist in her choices throughout the day. "What would you choose?" says the double-page spread of different clothing items. "How would YOU get there?" says the spread full of transportation choices. I can see this being a family readaloud favorite. Some of the details are cute but perhaps old-timey for today's kids (bottlecaps, marbles), [...]

    3. Would be difficult to read aloud as a story, but with interactive elements, would be the kind of book kids could spend time with independently/in a group pouring over the illustrations and options.

    4. This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Hello friends! Happy New Year’s Eve! We’re moving into the next year with our very last review of 2017, Today by Julie Morstad.A cheerful narrative surrounds this object identification book, wishing the reader a good morning and asking a simple question: what will you do today? Of course, it’s important to first get dressed and have breakfast, and there are many options to choose from in [...]

    5. I loved the premise of this book -- young readers will get a kick out of building their own story. The questions, with their illustrated multiple-choice answers, can be answered in countless combinations. I can imagine reading this one-on-one with a child, and having fun conversations along the way (what's lederhosen? what does grapefruit taste like? who would you give those flowers to?). I also appreciated seeing children of different races featured throughout the story. At the same time, I was [...]

    6. Today. So much of kids' day days are laid out for them. But in Today, they choose and they love it. What to wear? Tutu? Bee Keepers hat? Lederhosen? How would you like to wear your hair? What would you like to eat? Where do you want to go today? So many good questions with so many possibilities. We love Julie Morstad! I hope to share more of her work soon. #kidsbooksworthreading #kidsbooks #kidsbook #childrensliterature #kidlit #kidsbookstagram #juliemorstad #today

    7. Today has a 1950s feel. It's a good mentor text for beginning writers and would make an excellent prompt when looking for ways to get students started writing. It would make an interesting book to share as a parent or grandparent as it could lead to some interesting conversation about the book. I liked the deliberate inclusion of children from around the world going through their daily activities. It would pair very nicely with other books which follow the shape of a day for their outline, such [...]

    8. This one was really neat - kind of a choose-your-own-adventure for small children. I loved all the different vocabulary that was introduced and the illustrations were incredible! I feel like I would frame a picture from this book and hang it on my wall. I can see this being a little one's favourite book, asked for over and over because it's a little different each time you read it.

    9. Anything Julie Morstad illustrates is beautiful and brilliant and this book is no different.It's kind of like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure in re: all the small but significant decisions we make in a day (what to wear, how to wear your hair, what to eat for breakfast, etc.)

    10. Read it. Loved it! Both the illustrations and the story itself. The pages full of options from which to choose for today were marvelous with bits of humor colored in for good measure. The flower spread might have been my favorite.

    11. This would be an incredible book for buddy reading or just to get lost in. Gorgeous illustrations of course.

    12. All the choices a little girl makes in her day illustrated in beautiful mixed media illustrations, like a twee Richard Scary.

    13. Julie Morstad knows white space; she knows line and color; she knows the peace of scattering a collection of thoughts across a page. And she knows clothes: I want to wear nearly everything in here. Despite -- or perhaps because -- I love the look, pace and point of this so much, there are parts that make me ache: why do people in the city have to look at art in a museum to see beauty? (Also: woe is me, the kid who never got this.) Why would you even THINK to pick flowers? Surely they are protect [...]

    14. I was initially curious about this book because it was a new offering from the incredibly talented Julie Morstad, but it was its creativity and the way it cultivates conversation and a sense of individual choice and individuality that truly won me over. Just one of many examples throughout the book is when readers are asked what they would like to wear and are then offered a two-page spread with everything from party dresses and lederhosen to fairy wings and eye patches from which to choose. I c [...]

    15. Anything with Julie Morstad illustrations will find a way into my collection! I just love her work.Pages with lots of options and labels for everything - this is a book I would have poured over as a child.Following children as they go through their day and all of the many choices they have - young readers will love this engaging book.

    16. It's Julie Morstad! It's flawless, beautiful and full of wonderful texture. I could read this book everyday, because it's always new. A very empowering book for making choices and celebrating your own unique personality. Julie always invites us in to explore childhood and to find a peice of ourselves.

    17. I love how this book encourages participation and invites the reader to make comparisons to her own life. Fun illustrations, too!

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